The Gutsy Take

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You can feel my dick throbbing in my pants, its driving your mind wild and you can’t stop kissing me. I turn you around and start sucking on your neck. You can feel the head of my dick throbbing in my jeans; you begin to rock your ass against my rock cock, with every movement of your ass against me the dick grows larger, and harder.

‘The people—what about the people inside the lounge? What if they’re watching’?’ you ask in a innocent like voice.

‘So fukking what!…


Her name was Dalilah Rothwell. But her friends and family called her Diamond, which was a old childhood nickname.

Dalilah Rothwell, was a lucrative Marketing Investor for Wilson and Crane. She looked like summertime in the tropics, as she exited her carmine colored, four-door Mercedes-Benz in the parking lot, of the Olive Bar and Lounge.  Before she could even get three steps out of her vehicle, two men were running light on their heels to try and grab at her attention. I could see the whole scene, out the window, from the inside at the pool table.

I chuckled inside, as I watched those idiots fumble all over themselves. These clowns didn’t stand even the slightest possiblity of sharing thirty seconds inside a dream with a lady like her. Dalilah wasn’t a regular woman. Dalilah was an elegant female that men couldn’t find the time to rip their eyes away from. She has this overwhelming type of magnetic energy, that rendered men like lap dogs.

She always dressed in the finest apparel. She was wearing a beige Rachel Roy Sydney high-low dress, along with a pair of colorless Guiseppe Zanotti cruel sandals on her small size 7 feet, she wore a black cardigan suit jacket draped over her left arm. Her finger and toes were freshly done and polished with a glossy burgundy paint; which accentuated her wine-colored Mac lipstick and eye shadow.

Every man around the pool table stared at her hungrily, as she entered the bar through the side exit, adding to it a special ‘Touch of Class’. Aside from her adding a lovely décor to the place, I could see that it had been a long evening for her. I could imagine her inside my minds’ eye, smiling, charming, and persuading potential clientele to agree with her powerpoint proposals. I could also notice that this day has left her mentally and physically exhausted.

Her constituents from the marketing firm were sitting at the bar waiting for her. They were all discussing heading out over to Maxwell’s’ Sports Lounge later to check out the 2016 Rio Olympics. I could easily tell that she needed an escape. So once I tucked my eyeglasses into my suit pocket, I went over to her in my very cool and casual voice, and said,

“Hello Ms. Lady. How are you doing?”

“Hi! I’m well. What can I do for you?” she said in a professional tone of voice.

 I said, “Excuse me!? Is that the way you greet someone who is about to rescue you from the death of boredom?”

She chuckled. “What gives you the false impression that I’m bored.?”

“My third eye does. Now what!?” I said, in my Iron Mike Tyson voice, pointing between my eyebrows, while making a funny face with my eyes crossed and tongue poking out.

She leaned back swiftly on her stool with one eyebrow raised, giving me a strange look like I had three arms, and said, “Oh no you didn’t just make that face!” Then she covered her mouth and giggled.

“Diamond, you seemed to be entertained already. I think maybe we’ll  catch up to you at work tomorrow.”, her colleague said making the obvious repeating wink gesture.

“Yeah, later Diamond. Please do everything that I wouldn’t dooo! And there ain’t nothing that I wouldn’t doo-woo. So follow my lead.”, the other lady chimed in.

Diamond looked at them. “You two bitches have to be crazy, drunk, or both! So that’s how it is? How you guys are going to just get up leave me up in here-with you don’t know who?”, she said with fake disappointment.

“With one foot stepping in front of the other. Enjoy him, dear.”, they said shamelessly, and disappeared.

“Well, now Harry Houdini! You sure know how to clear a bar table.”, she said pretending to be unhappy.

“So what did you have in mind, Mr. Entertainment?”, she asked having no idea what my answer was going to be.

So I settled down in the seat next to her. I scooted my stool closer to hers, as I smiled deeply into her beautiful brown eyes and said,  

“I pay the tab before we leave the bar; I lead you outside to my car. I lean you up against door, then I nibble lightly on your ear lobe and then I give you a freaky kiss. As I’m kissing you I’m sliding my hands down your back and grip them firmly on your juicy cum sucking ass. 

You can feel the spine of my dick throbbing in my pants, its driving your mind wild and you can’t stop kissing me. I turn you around and start sucking on your tender neck. You can feel the head of my dick throbbing in my jeans; you begin to rock your butt against my rock, cum-shooting cock. Every time the movement of your ass pushes against me,  this mighty dick grows bigger, and stronger.

In the same way that Super Mario does whenever he eats a mushroom.

‘The people—what about the people inside the lounge? What if they’re watching’?’ you ask in a innocent like voice.

‘So fukking what! I don’t care. I’m fukking you tonight regardless of who’s watching– right here.

Right now.

Outside this mother fukking club.’, I assured you with certainty in my voice.

“Ewww! Shyt! Okay baby.”, you responded in a salacious voice, getting wetter from my manly display of confidence.

You reach your hand backwards and begin rubbing on my penis. I can feel all the blood in my penis boiling from the anticipation till I can’t take it any more. I lean you over the rear end of the vehicle. As I push you up against the car and kiss you, I untie my belt, and drop my pants.My dick is hard and pulsating, as I pull down your skirt. I pull your underwear to the side with my fingers slowly, as I slowly enter the sanctuary of your womb.

” Ewww! You have a strooong- fat dick. Ew, yeah. Mmmm. “You affirm as your breath begins to quicken. 

I ram into you so wildly against the trunk, that we can hear the tools scoot and slide inside the box. I pull you up by your hair and suck passionately on  the nape of your neck. Suddenly, I place my hand on your back and with a swift motion-I roughly pin your face to the trunk, as my dick plummets into you forcefully, making you its slave. 

I can feel your pussy moisture bubbling around my dick. I can feel your pussy send spasms around the circumference of my dick as you’re building up to cum.

I continue kissing you as I slowly push my head deeper inside you. You want it so bad. Each time I pull all the way out I push back in deeper and deeper.

You need me now. Once you can feel every inch of me inside you, you tell me to fuk you harder. Your legs are shaking as I keep rushing in you harder, fukking you faster, harder, and deeper.

Your hands are around the back of my neck. I play with your gorgeous tits as I keep rushing this dick inside of you, bucking you, up in you, fukking you. The car begins rocking like a tee-totter as I move in and out of you.

“I want to hear you scream my name. Hell I want every ear inside the bar to hear you scream my name.”, I demanded.

“I don’t know it babe.”, you confessed.

“Say, James!” , I said

” Big dick James! Oh shyt, Big dick James! Ew shyt! “

“Louder!” I growl.

“Big … ew…fukking dick… James!”

“LOUDER!” I growl!


“THAT’S NOT LOUD!” I say fiercely.

“JAAAMES!” you screamed so loud it shook heaven and earth.

I pulled out of your pussy so quick you could hear it, ‘SNAP’. I then start sliding my thumb up and down around your tender anus. Its dripping in sweat.




and Juicy.

“MMmmm.” You moan lightly. I slowly slide my one footer inside your love sandwich. You push back a little trying to meet with my push.

Do you want this pleasure pole?”  I ask you.

“A dream dick in my ass? Hell Yeah!”, you reply.

Slowly now—I penetrate deeper, and with every push and pull the rhythm of our bodies begin to sync.

I begin to slowly suck on your neck as I fuk you with growing intensity.

I grab your hips with both hands as I grind into your beloved asshole. I move my right hand down to play with your clit as I begin to fuk your ass hole with a lust, greed, and delight.

I squeeze and rub your pussy with my four fingers. I can feel the nerves in your labia twitch as a climax begins to swell and unfold.

“Ohhh, eeeW Fuk! I’m about to nut, again babeee!” you say as the convulsion between your legs becomes more intense.

I feel your pussy leaking into my hand.

I suck it off my fingers next to your ear, so you can hear it.

As I’m fukking you,  I can feel ass juice draining down my nutts. 

“I wanna suck your dick! Let me suck that sweet cock. I need that big dick on my tongue. Put that fat fukker in my mouth” You demand.

I pull slowly out of your virgin tight hole and I hold it out as you turn around. You descend slowly and stare at it eye to eye. Beauty meets the Beast.

I watch you grab it with your mouth and yank on it!  You fastened your lips tightly around my dick and yanked on it! You glued your tongue firmly onto my dick. Again—you yanked on it!

“Ew! Fuk yeah baby. Suck my fat dick. Just like that!” I commanded you.

“Um hmmm…” you agreed to serve me as my slave.

You began sucking my dick mass  ferociously as you cup my balls into your hands.

You can feel my veins throbbing on the flap of your tongue. I can feel your tongue racing from my dick to my nutts with high-speed and proficiency. You grab my ass and push it forward towards you so my dick can break into your throat.

I feel myself ready to explode so I pull out and you caress it with your slippery tongue. Up-down, and around it back into your throat again. Then suddenly, the head of my dick erupts with thick milky cum flinging from your lips.

I stick my tongue in your mouth and French kiss you long and slow, and sweetly…” I said ending my story.

“Whew, shyt! I didn’t expect to hear that.” She said.

“Can you follow me to my house and fuk me again?”

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