After 10 years of Marriage A One NIght Stand Never To Forget

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After being married for 10+ years Ray (my wife) was off at a company outing in Spain, she strayed this one time.


My wife Ray and I have had a great relationship, yeah the marriage sex has died down a bit but she has been a wonderful wife. She being of Nordic genes is blonde and attractive in her 40s she catches the eyes of men half her age. I never worry about her going out or away as we have this great open relationship until she told me a story in tears of an experience that I found both un-nerving and erotic.

Ray had been part of a marketing team at a global pharma. She enjoyed her work and the people she worked with. Often they would travel to company get aways for team building and the like. This trip she was excited as they were going to Spain for a long weekend, more 200 employees.

Arriving in Spain a bus came to pick them up and bring them to their hotel. At the hotel was a cocktail party waiting followed by some team building exercises. Ray was friendly with most of the people in the company and was well liked. 

After a day of visiting Cordoba the company had their dinner with entertainment at a castle (Castillo).As the night went on she and a few others were enjoying Spanish wine, the music and excellent food. The company was great as they chatted about all things “non work”. 

As the evening went along and everyone started feeling a little tipsy Ray was asked to dance with some of the other ladies at the company. They hit the dance floor with a spark in their shoes. A little while in and a little wine later some of the guys from sales and admin came in. Oscar a tall Swede working at the company asked her to dance and they did. Some great music came on and they danced the night away. The drinks continued to flow and Ray could feel she was getting very tipsy. As they danced and downed a little more wine Oscar leaned over to give her a kiss. “No … I am flattered but married”… Ray said as Oscar backed off a bit. 

Later again on the dance floor as a great Spanish slow dancing song came along a colleague of Ray´s egged her on to dance with Oscar. She obliged… they held each other closer and danced when suddenly sparks flew. Oscar looked into her eyes and passionately kissed her again. She started to refuse but the wine took over and his tongue entered her mouth. The first foreign tongue in her mouth since before her marriage. It was weird. He then held her and kissed her neck and lips again and again. He could feel her nipples getting harder. His hand slid down her hips slightly grabbing her buttocks. She wrapped her arms around his back and gently touched his hard buttocks. The butterflies were flying.

She suddenly backed off and he offered an apology… and they returned to the table which was now half empty. More wine and Oscar sat next to her. They chatted, ignoring what had happened as he was also married and his hand glanced her leg, she trembled and then calmed down. His hand slowly moved up her leg under the table as another colleague returned to sit at the table asking how things were going. She responded “fine..” his hands now between her legs when she clamped down on his hand with her hand and held it just an inch from her pussy. He then moved it toward her panty grazing her labia from outside of her panties. She held tighter. His finger then began to head under her panty where he could feel her shivering and getting wet. “oh lets dance” he pulled her up and they hit the dance floor again. Dancing away… 

The song ended and he pulled her to a small passage way and kissed her against a castle wall. Passerbys yelled “lovers…”.. he smiled and she pulled him toward her again. They continued to kiss… “now lets grab a cocktailin my room” “we are having small get together upstairs afterwards”… She wanted to not go but he then convinced her to come along. 

In his hotel room he popped open a bottle of champagne he stood up and began to kiss her neck. “What are we doing?” she asked.. and he told her to enjoy it and be quiet…  no one else showed up. It was not the plan. As he kissed her neck he moved down her shoulder and she refused his advance. He backed off and unzipped his pants” what are you doing?” she said… “you wanna see a big cock?” she said…”umm no”… and he pulled it out. It was large and thick and was standing straight forward. “you wanna suck on it?” he asked.. she said no as his hand moved down her hips and between her legs. “Suck it… it may be the last one you see in a while… come on we are both married”… and he put his finger on her panty then pushed her head down and lunged his cock forward. He moved it across her mouth until she opened it up a crack and then it popped in. Never had she seen such a large cock and he moved it in and out. Never liking to give a blow job she backed off… “Ok I am sorry I cannot do this”.. she said.

“Ok I will give you a massage and call it a night” he said… “nothing more” Ray said. He began massaging her shoulders and back gently grazing her breasts and butt. His hand slid dangerously near her pussy. He could see she was getting hot. “u want it don´t you” he asked. “yes” she said and his cock pressed almost through her panties. He pulled them off “no…” she said but he kept on.. his cock guided its way into her where she felt her pussy suck it in like a suction cup. He began to slowly thrust, pulling her shoulder and torso up as he pumped slowly and deeper. “Stop, we can`t”… he kept it up not listening.  “Stop, we can`t”… we are married… and he continued to push deeper… “You like that” she nodded yes  as her breathing became a panting. 

 “Stop, we can`t… ” he again refused and she tried to push away but his cock was stuck in her. Her pussy was yearning for it.  “Stop, we can`t”… Stop… ” please you don´t have a condom..” do you like the feel of a rubber or my real cock?” he asked..”real ” she said and he kept pushing… “Stop…” and then he started pushing harder and faster… I am going to fuck you hard I am going to cum in you… I am going to knock you up I am going to fuck you like you never have been before..” as he pushed and pushed..”no… no…” pull it out pull it out… Please”… she said…”then a massive orgasm came over the body… and when she went to say “no more”… he asked..”do you want me to cum” “yes… cum inside me… fill me with your cum, your sperm I want you to put a baby in me”… as he exploded in her. Massive amounts of cum that filled her pussy. Her cunt was dripping with cum.  

He rolled over and said…”that was one hell of a fuck” and put his pants on and headed out the door to enjoy the rest of the nite. 

Ray came home, very distant.. and hoping she was not pregnant. 

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