Birthday bash…..literally

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We bashed and bashed and I couldn’t have wished for a better birthday wish than to be in this moment bashing my friend


This was the day before my 20 birthday and I was hyped for it. I was going to stay at a place down at the beach and decided to keep it low key so invited one of my ”best“ friends. He was the same age as me and his birthday was a month before mine and he was also “bi”.

i knew what I wanted for my birthday but I didn’t know if I would get it from him because I didnt think that he was into me. So I just prayed that something would change his mind and he would give me his body for the day.

The day had finally come and I jumped into my old Ford Mustang and drove to my friends house to pick him up. When I saw him I started to get aroused and had to put my dick head to the strap of my boxers. He jumped into the car and said happy birthday and gave me a card but said that I should keep it till we get to the cottage.

we drove for a few hours catching up as we went and he brought up the topic of the guy he slept with 6 weeks ago and how he had dominated him in his own bed. I tried so hard to keep my crotch down and finally made it to the beach cottage. 

We unpacked and i showed him to his room. It was a big cottage with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms definitely enough for us. I went to my room and started unpacking. Then I remembered the card. I opened the card and it said:

”Matthew are you ready for one of the best birthdays ever?” 

Holly shit i am I replied under my breath. The I felt a presence in the room and a hand went over my shoulder and I felt a smooth naked body rub against my back.

”so are you ready Matt” James said 

I turned around and saw James completely naked. His six pack and bulging muscles showing off and then his beautiful 7 inch thin cock( that had a slight curve to it but I thought it made it sexier) and his large balls just hanging there.

“So happy birthday Matt. You can do what you want to me and I’ll do whatever you want me to do to you.“

we embrassed and kissed. His tongue and my tongue fighting for dominance and mine taking the win. I pulled away and took my clothes off. Then we both embrace. I could feel his beautiful cut cock rub against my chest and I knew that he felt my 8 inch thick uncut cock rub against him.

I gave ave him a look and he knew just what to do. He started kissing his way down my hunk body until he got to my cock. He then stuck his tongue into my forskin and I could feel him licking my covered head. It was amazing.

he did this for another minute and lapped up the precum and pulled my foreskin over my head and started taking my cock deep into his mouth. I grabbed his head and started to pump slowly and could here him gaging on my massive dick.

after 5 minutes I spun him around and bent him over. He had waxed his garden and I was pleased. I went straight away and started eating his ass with my tongue, he moaned silently and I kept on going. I stuck two of my finger in and he moaned “ I want all of it”

I grabbed some of the precum from my cock and rubbed it onto his steed hole. The I saw he was dripping and grabbed some in my head and applied it to my dick.

now I was ready I remember my big cock in his perfect ass and bashed until my balls were hitting his. He moaned and so did I and I felt so happy inside. He was mice and tight ish and it wasn’t long before I felt my dick get real hard and I pulled out and came all over his face.

before he could lap it up I pushed him onto his back and he knew what I wanted. He grabbed some of the cum on his fave and rubbed it on my arshe hole and then put some on his dick. 

I got got onto his cock slowly and started riding it. It was amazing and I was haveing a blsat while he pumped me i lent down and kissed his nipples  his face. He bacame tight and I got off and he sprayed all over my face. We kissed each other and lapped at each others cum and started mixing it in our mouths And exchanging it.

After lunch we wresled naked and took dares from each other. He brought a dildo and a vibrator so we had fun messing around with those. We jerked each other off. Tried different and weird positions and we both were having a blast. 

all I remember at the end before going to sleep was putting my massive cock into his arse and the spooning each other for the night. I nibbled his neck and thanked him for an amazing day. And rubbed his dick till I went to sleep.

what a good birthday and i knew that we would bash again and again most weekend.


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