when a good idea really isn’t

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I’d thought the first time I saw her dressed like that it probably wasn't a good idea, from the way the guard was now looking at her, I was now certain it wasn’t.


I’d travelled to several of these little countries numerous times and always found the best thing was not to stand out, most of the officials were corrupt and I’d lost count of the number of expensive items that had gone missing out of my suitcase, or watches that had been mysteriously lost when I’d removed them to go through the metal detector at the airports.

So there I was, waiting at the airport for my co-worker, all ready to board the small private plane that would take us to the small airport not far from bogota, columbia.

My heart sank as I saw her approach me, her face smiling, like she was going on holiday, a short tight blue spandex boob tube, matching spandex leggings, and knee high blue leather boots with a 2inch heel, what the hell was she thinking!

We boarded the private plane and she chatted incessantly about all kinds of stuff, honestly I really did think she thought we were going on holiday instead of  on a business trip to what had recently become a very dangerous place indeed.

The plane landed and we entered the small shabby looking building that was laughingly referred to as the arrivals lounge, if we thought it was hot outside it must have been at least 10 degrees c hotter inside, and people were staring at us, well, more likely her, it must have been nearly 40C and here she was, wearing boots!

We cleared customs and went to collect our bags, only hers was missing, “if it turns up we’ll send it on to your hotel” said a leering customs man, if the clothes it contained were anything like what she was wearing I’d lay odds on it never being seen again.

” I don’t believe it, I really don’t, all my stuff was in that bag, including my sexy undies” she moaned as we got into the taxi that would take us to the hotel, then when we arrived, it didn’t get any better. We were greeted by the receptionist, she took my name and looked in her book, “aah yes, Mr and Mrs harris, room 12”,  I tried to explain that the company had infact booked two single rooms, she was having none of it, “no, I’m afraid only one room was booked, a twin” she insisted, adding, “and we never make mistakes”

We were shown to our room, at least it had 2 single beds, that was something, not that I’d have objected to sharing a bed with her, the way she looked no man would!

” I really don’t know what I’m going to do without my case” she moaned once again, ” I haven’t even got a clean pair of panties, and I’m boiling in these boots”. she sat on the bed and tried to remove her boots, they were stuck, “give me a hand getting these off will you” she asked, raising one leg, I took hold of the boot and pulled, slowly it slid down her leg, I placed it on the floor and removed the other one. “that’s better, now a shower I think” she announced pulling the boob tube over her head, she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her nipples sparang to attention as the soft shiny material rubbed over them, “oops, look at that” she giggled, turning to face me, her pert breasts swung slightly as she bent down and began to remove her tight leggings, leaving her wearing only a tiny pair of light blue panties.

She headed off to the bathroom to shower, leaving her clothes thrown untidily on her bed, I couldn’t resist picking up those leggings for a closer look, the crotch was damp and had a musky smell. I couldn’t help myself and took out my stiff cock, wrapped the soft silky leggings around it, laid back on the bed, closed my eyes and slowly began to wank, I was just on the verge of cumming when I heard the bathroom door open and opened my eyes, she was stood there watching me, I completely lost concentration and shot my load all over her silky leggings, it was then that I noticed she was stark naked!

“Oh dear, now we have a problem” she giggled, “I washed my panties and hung them up to dry, now it looks like I’ll have to wash my leggings too”, she picked them up looked at the massive pile of white sticky cum and smiled, well it’s nice to know you like them” she giggled, then added, “ring down for some cold drinks while I clean up this mess”, and disappeared into the bathroom.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door, it was the drinks I’d ordered only minutes before, a bottle of chilled white wine, and several bottles of beer. She emerged, still naked from the bathroom and sat on the edge of her bed, opened the wine and began to drink it straight from the bottle, it fizzed slightly as she took her first mouthful and a small amount trickled between her breasts, “oops, how did that happen?” she giggled, I watched transfixed as it trickled over her taught stomach and down onto her shaven pussy, “oooh, that’s cold” she giggled, feigning a shiver.

We sat and chatted for the next couple of hours, well, she did most of the chatting whilst I listened, “most blokes think I look really sexy in these” she said, picking up her blue knee high boots, she slipped her feet into them and stood up, “do you think they’re sexy?” she asked, walking slowly across the room, I looked at her from behind, her long blonde hair trailing over her shoulders to the middle of her back, her pert bottom, and those shapley legs that disappeared into the soft blue leather boots.

“well, do you think they’re sexy?” she repeated, turning around to face me and giving me a clear view of her pert breasts, her nipples seemed permenently erect, and for the second time in a matter of hours I felt my cock stiffen as my eyes wandered lower, to her smooth hairless fanny. “Well, do you like my sexy boots?” she repeated, parting her legs slightly.

I had to admit I did, “good because I’m feeling very horny and my vibrators were in my case, so I hope you’re going to help me out? she continued, not sounding in the least bit embarassed. I readily agreed to help in any way I could and she laid down on her bed and parted her booted feet as wide as she could, “good, then fuck me, I assume you’re ready, judging by the bulge in your jeans”. I quickly removed them and slid my hard cock into her moist hole and thrust slowly in and out, she gasped as I went in as far as I could, then thrust hard, “oh yes, that’s it, fuck me slowly” she purred taking hold of my right hand. I carried on slowly thrusting as she took my hand and placed it on her pert bottom, “slip your finger up my arsehole, all the way in, as far as it will go” she panted, I placed my index finger against her tight little brown hole, to my amazement it began to open up, I slid my finger inside quite easily and began to move it around. “yes that’s right, fuck my cunt and finger my shithole” she gasped, to be honest I was quite shocked by her language, but to be honest I found it a turn on, I was just about to cum and she told me to pull out and empty my load deep inside her tight little arsehole, I removed my finger and pushed the tip of my cock against her puckered brown hole, it opened as if by magic, almost dragging my cock inside her, I held on as long as I could, but it wasn’t more than a few minutes later that I was dumping a massive cum load deep into her bowels, she shuddered as she orgasmed seconds later.

My cock began to soften and eeventually it slid out of her with a soft ‘plop’, she sighed and closed her eyes and fell asleep, I laid on the bed alongside her and within a few seconds I too was fast asleep.

We both woke up several hours later, it was mid evening and we were both feeling hungry, she slipped back into her only outfit, pulled on her boots and was ready to go. We exited the hotel and made our way a short way along the street to a small busy restaurant, found a table and sat down to eat.

We’d finished our meal and several drinks later made our way slowly back to the hotel, we’d just got outside our room when she squealed and went pale, there was a loud sound a bit like a burp, followed by a bubbling noise that went on for almost a minute, all the time this was happening she stood perfectly still, her right hand pressed hard against her bottom. “oh my god, I don’t believe that just happened” she giggled, she turned around to reveal a soft bulge in the back of her leggings, “good job I had panties on” she said, laughing.

I opened the hotel room door and she stepped calmly inside and headed for the bathroom, I remember thinking to myself, ‘for someone who’s just shat herself, she’s remarkably calm’. She emerged from the bathroom shortly after having cleaned herself up and had a shower, “well if that happens again I don’t know what I’ll do, my panties are ruined, it’ll be a commando job tomorrow, I hope nobody notices” she giggled, slipping into her bed, “are you joining me? ” she asked, patting the bed beside her, I slipped beneath the sheets and a few minutes later we were both fast asleep.

to be continued

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