Best anal ever part 1

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It was a full night of just dick in and out. We must have came about 10 times each and we were each full up but we only had a short period of time together so we would use as much of the time as we could. Part 1 of 2


It was the first day of our first semester break from varsity and everyone was excited. But I was the happiest though. My gay best friend was coming to stay at my house because he lived in the UK so couldn’t go home. We dont really see much of each other at our university because we both study two different things. 

I am a tall lean built jock while he was more of a chubbier hunk. The one thing we both had in common was the size of our cocks both 8″ thick’s . He is cut and I am not. We have had sex on a few occasions and I knew that this weekend would be no different.

It was the last night of our holiday and we had already had some amazing sex but I knew things were going to get exciting tonight.

I decided to visit him in the bath. The site of his big beautiful cock resting submerged on his body made me happy. I jumped on top of him in the bath and we started kissing and both started getting hard. Our dicks touching as I could feel his exposed mushroom head touch my foreskin. I slowly started jerking him off and he did the same. whilest he continued giving me a aqua handjob I slipped my finger between his cheeks and started fingering his tight hole. He began moaning and new what was coming. It was getting steamy. I made him stand up in the bath and made him slowly lower himself onto my fully erect penis. He took the whole thing quickly and we were both moaning as he rode up and down my huge penis while water splashed all over the floor. The water added to the whole experience and I quickly came very easy, bursting a huge load of myself into his tight bum and then biting his ear. He said that it was his turn to be naughty and I knew I was in trouble.

He got up and lifted me out the baths. His swollen dick touching my body. He dried me off and carried me like a baby towards our room. The then tossed me on my bed and locked all the doors and windows. Let’s get it on.


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