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A 20 year old Felix Barnett accepts and enters the gay world for the first time and also loses his virginity to a handsome hunk, his Dad set him up with…


Tomorrow I’ll be 20 yrs old officially, I am Felix, I am thin, skinny, curly hair and height 5′4 and I look like a 16 year old. I dress neat and always maintain cleanliness. That being said the truth is I don’t have much friends. I am nerd and many call me a dork. I am always at the top in academics but absolutely zero in athletics.

On the other hand my own real sibling, my younger brother Ryan who is just 17 is well ripped excellent in athletics, he is part of the school football team and also the swim team, he looks like model who came out from the cover page of a fashion magazine. He is what you call a chic magnet. So you can guess he way more friends than I ever had and also he is a well known name in school.

As usual I was seated in front of my precious laptop, Yes the laptop, which is more dear to me than myself or any other member of the family, The laptop is my world, I Live in there and accomplish all those feats which I could never achieve in real life.

Coming back to the story, I was seated in front of my laptop, when my Dad knocked on the door and opened it and…

“Hey buddy! busy? Can I come in?”

“Yeah sure!, I am just surfing, come in”

“So, buddy, whatcha ya doin? any plans for tomorrow?”

Let me give you a little background about my Dad, he is 6′0, goes to the gym religiously every morning, he is all beefy buffed up, hard core muscles and a strong well toned back. Also my Mom Jenna is a healthy gym going person, well toned body and muscles. And yes my younger sibling Ryan has taken up on both them equally and perfectly. While I am still unsure why am I so boring and who have I taken up on?

Coming back to conversation with my Dad…

“No Dad, no plans as such, but I think I’ll be visiting the new library down the lane, have a look at their collection and then also visit my usual library and spend my evening there.”

“Felix; my son, you are so so boring. Buddy you are going to be 20 tomorrow and you are still the same, you have just 1 friend, who’s a nerd like you and you spend most of your time either on this stupid laptop or at the library. You need to change buddy, you need to open up, you need to come  out of your shell and explore the world. Come to me, ask me for money, go out, explore the world, have some drinks, make new friends, Live your life.”

“Dad! I think we had a similar conversation last year as well, I told you I am happy with my life, I don’t need anything more.”

“Yes we did had a similar conversation last year and I didn’t argue on anything, But today me and your Mom had a discussion and I promised her, I will push you out of your shell and you’ll not be spending your birthday at the library or in front of this laptop.”

“What do you want from me?”

“Okay! Here’s the thing Felix, I am going to tell you something about yourself, that you may not want to accept at first, but I’ll not let you end the conversation by just walking away, I will argue and fight with you till we get to the bottom of the truth.”

“What is it about me that I won’t accept? What exactly you want to argue with me about?”

“Felix; buddy; you are gay!”


“Yes, me and Mom recognized this since you were little, we knew you were gay, we were waiting for you to come out. But you have still not expressed anything directly or indirectly and this the thing inside you that has been on your barrier in making friends or even talking to people. You need to accept you are gay.”

“Dad, I think both you and Mom are overthinking about me and in a very wrong way. I am not gay. Just because I am isolate myself in my room in front of the computer, you can’t judge me as gay.”

“Buddy, first of all no one is judging you, and second we know you more than you do. Let me start with this…

since you were little you were always hesitant to talk to boys more than girls. As you grew, we noticed many a times, you kind of being shy and secretly observing or staring at other boys especially at the beach, we were still unsure and thought this might just be phase, but even through your teen years, we saw you looking at other boys and blushing, we knew you had a crush even before you do. So stop hiding, stop keeping secrets, It’s okay to be gay and we love you.”

I didn’t say anything, there were tears forming around my eyes, I was trying hard to control myself and not cry, but the tears were not in control, they flowed out.

“Listen, Felix, you don’t need to cry, you are still our favorite child. All you need to do is accept the truth and bring improvements in yourself. Stop being lonely and creepy.”

I still didn’t say anything, I had nothing to say, he was telling the truth, I just sat there controlling my tears.

“Felix, I’ll stop here for now, I’ll leave you alone, but listen, you’ll not be spending your birthday at the library. There’s something we have arranged for you. Be ready in the evening, a cab will be coming at around 5:00 pm  to pick you up.”

“Where am I going?”

“It’s a surprise, It’s a surprise of a lifetime, I swear you this is something you’ll never forget as long as your are alive.”

He smiled and stood up, I looked at him with tears still flowing out from my eyes, I saw Ryan at the door, we realized he heard everything, but said nothing, my Dad and Ryan both walked out.

The night passed, I woke up in the morning, Mom greeted me, freshened up and went down for breakfast, my Dad and Ryan were already there having breakfast. They wished me as well. Dad reminded me to stay ready in the evening, the cab will be coming at 5:00 pm sharp.

And it happened, I wore a tuxedo and sharp at 5:00 I heard a car stop by, I looked out if the window It was a Cadillac, extremely posh. I thought to myself. `My Dad hired  a Cadillac for me, Where exactly am I going? Am I going to attend some big town Business meeting? Am I dressed appropriate?`

I walked down, My Mom and Dad were waiting outside standing besides the car. They said nothing, they were just smiling. The chauffeur opened the door for me, I gently got myself seated in the middle of the wide couch I had ever seen in any car.

It was a long drive, and I didn’t know where I was going, I did ask the chauffeur a couple of times, but he said he is not allowed to disclose, It’s a surprise of a lifetime for me and I need to be patient and view and experience it myself. After about a drive of 40-45 mins we reached outside a club. It was fancy with 3 buffed up muscular men standing outside. Once again the chauffeur opened the door for me and said…

“Here Sir! we have arrived, follow me.”

He went up to one of the muscular men and handed them a card. I couldn’t read what was written on that card, It looked like a visiting card to me, but I saw the other two muscular guys also had set of Blue, Red and Yellow colored cards in their hands.

The muscular guy smiled and looked towards me and said, “Come with me Sir Felix! we have all the arrangements all set and ready for you.”

I thought to myself, `Never in my life has anyone ever called me Sir Felix, especially a muscular one, this is awesome!`

He placed his hands on my shoulder as if I was his best friend, I felt great walking with a tall muscular guy, he took me to a room at the end of the isle and gently knocked thrice.

A 6′2 feet tall buffed guy opened the door and greeted me, “Felix Barnett, welcome Sir, welcome to my humble lounge, I am your host and pleasurer Oliver Monson”

It was quite a spacious lounge, It had a little bar with refrigerator, I could see a walk in closet, and a shower room. Oliver locked the door from inside, took his shirt off, walked towards me, kissed my lips and touched my little jon down south.

For the very first time in my life, I had a melt down, a big one. A 6′2 muscular guy, hard pecs, 8 pack torso, finely chiseled muscles, and triceps kissed me. At that very moment I turned way more gay than I was.

“Have a seat Felix”

I sat down on one of the most lavish chair I had ever seen, just sitting on the chair could make a person feel like a King, but I was melting down like baby and at the same time sweating like an addict. Oliver sat extremely close right in front of me on a stool, like he was right in my face.

“Would you like to have something? Or do you want to take a shower and get fresh before we start?”

“Sho..Sho..Shower… Like .. Like What to”, I was stammering and sweating simultaneously.

“Okay! Calm down, relax, you are over sweating, just relax, Here have some water.”

While I drank the water, He untied my bow tie and opened my collar button and also unbuttoned my pant pulled up the shirt a little and unzipped it. I just couldn’t stop him.

“You feel better now?”, he asked.

“Yeah.. I.. I.. am.. I don’t know”, I felt like I have been opened up completely.

He held my tiny face in big palms of his hand and said..

“Just relax my friend, I am here for you, This night is yours, I am your best friend. Now relax, loosen up and tell me something about yourself, what are your hobbies, what you like, dislike, what you enjoy the most.”

“I.. I am.. Felix Barnett and …” as I started talking, he stood up, walked behind me and started massaging my arms and shoulders. It felt good, massaging the neck and shoulders relieved a stress out of me, he then started ubuttoning my shirt, Oh lord, my sweating was now flowing out like a stream of water.

“Oh Boy! you are sweating too much my friend”

He quickly came at the front and carried me up from my chair like a baby.

“Come here…”

He took my hand and made me stand back facing the wall, at first I didn’t understand what he was doing, but then I felt a cool breeze and realized he made me stand right beneath the air-conditioner, that felt really good, relieved.

My shirt was open, my pant unbuttoned and unzipped. He took off my suit, then unbuttoned my cufflings and took off my shirt. Now I too was semi-naked in my unbuttoned pants staring at him. He placed both his hands around my skinny pecs and squeezed down all the sweat from my chest down to my pelvis.

He took my face in his big palms and kissed me tight. His tongue running up and down inside my mouth, I didn’t know what to do, he played with my tongue, sucking the breath out of me, he kissed and kissed, licked my lips, licked my chin, put his middle finger in my mouth and made me suck it, gripped my chin and pushed his finger further inside until I choked. Again kissed me tight, his tongue running wild inside my mouth up and down, licking every part of my mouth again and again. Tears coming out of my eyes, he licked my tears and continued kissing, for a moment I felt like I am gonna pass away, my lights are going off.

And then after a while he stopped, I was wobbling, he held me by my arms. I looked down and found my pants were dropped down and my briefs were down below my waist, my penis and testicles hanging out on the border.

He was still in his pants, But I was not. He looked at me and said…

“Push off your pants and get off that underwear.”


He quickly put his fingers on both sides of my underwear and pulled it all the way down.

Now I was standing stark naked, nothing on me. He was still in his pants. He put his hands under my genitals and and started playing with my them and then with my flacid penis, I was so scared I didn’t even have an erection. He continued moving his fingers and rubbing his palms om my penis and genitals up and down round and round.

To Be Continued….

Smyth Swimmer

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