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I was drawn to him as soon as he walked through the door. Tall, hunk with a big bulge in his pants. I would get him and he would get me.


Moving to a new country is always hard. You leave behind friends, family and your old life for a new one.

it was my first weekend in Italy and I was at a male strip club as gay people do. That is when is when I met him. The one. My unknown lover. A hunk with a huge bulge in his jeans. I was a top but I knew that I was going to have to take bottom for this one. I was going to enjoy this. I was suduced.

we started talking and things started to heat up when he told me that I was good looking and that he was looking for someone good to sleep with. I pounced on the opportunity as it came. I started rubbing his thighs feeling all the way up to his crotch am then ever so slightly started rubbing his bulge. He was hiding something big in there. And I wanted it all to myself. He pulled in and we fought each other with our tongues  for some time. Then he whispered into my ear.

”it is time for us to get a room and I can show you some fun”

oh oh boy I wanted it so bad. My big dick was harder than a rock at that point. We jumped up and walked out of the strip club and got a cab. My hand slipped into his jeans and I was playing with his humongous dick rubbing against his underwear. I could feel his precum on his underwear. I was dying to slurp it all up.

we finally arrived at the hotel and as soon as the door was closed we were both nearlay full undressed. Only both our underwear stood betweeen us and complete nudity. He threw me on the bed and jumped on top of me. My dick and his rubbing against each others through our underwear. Then they came off as well. He was cleanly shaven and so was i. While kissing I grabbed both our dicks and started jerking them off together. 

His dick was easily 10” long and was extremely thick. He was cut and had a mushroom head gleaming with precum.

i went to work on it sucking and licking his balls like a wild animal. It was so big and so warm oh my gosh. He then had enough of my petty sucking and flipped me over. He started eating my ass and I had never felt such a good feeling. He stuck his fingers in my ass stretching it to prepare for the real hurdle to come.

then he lay on his back with his dick facing straight up and he told me to get onto it. I squatted over it slowly and started to sit on it. It was massive I got to the end of the headnand could feel that this would be interestin. Then I got all my courage together and sat on it. I screamed in enjoyment. I bounced up and down on that big cock the whole time. He hit my g spot multiple times and I squirted cum from my penis onto his face. Ah ah ah. Ahhhh. it is so big daddy ah. 

He then hen decided he wanted to come so he put me in missionary and opened me up wde shoving his horse cock right in and going at pace. Ah ah. More daddy more I moaned feeling like I was on cloud 9. Them his dick became wider and he said that it was coming. Ah ah ah.

suddenly I felt my insides warm up and a huge hush of delicious cum full my whole. he kept on going through the pain and fulled me so much tha5bit started to leak Out.

What a time I had and for a top I might just consider swapping from time to time

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