The girl in the pub

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Walking into the pub I noticed her, the long legs encased in tight jeans, the slim figure, and oddly, the short wellington boots!


You see a great many strange things in your local pub, the lonely people who go in each day for a bit of company, the couple out for a cheap meal, people with kids, drunks, all sorts really, and you hear some really weird stuff. To be perfectly honest, that’s the main reason I pop in every now and again, I love to people watch!

My local is part of that large UK chain, you know the one, it opens at 8AM, and serves cheap drinks and cheap food, in some area’s it’s the go to place for alcoholics, eager to get their first drink of the day. I’ve met some real oddballs in there, but I’ve also had some really good conversations, and also some strange ones too.

I remember one day, I was chatting to a group of younger people, the conversation turned to vets and how most dogs hate vets. I said it was understandable considering the first thing a vet does on meeting a dog is to stick a thermometer up it’s bottom, Imagine, I said to one young lady, if on meeting you for the first time, instead of introducing myself or shaking your hand, I bent you over and stuck my finger up your bum, how would you feel?  To my surprise the young lady replied that she wouldn’t actually mind if I bent her over and stuck something up her bottom, adding, but it would be nice if you bought me a drink first!

For once I was speechless, this sounded very much like an offer, I was very tempted to ask her what she’d like to drink, lol.

Anyway, back to the events of yesterday, I wandered into the pub and noticed one of the staff almost immediately, she’s fairly tall, slim, fair haired, and quite attractive in a girl next door kind of way. She was wearing her work T-shirt, a pair of fairly tight blue jeans, and most oddly, a pair of those black rubber ankle length wellington boots!

It was noticeable because although it was an autumn day, it was perfectly dry and sunny, and had been all day, so why was she wearing wellington boots? There were a few other women in the pub and they, as is fashion were wearing ankle boots, nothing unusual about that, women wear them every day, it was her rubber boots that took my attention.

I went outside having bought a couple of drinks for myself and a friend who was joining me, and sat at a table, I lit a cigarette and waited for my friend to arrive. While I was waiting she appeared and sat not far from me, on a high stool, she smiled and said hello, I smiled back and said hi. As I was sat there I felt myself strangely drawn to her legs, in particular those black rubber boots, she was sat, one leg swung over the other and began to wiggle her boots, priodically, she’d glance over to see if I was watching.

Some time later, her break over, she headed back inside and continued her work, my friend arrived and shortly afterwards, we too went inside. she kept walking around the pub collecting glasses etc, periodically, she’d walk passed me and smile, always making sure I got a good look at her boots.

I must admit I do have a thing for women in boots, usually long ones, but there’s something about this one, I can’t help thinking she has a boot fetish, after all, why else would she be wearing rubber boots on a hot autumn day, maybe next time I see her I should suggest a pair of long rubber riding boots, I,m sure they’d look more attractive, especially if they were wrapped around my waist. lol

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