On Your Knees-[CS-15]-part-1-of-1

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Monday afternoon my cell phone rang at work. I got a call from a guy named Paul that said that he and a buddy both wanted a blowjob. It sounded good to me so I asked, “When do you want it to happen?”


On Your Knees


I recently ran an ad in a Swingers Magazine advertising myself as a cocksucker looking for preferably straight or bi guys looking for a no reciprocation blowjob. You’re allowed to post phone numbers in the ad so I posted my cell phone to see what kind of response I might get.

Monday afternoon my cell phone rang at work. I got a call from a guy named Paul that said that he and a buddy both wanted a blowjob. It sounded good to me so I asked, “When do you want it to happen?”


He said, “Come over to my place and suck my cock and when you’re finished with me I’ll give you directions to his place.”


We set up a meeting. I left work and made the forty five minute drive in rush hour traffic to the Paul’s house. He answered the door in his boxers and with half an erection. I went in, he closed and locked the door and I followed him to the living room. Turning to face me, he put his hands on hips and said, “Do your thing cocksucker.”

Going to my knees, I hooked my thumbs in the waistband and slid his boxers down to his ankles. As Paul stepped out of them, he grabbed my head and guided me to his cock.  Opening my mouth, I engulfed him. As my lips clamped down on his shaft he moaned, “Uuuuuuuummmm,” and got an immediate erection.

It was what I would describe as very suck able seven inch with a beautiful almost purple plum shaped head.

Fingers twisted almost cruelly in my hair, Paul started slowly and methodically fucking my mouth. “Oh yeah cocksucker, suck my cock,” he moaned as he shoved it in all the way to his balls. With my nose pressed into his curly black pubic hairs, he said, “oh yeah, you got my whole dick in your mouth cocksucker.”

I felt his body give a little shudder and he started fucking my mouth as he kept telling me what a good little cocksucker I was.

Then Paul pulled my mouth off his cock and he looked down at me and said, “You’re gonna suck another cock soon cocksucker, my buddy is gonna flood your mouth with more straight cum, cocksucker.” Laughing, he pushed me back on his cock. He started hurriedly fucking my mouth, the head bumping the back of my throat on the down stroke. I managed to breathe on the outstroke as best I could but now he was getting harder and I felt his head get swollen as Paul let out a deep breath and said, “Here it comes cocksucker.” Like an explosion I felt the first blast of cum and then another as he said, “Swallow it cocksucker.” As I gulped and swallowed as Paul shot his thick gobs. When he said, “show me the cum,” I managed to save a mouthful. When he pulled out I looked up at him and trying to not spill any gently opened my mouth. He said, “Oh fuck, as I slowly swallowed and let it slide down my throat. He said, “Dude I love fucking your cocksucker mouth.”


I looked up and said, “Thank you for allowing me to suck your cock.”

Reaching down, Paul grinned, stroked my hair and said, “You’re welcome cocksucker.”

With me still on my knees between his outstretched legs, Paul picked up his cell phone and dialled the other guy. When the guy answered Paul said, “I’m finished with the cocksucker, he’s all yours.” I assume the guy said Ok because Paul looked down at me and said, “Let me give you directions to your next blowjob cocksucker.” Then he gave me directions and said, “Call me when you’re finished cocksucker and tell me how you made out.”


I got up off my knees, washed my face and left with an address and phone number for the next blow job.

Paul, the guy I’d just sucked off was in West Palm Beach and his friend Hank was in Boynton Beach which was on my way back to my place in Boca so it was cool I was headed back home. I was sort nervous and excited at the same time knowing I that was going to be sucking a guy off that was a referral. Supposedly, Hank had never had his dick sucked by a guy.

It took about fifteen minutes and then I got lost in the complex and had to call the guy to give me better directions to his apartment but I finally found it. His place was on the second floor, end unit on the corner.

I climbed the stairs and lightly knocked on the door. Getting no answer I knocked again a little louder. And like the first time with Paul my heart was pounding in my chest with anxiety hoping this guy Hank was going to be ok. I heard the door unlocking and the door opened and there stood a guy that was hotter than I expected. Of course its personal taste about what we all find hot but to me this guy was hot. He was about five foot ten and was a real thin one hundred forty five to one hundred fifty pounds with dark brown eyes and his head was shaved real short, not bald but real short. He was probably twenty fiveish and was wearing black shorts and a t-shirt.

He looked me right in the eyes with a sultry cocky smirk and said, “Come on in cocksucker.” I went in and he locked the door and led me in to his living room where he had straight porn on his TV playing. He said, “My buddy Paul says you suck real good dick, faggot.” I wasn’t wild about being called a faggot but it goes with the territory.

As he adjusted his cock in his shorts and I said, “Guess you’ll have to be the judge.”


He stood with his hands on his hips and said, “I’m ready cocksucker, get on your knees and suck me.”


Obediently I dropped to my knees as he walked towards me. As he stood with his hands on his hips I reached for the button on his shorts, unbuttoned it and slowly lowered his zipper. As I pulled down his shorts I noticed Hank seemed to be shaking a little and a bit nervous himself. When his shorts down around his ankles, Hank stepped out of them.  then I lowered his boxers and he stepped out of them too. Then he pulled off his t-shirt and tossed it on a nearby chair.

Hank said, “I want to sit down for my blowjob cocksucker,” as he sat on the couch and spread his legs. He was soft and had a nice bush around his cock and nice hanging balls that looked really full.

I lowered my face between his legs and gently licked the head of his cock. He jerked and let out a faint, “Aaaaaah,” as I proceeded to slowly wrap my lips around the head of his soft cock and started to slowly suck. I quickly felt him starting to stir and felt him start swelling and stiffening. He got hard pretty quick, growing to a nice seven inches or so. And he had a nice mushroom head with one of those real wide open pee-holes. .

Once Hank was hard I deep throated him all the way down to his balls. As my lips pressed into his pubic hair he let out an, “Ooohhhh yes you fucking cocksucker that feels sooo good.” Backing off back to the head, went back down taking him so deep that I felt the head of his cock pushing into my throat. He must have been enjoying it because he was moaning, “Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, as I slowly and steadily bobbed my mouth up and down his thick shaft,  deep throat him on every down stroke.

He moaned and let out a couple of contented, “Ahhhhhh, Ahhhhhh, ahhhhhh, as I continued sucking him. He was really getting init and saying, “Oh yeah, man suck my fuck’en dick you faggot cocksucker.”


Then to my surprise and delight he said, “Slow down cocksucker. I don’t want to blow my load yet. Your faggot mouth feels too good.”


Slowing down, I asked, “May I lick your balls?”

And he said, “Go for it cocksucker.”

Moving my face lower, I took each cum swollen ball in my mouth and gently sucking it. As I was giving them a nice tongue washing Hank moaned, “Oh yes,” and then said, “Get back on my dick, faggot. I want to feel your pussy mouth.”

As I took Hank’s cock back in my, as he called it, pussy mouth, I decided it was time for my reward. I deep throated him and started bobbing up and down at a more rapid pace. Caught up in the action I started slobbering and making a lot of sucking noise and moaning like I was in heaven with his cock in my mouth.

Unable to help himself, Hank started breathing heavier and moaning, “Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh.” Then as I felt his body tensing up he started shuddering and let out a gasp and moaned, “Oh fuck, I’m cummmmmming, cumming, I’m Cumming in your fuck’en faggot mouth.” Then he kind of thrust his hips forward and I felt a warm blast of powerful heavy cum splatter the back of my mouth.   

His cock swelled up even bigger and started flexing in my mouth as he shot real thick long streams of cum in my mouth. My mouth flooded, I swallowed as fast as I could so as to not miss a drop. Moaning as if he was in pain, Hank was going, “aahhh …aahhh …aahhh …aahhh …aahhh,” as he shot gobs and gobs of cum in my mouth.  Finally wailing, “Eat it, you fuck’en faggot. Eat my cum cocksucker.”

He slowly subsided but let me keep his cock in my mouth as he deflated.  My cheeks were puffy when I pulled off his cock and looked at him. Looking back, he asked, “Is your mouth full of cum cocksucker?” When I nodded yes, he said, “Lemme see it.”

I opened my mouth slowly to show him his cum and then closed before any leaked out. I savored the salty taste of his thick warm cum in my mouth for a couple of more minutes. Then mesmerized, he stared as I slowly tilted my head back and made a big gulping sound as I let his cum slide down my throat. Awed, he said, “you fucking faggot, did you swallowed all that cum?”


Smiling I said, “Yes.”

Almost unbelieving, Hank asked, “You like eating my cum faggot?”

And I answered, “Yes,” and also said, “Thank you for allowing me the privilege of sucking your hot cock and swallowing all your cum.”

He looked a little shocked for a minute and then said, “That’s cool cocksucker. Maybe we can do it again soon. I could use a good cocksucker like you to eat my cum like a pussy.” As he started dressing Hank said, “Ok thanks. You’re as good as Paul said you were.” Then he led me to the door and I left. On the drive home I could still taste his cum.

The end…

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