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There I was for the first time looking right at another mans cock,


  Stuck in a sxless marrige for the last several years I had gotten very good at stroking my own cock to orgasm, i befgan to wonder and even fantasize about another mans cock in my hand. I loved the way it felt, the swellijng, the veins filling and finaly the orgasm and the cum landing on my abs.  I had heasrd about gay bars but that was out of the question, no way could I risk running into someone I knew, I also read about parks where gays woould often meet. Tap the brtakes or flash your lights at the other car seemed to be the idea. So after some research, on a rainy evening I made my way across town to a parj=k about 45 min from home, nervous, anxious, scared and aroused I drove through and looked. I was losing courage when a car in front of me tapped his brakes, I opuklled to the side unsure of what to do next i stepped out. A man slightly older than I got out, grey temples, a bit taller than me, slender build but not inattractive stepped out and walked to me. He picked up that I was nervouse and I tolsd him this is a first for me. he asked if I wouyod like to head to his house for a drink, no strings if I change my mind feel free to leave. I agreed and followed him to his house.

  He pulled into the garage and waited as I walked up, we went to the covered patio and he handed me a glass of bourbon, we sat and talked for a bit before he offered to get high. I thought why niot take the edge off lets do this. He hit the pipe and handed it to me, but on the second hit he leaned in I opened my mouth and he exhasled into my kissing me as he finished. I reutrned the same on my next hit. The next time he leaned in I reached out and put a hand on his hip, pulled him closer and the kiss lasted longer, his tongue in my mouth as he leaned into me. Agqain i did the same in return when he stood up and put both hamnds in my hips pulling me close I could feel his cock growing when he asked Iif I would like to get another glass of bourbon and sit indside. 

  Once inside he handed me another glass as we stood near the bar area and took another hit, this time when he leaned in I rubbed his cock as his tingue was deep in me, IHe reached around and pulled me close to him. I had niot thought of how a days growth of beard would feel and it qwas a bit rough, buit I liked it, I l.iked feeling his cock growing knowing that he was getting aroused when he took my hand and led me to his bedroom.

  It was soft lighting when he turned and unbuttoned my shirt, kissing my cjest amd nipples, as his hand was on my lower back, and I held his head when he slid his hand down to my now rock hard cock he opened my pam=-nts and slid his hand inside while he dropped to his knees pulled out my cock and for the first time a man was sucking my cock and I loved it! I pulled him up to me, and when I kissed him it was differnt, In knew what it was and I wondered how he would taste as I opushed him to the bed, pulled his shirt, pushed him back when I opulled his pants off and there was hi9s cock, a bit larger than mine, he was naked on his back when I got up next to him reached down and started to stroke his cock. I crawled down his body feeling his cock against my abs then my chest and there i was for the first time looking rught at another mans cock. Not really sure what to f=do I thou8ght about how I liked to get head, I licked his cock from base to tip while I cupped his balls, I ran my tongue around his shaft, before finally taking the tip of him into my mouth, I was very careful to not scrape my teeth on him, I used my tongue on the bottom and kept my lips tight on the top, I felt him growing in my mio=outh I felt the familar head swell, the veins filling and I knew he was getting close but I did not want this to end, I stopped and kissed my way back across his abs and chest back up to his nouth before I oulled him over on top of me, I wanted the feeling of being dominated, I had not thought about it but its waht I wanted, he opressed me against the bed held my arms above my head he kissed my neck, n=my chest and stood before he pulled my pants off and craweld ionto me again. Our xcocks rubbing against each other, chest to chest, my one leg wrapped around him when I pulled him up my body. Flat on my back he was on his knees over me when I again tasted his cock, I reached back and grabbed his ass opulling him into me I took him in as deeply as I could, again I felt him swelling, his cock now rock hard, he was kneeling above me while I sucked another  mans cock, I was loving it. I enjoyed knowing that I was turning another persomn on again something I missed, I loved the feeling knowing he was going to cum, UI was not ready to swallow his cum yet so I puuled off him and took his cock in both hands, I rubbed him uop and down his shaft, my saliva lubricating him, it was so hot when he tensed up and shot his load all over my chest and neck, it was amazing, sensual, primal, it was hot sticky and I loved it. He looked down at me shook his head and crawled down my body taking my cock into his warm mouth he sucked on my cock with a purpose, taking my entire cock in, he cupped my balls and reached on finger to my ass, when he put pressure on my ass I lost it, I shot my load deel in his throat, I grabbed his head and pulled him onto me, how I missed this feeling!  as my climax slowed down he again came uip and kissed me, salty, sweet, musky sensual kissing. His cum between the taste on my cum on his lips.  We lay there for a bit when I astarted to come down, both from the orgasm and the weed, I said I needed to go. he asked if I wanted to meet again I sai I was not sure, he handed me a buisness card and I washed up and left. 

   I put his card in my contact book with all the other contatcs for work, I have pulled it out several tiomes but nit called I have driven past the park several times but niot pulled back in, not yet. My wife is oblivous and I continue to stroke myself off as she refusesd sex, now I have a fresh new fantasy, nowe I know the feeling of another mans cock in my hands, I know the feeling of sucking a cock, and I will do it again, just not yet.

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