Alisons new job (pt3)

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All eyes were on her as she made her way around the room


The Christmas holidays were approaching and Alisons boss announced that they were going to be having a party for the staff, and he wanted her to be there, as a sort of attraction, he’d even ordered her a new outfit for the event which she’d be required to wear, it was more an instruction than a suggestion!

She was kept busy over the next few days organizing the event, she had several wet incidents but didn’t really have the time to enjoy them.

one day a courier arrived with several packages, one of which was a fairly large cardboard box,she placed them on her bosses desk and waited for his return, more than a little curious as to what they contained, several hours later he returned and on seeing the boxes smiled, “put the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door would you, oh and better lock it as well”.

She put out the sign, stepped beck inside and turned the lock on the door, she noticed he’d closed the blinds too, nobody on site would think anything odd about this as it was fairly common practice when they were holding meetings.

He looked at Alison as she stood there, today she was wearing a pair of very tight pale blue jeans, a tight white top and white overknee boots, he was tempted to have a bit of fun with her, but wanted to see how she looked in the new outfit he’d bought her for the party.” would you undress please Alison” he told her, she pulled off the tight top and her boots, finally she wriggled out of the tight jeans, she stood by her desk in only her bra and panties, he glanced over at her and smiled, “those too, if you don’t mind”, she slowly removed her underwear as he began to open the parcels.

He smiled as on opening the first one he handed the contents to Alison, a red shiny spandex bikini, very silky looking and very thin, “put that on please”, she complied and looked at herself in the office mirror as he opened another package, the material was so thin that it clung to her every curve, the panties did their best to bury themselves between her legs, creating a visible cameltoe, and the thin top did very little to hide her firm pointy nipples, he smiled when he saw how she looked, “mmm, very nice, I can see you’ll be a real hit at this years party” he said, smiling.

Alison was feeling slightly concerned at this comment, she wasn’t looking forward to attending the party wearing just a bikini, after all some of the workmen were a little crude and she could imagine what would happen after they’d had a few drinks!

He had opened the second parcel and handed it’s contents to her, it was a shiny red spandex catsuit, to give it a festive look it had a white fake fur trim at the colar and cuffs, she slipped it on, it was extremely tight! finally he opened the largest box and smiled when he loooked inside, he took out the contents and handed them to Alison, they were shiny black boots that came just above the knee, the tops of them were trimmed with the same white fur as the catsuit, she slipped them on and stood waiting his instructions.

” Oh, yes, very sexy, and festive, I can see some lucky boy’s going to be really happy with his present from Santa this year” he laughed, Alison was becoming worried, what did he mean by ‘some lucky boy being happy with his present’ ?

He beckoned her towards his desk and as she stood in front of him he ran his hands all over her body, he kicked her booted feet apart, rather roughly she thought, and began to rub his hands between her legs and over her shapely rear, she could feel herself getting wet, nodoubt he could feel it too. he smiled and began to rub his index finger rather forcefully into her crotch, it began to get seriously wet.

“you know, you really are a dirty little cow aren’t you” he said, still rubbing his finger between her legs, she trembled slightly, knowing she wasn’t far from a massive orgasm. “well, you’ve only got to look at the state of your new outfit, to see how dirty you are, your crotch is soaking, and you’ve not pissed your pants have you?”. she shook her head, “exactly, now feel how wet yor suit is” he instructed, she slowly placed her hand between her legs, the crotch of the suit was soaked, “and you’ve still not cum have you?” he asked, she shook her head, “no” she replied, “well, lets get it over with then, make it happen ” he told her, slowly, nervously, she began to rub her index finger up and down her wet slit, over the soaking red spandex, it didn’t take long before she was breathing heavily and she was totally surprised when, a minute or two later she actually squirted into her suit, she smiled when he saw this, good, now squat, he ordered, placing the waste bin between her legs. she lowered herself over the bin and waited for the next instruction, despite knowing what it would be. “that’s it, now piss!” she did as she was told and relieved herself into the bin, by the time she’d finished he’d took out his cock and pointed it at her face, she took it in her mouth and began to suck slowly.

“that’s it, excellent, suck my swollen prick, make me cum” he told her as she bobbed her head up and down, his hand reached out and lowered the zip on heer suit a little, exposing her straining tits in the bikini top. She felt his cock twitch in her mouth, he was on the verge of cumming, just as she was preparing to swallow he pulled out and shot his load deep into the cleavage between her pert tits, she gasped as she felt the warm sticky fluid trickle down between them, he pulled up the zip and smiled, “perfect, just perfect”.

    She remained in the office for the rest of the day, she also remained in her sticky damp outfit, just before going home time he told her to strip out of it and put her own clothes back on, he’d take the outfit and have it cleaned before the party, after all, she couldn’t wear it with all the mess over it could she, he reasoned. She agreed and after getting changed said goodbye and headed home.

The day of the party arrived and after helping her boss to set up the tables with the food and drink in the staff canteen, they returned to the office, once there she was instructed to undress and put on her ‘Christmas outfit’, he smiled when he saw her in it, “oh yes, you’re going to make some lucky fella’s day” he said, she still had no idea what he meant, perhaps if she had, she’d have had cause to worry!

At lunchtime they headed over to the canteen, work had shut down for the day and after cleaning themselves up the men began to arrive, there were gasps and a lot of comments when they saw what Alison was wearing, someone switched on a cd player and Christmas music began to play, the men helped themselves to food and drink and the place took on a party atmosphere.

It wasn’t long before one of the men approached her and asked her to dance, “go on, enjoy yourself” her boss told her, they began to dance and pretty soon it became clear that her dance partner was enjoying himself a lot more than she was, his hands were everywhere, he groped her shapely rear, ran his hand over her thigh, and even had a grope of her tits, her boss looked on and smiled, yet said nothing. Seeing this several more men asked her to dance, and each one took turns to feel her up, one even went so far as to finger her through the thin material, she had to move his hand to prevent herself from cumming.

She had been partying now for several hours and naturally having had several drinks, needed to relieve herself, she broke free from her latest dance partner and was about to head to the toilets when her boss stopped her, “where d’you think you’re going?” he asked, she explained her situation, he shook his head, “no, carry on as normal” he told her, she looked at him in shock, “but I can’t hold it all day” she replied, “oh I know that, just do your best” he replied.

She made her way back to the party and one of the men hhanded her a drink, the last thing she needed! they danced and he began to grope her, just as the others had, she felt him slip a finger into her crotch and begin to rub slowly up and down, maybe it was the drink, but she did nothing to stop him, emboldened by this his probing became more forceful, and not long after she realized that she was about to cum in her pants, the pleasureable feeling soon subsided as she remembered the growing pressure in her bladder, no doubt as soon as she had cum, she would ‘go’!

It was too late at this point, she shuddered and deposited a load of her cum in her pants, the man could obviously feel the sudden wetness and smiled, ” I knew I could make you do it, I’ve wanted to do that since the first time I saw you” he whispered in her ear. ‘ maybe you did, but I bet you didn’t expect this’ she thought as her bladder began to empty, running down her legs and soaking her boots. Her dance partner gasped as he realized what she was doing, “my you really are a dirty little bitch” he smiled as he glanced down and saw the piss running down her thighs.

To be continued

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