Sucking Off My Best Friend!

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Curiosity got the best of me. I reached over gently pulling down the waistband of his underwear exposing his huge cock and balls. Without giving it much thought, I leaned forward licking the pre-cum off the tip of his cock…


During the summer after high school, I went on a weekend camping trip with my best friend Steve. It was an extremely hot and muggy night. I woke up in the middle of the night sweating like a pig. I glanced over towards Steve who was laying outside of his sleeping bag. I notice in the dim moonlight the outline of a huge hardon through his underwear. I couldn’t resist and reached over to gently touch his cock though the cloth. Pre-cum seeping from the tip of his cock made his underwear wet and sticky. Without thinking, I found myself licking his pre-cum from my fingertips. I continued staring at the outline of his huge cock contemplating how his cock might taste. Curiosity got the best of me. I reached over and gently pulling down the waistband of his underwear exposing his huge cock and balls. Without giving it much thought, I leaned forward licking the pre-cum off the tip of his cock. He twitched a little and gave out a muffled moan, but he quickly settled back down. I continued to admire his huge cock for a minute or two before getting even more daring. I leaned forward again and took his whole cock in my mouth. I began sucking the full length of his cock and huge sweaty balls. I must have sucked on his cock for several minutes before he let out a series of low moans and hip thrusts. Afraid of getting caught, I quickly laid back down pretending to sleep. “Whew!” I thought to myself. It was a close call, but I managed not wake him.

However, about a month after our camping trip, we got into an argument. I’m not sure what we were arguing about, but suddenly he blurted out, “You’re a homo! A faggot! You thought I was asleep when we went camping last month. But, I was just pretending to sleep and I let you suck my cock.”

“Fuck!” My heart stopped for a moment fearing he would tell others about my indiscretion and weak moment? I was afraid of being shunned by my friends and shamed by my family. Out of desperation, I pleaded with him not to tell anyone about my cock sucking mouth. I turned to bribery. I told him I would do anything and I meant it! I said, “I’ll suck your cock if you promise not to tell anyone.” I further added, “I’ll suck you off anytime you want! Just don’t tell anyone.” He gave me a little smile and said “You’re my friend. I don’t want anything from you. Your secret is safe with me.” I was so relieved that he took pity on me.

A few weeks later, we found some dirty magazines in my brother’s little hiding place. We started looking at the pictures which made us horny. We started masturbating. I was surprised when Steve suggested we masturbate each other’s cocks. “Sure, great idea” I said.  I further suggested we lie in a “69” position to have better access to each other’s cocks. We were enjoying each other’s cocks so much, without thinking I asked Steve to put my cock in his mouth. He didn’t answer me. But a second or two later, he thrusted his rock-hard cock firmly into my face yelling, “You’re the fucking cock sucker – why don’t you suck my cock.” I was a little shocked with his aggression, but without hesitation, I open my mouth taking in his entire cock. He groaned and moaned as my lips began sliding up and down the entire length of his shaft and cockhead. I am not sure when, but at some point, he took my cock into his mouth. I eagerly slurped down his thick slightly salty slimy pre-cum. He had so much pre-cum, it sometimes it leaked out of my lips and trickled down my cheek. After a while, his already engorged cock grew even bigger, stiffened like a rock, and his thrusts intensified. I knew he was about to shoot a big load of cum down my throat. We both came together. He shot wad after wad of thick hot spunk into my mouth. He must have shot at least ten loads of rich creamy cum. I swished the spunk around my mouth enjoying the flavor before finally swallowing every drop. I continued slurping on his spent cock sucking out every last drop of sperm from his piss slit. I lightly nibbled on his huge mushroom-shaped head and licked his shaft with my tongue. But, when I stuck the tip of my tongue into his piss slit on the top of his huge knob, he would go wild. That was my first official all-out blowjob and first time eating cum! Steve kept my secret and took advantage of my promise to suck his cock anytime. He gave me many subsequent opportunities to drain his huge balls of their precious loads of creamy stringy white gobs of gooey cum.

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