A bad decision leads to wetting fun

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She squirmed slightly, ooh, it nearly came out them, she whispered.


Sue had been shopping that day whilst I was out at work, arriving home I was met by her wearing a tight black spandex catsuit, and a pair of black ‘pixie’ boots. She told me she’d seen it and fell in love with it instantly, I was pretty happy with the way it looked on her too, it clung to every curve, and into every crevice, it would look even better with a few minor alterations, such as removing her bra and panties!

Having persuaded her to remove her underwear, it did look a lot better, it went even further into the crevices giving a very visible cameltoe, and the way her nipples poked through the tight fabric, well it was well worth looking at.

Since she’d made the effort to go and but the catsuit, and be wearing it when I arrived home, I decided to give her a little reward, we’d go to a pub, but not the usual one, I had something in mind for tonight. We drove out to a quiet country pub, I’d been several times, but it was Sue’s first visit, the locals certainly enjoyed looking at her as we entered the quiet bar, although they didn’t make it obvious, I knew that all eyes were on her.

We sat down in a quiet corner and I went to the bar for some drinks, it was the first of several that night, she was in the mood for drinking, and I was in the mood for the fun I’d planned for later.

She’d had a couple of drinks and was loosening up nicely, then she asked where the toilet was, she needed a wee. I pointed out the toilets and then added, “just be carefull, I. ve heard a rumour there’s a camera in the ladies loo’s. She looked at me, “but I’ve almost got to strip to have a wee”, she whispered, then added, “I think I’ll wait”. I was very happy at this, my plan was working. 

Several drinks later and not only was she a little tipsy, but also she was begining to feel the pressure in her bladder, “I’ll need to go soon” she whispered, I said nothing, waiting to see how she’d deal with the situation. She had another drink and shortly after began to show the first signs of needing the loo, a bit of subtle squirming, then it got worse, “I really need a wee now” she gasped, clamping her legs together, since we were alone in the small corner of the pub, and nobody could see us, I reached out and began to play with her nipples through the thin material, “perhaps this will take your mind off things” I replied, noticing how prominent her nipples had become as I tweaked them.

Several minutes later and she gasped, “oh, it’s coming, I nearly lost it then”, I slid my hand down onto her thigh and ran it up to her crotch, it was damp, very damp. I rubbed it slowly, “I nearly lost it then, I nearly wee’d myself” she told me. I went to the bar and got her another drink, I was going to push this to the limits!

By the time she’d finished that drink, I knew she’d never hold another one, she was visibly squirming now, “we need to leave, I’m going to wet myself if we stay here much longer” she insisted.

We got up and headed out of the door, as the cold air hit her it had two interesting effects, one, her nipples stuck out even further, and two, it increased her urge to relieve herself, she stopped suddenly and clamped her legs tightly shut, “I’m going to wee myself any minute” she gasped, we made it to the car without incident and I began to drive down the road, she squirmed and squirmed, “we need to stop, I’m going to wee in my suit if we don,t she whimpered. I pulled over onto a car park at the side of the road, there was nowhere else to go, “right, off you go” I told her, she looked around, “go where, there is nowhere” she said, I pointed to a small line of trees, “you’ll have to go over there” I replied, “but if anyone passes they’ll see me” she whimpered, adding, “and I’ve got to strip right off”, I paused and handed her a pair of leggings that she’d left in the car, “put these on quick”, she stripped out of her boots and catsuit and pulled on the leggings and boots, her pert tits looked stunning, “but I’ll still be naked” she maoned, “then keep the pants on” I told her, “what, wee in my pants?” she asked, “well, it’s either show your tits and wet your pants, or keep your pants dry and be naked” I giggled, at that point she wet them slightly, “ooh, it’s coming” she wailed and leapt from the car, she hurried to the line of trees and began to wee in her leggings, wetting her boots in the process, just for fun I switched on the headlights, if anyone drove past, they were certain to see her!

Finally her bladder was empty, although her boots weren’t, she’d done quite a bit in them! I locked the car and wandered over to where she stood, I gave her rear a firm squeeze, her pants were soaking. I took her hand and led her through the trees into a clearing beyond, “bend over, I’m going to give you a spanking for pissing in your pants” I told her, instantly she bent over and held onto a tree, I gave her a few light slaps on her shapely rear, she squirmed and moaned, I could tell she was getting turned on, I her tight, wet leggings down and plunged my cock into her from behind,I hammered away and shortly after I shot a massive load inside her, pulled out and pulled her leggings back up, “now you’ve got more than just piss in your pants” I told her, and began to play with her tits once more, a few minutes later, I rubbed her crotch, the cum was leaking out into her leggings. I rubbed it into her leggings, she was in a right mess. She had another little piss in her leggings before we got back into the car and headed home, it was lucky it was quiet at that time, because sitting topless in the front seat of the car, she was clearly visible to anyone who chose to look, and be honest, if you saw a good looking woman in a car with her tits out, you’d have to look, wouldn’t you.

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