after college fun

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Never knew just a hangout with a stranger, would be so hot


A very sunny day, and the temperature was too high. I was on my home back from college. The ride on the bike was not protecting me from the sun’s heat. I reached home, feeling tired and exhausted. ” How’s your day?” Mom asked. ” It was as usual. A rough day, boring lectures’. While eating lunch, mom asked, ” so how’s your studies going on? If not well then you won’t get a job and wouldn’t get a sweet girl”. Little did she knew tha t I was gay. So after lunch I took a nap, imagining sleeping with hot and sexy men. Damn, these thoughts. After waking up, I left for the restaurent to get relief from college stress.

“one burger please” I ordered the waitress. While having my burger, I noticed a man checking out on me. Pribably in his 30s, he was muscular, wore a tight shirt, jeans and was bald. At first I felt nervous. But then I found him very handsome. Later I realised he was staring hard at me. I freaked out too much. Was wondering what’s he gon do. He then winked at me. I looked back and forth and asked in gestures “who, me?”.

 So he nodded and gave a flying kiss. I replied with a virtual kiss too. He was too hot to resist. He came closer and said, “you look hot.”. I replied ” thanks, but you’re hotter.”

“Oh come on, it’s nothing. Would you like to have fun in my house”. “sure why not” I said.

We reached his mansion. And we went to his room. His bed was super comfy. We took off our shirts. I grabbed his bald head and started kissing him. He kissed me back. Damn he is such a good kisser. His tongue licking mine, I bit his lips. While he kissed, I slid my fingers in his pants reaching his ass cleavage. He spanked my ass and kissed me harder. Our face was full of saliva. He pulled my face and poured his saliva in my mouth. So yummy it was. I took off his pants, he took off mine. We fondled each other’s dicks and again kissed while doing so.

I pushed him on his bed and kissed him again. Bit his lips, licked his tongue and face while hugging him tighly. Slowly I reached and kissed his neck. Then I reached his chest. I licked, kissed and bit his nipples. I slowly licked the navel and kissed it so much that it got wet. Then I stroked his dick and put it in my mouth. I sucked it very hard. He moaned as if he were in heaven. I stroke and lick it sloppily. Putting every piece of it in my mouth, doing it deepthroat. I suck faster now. He says “Yea baby, I like it”. I stroke it so hard that he cummed in my mouth. I swallowed the cum, the yummiest thing I’ve ever consumed.

Then I stood on my knees and he put his dick in my mouth. He sucked so damn well. I felt so good. He stroked  very hard and the way he licked the tip of my dick was amazing. I cummed on his face. He licked his face in such a way that I couldn’t resist and kissed him.

He went to doggy position, showing his ass to me. I inserted my penis and started fucking. Slowly in and out, he moaned feeling the pain. He felt the pain and pleasure, or rather pleasure through pain. I fucked harder and increased the speed. He moaned like a helpless child, yet he said, “yes, fuck me harder, Yes ahhh.” I put my thrust in his anus to give him my power. He sweat and shivered. finally I cummed in his ass, and fell on his bed. 

“Oh dear, this is the best” I said. “Because you made it the best darling”, he replied with a wink. We kissed again, falling asleep.

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