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The first time I meet Ashley was at work. When she got hired in. We would talk a little here and there. We hung out with each other now and then. Outside of work time went on and she got another job. We didn't hang as much. After like a year she comes back. I started picking her up for work. Witch is were things between us began to happen.


The first time me and Ashley ever even talked about sex was in the kitchen at the restaurant were we both worked. I was talking about it with a another guy who worked there when she came into the kitchen. I stopped and she said you don’t have to stop talking about sex just because imI back here work now. So I continued to talk. Ashley says out of the blue I have this red sun dress that looks good on me and I wear it to get my boyfriend’s attention but anymore it’s like I have to beg for sex. I said you wouldn’t have to beg me. Ashley says it’s not nice to tease like that. I’m not teasing you I said. Oh yeah can we talk about this when we get off work. Sure I said. I got off from work and Ashley asked me to give her a ride home. Let’s go I said. When we get in my car she immediately started to talk about me fuckin her. We can’t today she said but it will be soon. I want you to see me in that sun dress. I’m going to need a ride for the next few days she said. No problem I said. The next day she texted me and to remind she needs a ride. When I get to her house she comes in that sun dress. Boy was she right I wanted to fuck her right there. I tell her do when she gets in. I knew you like this we don’t have time before work but after I promise. My dick was so hard and Ashley noticed that. I guess this is my fault she said rubbing my cock. She unzipped my jeans and gave me some road head on the way to work. She was amazing at giving head. I came in her mouth and she swallowed every last drop. All I could think about at work was fuckin her. Finally when we get out of work Ashley asked me to take to my house. So I did. We make inside I thought her down on my bed and started kissing her breast and working my way down her body. Kissing her inter thigh and working my to her pussy. I licked her pussy for a good long time. Her legs were shaking so hard and she was moaning so loud. Her juices tasted like sweet. I looked up at her and her eyes were rolled to the back of her head. I get up from between her legs and begin to fuck her. Her pussy was so damn tight. We switch positions and she rides the hell out of me. I blew a huge load in tight pussy. We spent the night together. Fuckin her more. The next morning she made breakfast and we fucked some more. We still fuck at least twice a week it’s nice to have a friend with benefits

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