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Sexual Education. University class. Bianca’s favorite teacher is going to use her as an example.


Teacher: Ok class. Get your text out and turn to page 156…. Bianca! Focus or we’ll use you as an example for the next lesson.

Bianca: I apologize, sir.

30 minutes go by

*Bianca starts talking again.

Teacher. Bianca…

Bianca: I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.

Teacher:  No, this isn’t the first time…. Get on my desk.

*Bianca sits on the desk

Teacher: Put your feet up on the desk, Bianca.

Bianca nervously puts her legs up. She is filled with an enigma. Her heart is racing. She thinks to herself “What is he going to do?”

Teacher: Now, put down your undergarment and lift your skirt so the class may see your pussy.

Bianca stays quite with a face of uncertainty. Slowly undressing herself she looks away from the students. The teacher continues.

Teacher: The clitoris is the pleasure center of the vulva. It doesn’t have a central role in reproduction like the penis or vagina.

The teacher is pointing at Bianca’s clit. The whole class are in a gaze. Bianca locks her eyes on the teacher.

Teacher: Its main function is only to feel good. The clitoris is right under the point where the inner labia meet and form a little hood known as the clitoral hood.

The teacher pulls the hood and exposes Bianca’s clitoris. The class is at awe.

Teacher: Now, Bianca, stimulate your clitorus.

Bianca slowly moves her fingers. She slides them down her lips. Her fingers wet, sliding to her clit with ease. She closes her eyes. Slowly rotating her finger in the middle and around the clit.

Teacher points at her clit as she rubs it on the desk in front of the class.

Teacher: You would call this an erogenous area. Self-evident, yes class?

Class: Yes, Mr. Mares.

Teacher: However. When this specific erogenous zone is stimulated it creates new erogenous zones that might not be found without explored. Now, Bianca, allow me to take off your shoes and you continue to stimulate yourself. Class, this will take 5 mins.

Teacher takes off her shoes. He then slowly takes off both her socks, gliding his fingertips across her sural and saphenous nerves. He makes sure to not have her feet touch the desk. He whispers into her ear with a stern voice “Harder!”

Bianca feels the light touches channeling up her inner thighs. She presses harder.

He then whispers, “Repeat this in your head, “Fuck me, Daniel.” over and over”.

Bianca is a bit flustered yet filled with elation.

The desk is beginning to drip.

Teacher places his hand under her thighs and passionately strokes her inner thighs towards her pussy.+

Teacher whispers so the students may not hear: “Now, when you feel orgasmic as you say my name, emphasize the “iel” at the end. Harder, faster, you’re a fucking bad girl. You wanna get fucked. Rub it harder if u want to get fucked!”

Bianca is biting her lips! She’s ready to explode with her orgasmic moans.  She wants him so bad.

The teacher sees this. He very slowly and carefully places her feet down on the desk. Yet, before they touch. He whispers ” Imma fuck you exactly the way you’re thinking of how I’m fucking you tonight. “

The teacher then allows Bianca’s feet to touch the now wet desk.

She explodes as soon as it touches. She grips his chiseled muscles as she releases herself all over the desk and onto the floor. He too grips onto her. She’s quite now. He holds her for a minute, so she may feel secure and come back into reality.

The teacher asks Bianca to return to her seat.

Teacher: Ok students, tomorrow we’ll speak about the erogenous zones that i exploited today that allowed Bianca to have an orgasm in a short amount of time.

Teacher: Excuse me, Bianca.

Bianca: Yes, Mr. Mares.

Teacher: May I see you after class?

Bianca slightly smiles “Yes, of course, Mr. Mares”

*bell rings, it is now lunch, the students walk out.


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