The Gallery

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His soft touch now running down your ribcage has you nearly paralyzed and your body yearns for more. You fight to regain control and look up at your tormentor. Torch light flickers on his face, the whites of his eyes glow even in the shadows. Dark green and intense, he’s looking deep into yours and you feel your little bit of control slipping away.


The Gallery

With the lightest touch, my fingers slowly move down your neck. You stretch it out to make the sensation last longer. I do not stop there, and my fingers glide across your waiting beast. The touch so light it makes your nipple instantly go erect. You hate that a man you do not know can make your body respond so easily, and hate it even more that your mind is begging him to never stop.

You shake your head to clear your mind because you don’t know why you’re in bed with this stranger. Your friend had invited you to an art gallery opening for some new artist that is supposed to be the new hot thing. You love art and were very excited to go because this artists paintings spoke to you. His dark, brooding, macabre style tantalized your fascination of the black arts, demons, witches anything belonging to the netherworld. Actually it’s not just a fascination, you have been practicing witchcraft most of your life. The first born female child in your family dating back farther than anyone can remember has been taught the craft and you will teach your first born one day.

Through the haze of your dream like state, you scan your surroundings. The huge bed you’re lying in is covered with black silk sheets and furs. They feel so good against your skin, cool yet warm at the same time. It’s like being in your mother’s embrace in times of need. A massive fireplace feeds the room warmth and all along ancient stone walls torches make shadows dance all around you. Ancient and mighty, you feel this place deep in your bones, feeding you it’s power. His soft touch now running down your ribcage has you nearly paralyzed and your body yearns for more. You fight to regain control and look up at your tormentor. Torch light flickers on his face, the whites of his eyes glow even in the shadows. Dark green and intense, he’s looking deep into yours and you feel your little bit of control slipping away.

His strong warm hand now on your thigh, you part your legs like the devil’s whore. Your loin’s burn, you’re instantly wet, your flesh begging for whatever he will give you. Short cropped hair and beard you start to recognize him. It’s the artist whose gallery just opened. But how did you get here with him? Where is here? Why does his every touch turn your blood into rivers of fire? “Your Scottish bloodlines have made you for me”, you can hear his words though his mouth never moves. Your little hand touches his chest, his eyes close and you feel him shudder from the excitement of your contact. “I knew you were the one when I first saw you in the gallery.” Your fingers tracing every muscle of his chest before you slide it down along his abs. Every cell of your body can feel the pleasure emanating from him because of your single touch.

As the unknown power fills your body, your mind starts to clear. You do know what it is and you have felt it before but never like this! It’s the power of your kind, the power of the Witch! You lay back on the satin sheets euphoria taking hold of you while this ancient force invades your flesh. Extending your arm in the air you rotate your hand back and forth slowly transfixed upon it. You can see the power around your fingertips, yellow, white, orange and red it looks like every molecule of air around them is supercharged. You wiggle your fingers and they dance at your command.

You turn back to him, “How?” is the question in your eyes. “I have waited thousands of years for the one that is truly mine.” Instantly you know who he is or at least what he is. He is prince of all Warlocks the most powerful of his kind according to your grandmamma. You had always thought those were the ramblings of an old woman trying to inspire you to learn your art well.

Witches and Warlocks have always been the slaves of their demon creators. It is said that one day a pairing would occur and the two would be more powerful than any could imagine. Powerful enough to break the bonds that keep our kind enslaved to them. Not just any pairing, but a once in a lifetime coupling by two souls bound together by all the power of the cosmos. A love so deep ether would gladly sacrifice themselves for the other. “I can use no magic on you, so your lust is pure and true.”

You look back to him and know it’s true. Every rippling muscle of his body you yearn to touch, the power growing inside you is pulling you toward him. Your body aches so badly for his touch and his mere presence has you burning inside with a fire you’ll never be able to control. He wants you more than life itself, his cat like emerald green eyes are devouring your flesh so you lay back to let his gaze eat you alive.

He brings his hand across your body and to your side and pulls you half under him. His eyes staring deep into your soul and you can feel his manhood pressed against your tiny body. Your hand goes to the back of his neck and you pull him into you longing to taste his kiss. You move your other hand to his manhood and he groans with the pleasure of your touch. You conjure up your finger dancers and he instantly becomes large and hard in your tiny hand. His hand slides down your rib cage then to your inner thigh, and when he finally touches your little witch pussy it floods with the juice of your desire.

He is the Prince and you will be his woman. You know you will be expected to fulfill his every desire and you crave to be his sexual slave. What your experiencing is known as the “Joining” when a Warlock and a Witch are bound as one. The Joining is hard on the Witch as Warlocks are crazed during this time and they lose themselves in the passion. But for any witch that can endure the joining the rest of her immortal life is said to be bliss. A bound Warlock will never look at another he will love her with all that he is and protect his witch willingly giving his life to do so. It’s said that a Warlock’s love making is beyond any earth bound pleasure and a Witch in the arms of her Warlock knows contentment not conceivable to any other women mortal or immortal.

As soon as he feels you cum he’s taken by the joining. He raises his head to the sky and howl’s out a scream that sends shivers through skin! His eyes are ablaze as if the very fires of hell were lighting them up. “The power I have given you is for your protection. Do you agree to the bond?” his deep voice booms in your head, he is trying with all his might to hold back until you answer. No Warlock has ever given a witch a choice in all recorded history except the very first joining to take place. The story goes that the first Warlock to join with a witch loved her so much he asked her to be bound. She hesitated to answer frightened by his crazed state. His immense magical powers driving his frenzy had nowhere to release until finally he imploded, sending him to an unknown realm never to return. Since then no warlock has ever asked. You now understand just how much he loves you, that he would risk oblivion just to give you that choice. Without a seconds hesitation you scream “Yes, I will be yours for eternity!”

With your words spoken he waves his hand and in an instant your hands are shackled behind you, you’re on your knees by the side of the bed. The rug you kneel on is as old as this place but warm and comforting to your knees. It’s covered in glyphs you cannot decipher but somehow you know they are part of this ritual.  He is standing in front of you, now you see his manhood, thick, hard and dripping with his desire for you. You can’t wait to taste him so you suck him into your mouth. The liquid on his tip is like nectar on your tongue. The joining makes him perfect to you and you to him. After this night no one else can fill your heart, lust or imagination the way he will. You move your head forward taking more of him in your mouth. You let your tongue slide back and forth on the underside of his cock, the smell and taste of him is intoxication you. He is thick and fills your mouth completely as you suck up and down his hard shaft. He bucks his hips driving himself deeper in your warm wet mouth, while moans of his arousal fill your head as though he’s right at your ear. He takes the back of your head and pulls you into him, his cock driving deep into your throat, you almost gage before he slid back out. Again he drive his shaft even deeper, your eyes well up from him in your throat. Again and again until he’s as deep he can go. A low rumbling turns into a beastly growl as he fills your mouth with his cum. You take all you can get, it’s like the fines honey bursting in your mouth and you savor every drop.

With another wave of his hand you’re laying on the bed, your ankles and wrists tied to the four corners. You ache to touch his body and being denied that has you frustrated. “Why do you shackle me when all I want to do is please you?” you say as you struggle against your restraints. “Then show me your strength and break your bonds Witch!” “Never again let those around you make you doubt your worth!” he snarls. The anger wells up in you as you consider his words. It’s true all your life those closest to you have sown the seeds of doubt. Even though you have always proven them wrong your siblings, mother, have all tried to make you feel weak and dependent on them. In your anger your mental shackles finally fall to dust. A calm confidence takes its place, you look at your bindings calling forth your power and like your mental bonds they fade away.

Free now you move toward him, his eyes drinking in your small beautiful frame and every sensual movement it makes as you approach. You stand before him and take his hands as you turn your back to him wrapping his arms around you. You rub your body against him trying to arouse the beast within. No Witch has ever been brazen enough to arouse her Warlock during a joining. You have heard all the stories of the pain because Warlocks are lavishly large when under the influence of the joining and they can’t control their urges. Down in the pit of your being you need him to know how deep your love is for him. Welcoming the pain of what you may endure to bring him the pleasure all other warlocks have been denied. You feel the heat of his body rising as you grind against him putting his hands on your supple breasts. His hands ignite the molecules around them and he brushes your nipples with the palm of his hands. Painful and yet exciting your nipples harden instantly and when he grabs your breasts they pucker so hard it hurts! A moment of fear races though your body as his hand electrifies your skin moving down your abs toward your womanly mound. A magically charged finger splits your lips and runs across your sensitive clit. A shock wave of pure animal desire runs through your loins your clit swells and hardens and your cunt drips with lust preparing itself to accept your lover inside.

To his surprise you snap your fingers and he is on his back with you straddling him. You give him an evil grin as you start to rock your hips sliding your wetness up and down his cock. He looks at you in awe now realizing he has the greatest witch of all times. Your hands on his chest you rock your cunt on the tip of his cock working it into your opening. He smiles at you and says “Don’t hurt yourself on that little witch we have eternity to enjoy each other.” You slide back just enough to pop the head of his cock inside. Rotating your pelvis so he can feel how tight and wet your little cunt is, you toy with him. He is much bigger than you though and it’s painful how you’re stretched but my god he feels so good inside you. He sees you grimace with the pain and you see a cocky smile cross his lips. You just smile inside knowing you’re about to wipe that cocky grin off his face! You keep rotating taking him deeper and deeper even though you’re painfully stretched to your limit you have never felt anything so good and he is making you cum with every inch you take. His snide grin has been replaced by gritted teeth of growing pleasure as you keep taking him deeper. He bucks into you and you snap your fingers again this time his hips are tied down to the bed. You wiggle your finger shaking your head saying “no, no, no.” He looks at you with greedy lust and your cock hungry slutty actions are sending him over the edge! You notice that he is starting to come apart. No literally he is starting to look like your finger dancers all over his body. Your head starts swimming as you ride down trying to take all of him inside you. Fangs flash in his gritted teeth the look of shear agony on his face as his continues to disintegrate underneath you. You slam down on him burying him full inside your tortured cunt. He lets out a bloody curtailing cry as he starts to fill you with his seed. Like a tornado his molecules turn into a vortex of fire, your molecules follow after his but yours are ice. Even in this state you still feel him buried deep inside you the feeling of freedom and euphoria fills you completely. The two vortexes combine into one until they explode into a brilliant flash!

All the torches and the fireplace had been blown out a complete and total darkness surrounds you a dead silence permeates the room. Your head lays on his shoulder your hand on his chest with your leg entwined his. A little of you is in him and him in you. The joining has bound you together for all time and he will love his little witch for even longer!

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