Ms. Kitty

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I was on top of her, ready to fuck her in the missionary position. Before the sexual intercourse, I tapped my stiff, hard cock on top of her pussy. “Quit playing and put it in me baby…. I want your dick”, declared a horny Ms. Kitty. I then stuck my dick deep inside her pussy, and she was like, “Ahhhhhahahah fuck yeah.” When my pulsating dick was inside her warm, tight, wet vagina, I felt like I was in heaven. Her pussy felt enjoyable around my rock-hard cock. Within five minutes, she started cumming again.

I was panting and breathing uncontrollably, thus giving her a verbal warning that I was close to busting a nut. I then pulled out of her tight pussy and began spraying my white, baby batter all over her firm tittys.


Was there ever a moment in your life where you had  spicy, raunchy, unforgettable sex from a mysterious woman? I sure did! I will never forget the steaming sexual confrontation that I had with the lovely, voluptuous, yet mysterious lady that I met while driving to my targeted destination. Everytime I have vivid flashbacks of our sexual encounter that occured between me and her, I recieve an instant erection that causes me to masturbate. When I jack off to the fond memories of our lovemaking session, I am practically paying her the respect she deserves for giving me the sensualness and gratification that was missing throughout my dull, sex life.

 It was a hot, quiet, summer night and I had just finished a grueling twelve-hour shift at a local slaughter house that was situated in the backwoods of southern Texas. I was so anxious to go home, relax, and have a couple of ice cold beers, therefore leading me to drive at a high velocity on a secluded road that led to my residence. I was driving an old, beat up, rusty, beige, 1950 Chevy Pickup Truck that my uncle gave me before his early demise. It was an hour drive to my house, so I decided to smoke a thick, fat, joint that was filled with a gram of potent marijuana. It was customary for me to smoke a joint on my road trip back home. When driving, I would casually smoke my joint and listen to an oldies radio station. Soon the radio station began to get static. It was loosing signal. Then that’s when it all happened. 

I tried to adjust the radio and in doing so, I momentarily lost sight of the road. As I was fixing my radio, for a split second, I lost control of my vehicle and started swerving violently towards the side of the road,which almost caused me to savagely hit an innocent hitch-hiker. Thank God that the hitch hiker had fast reflexes and was able to move quickly out of harms way.

I stopped my vehicle, and parked it on the side of the road. I exited my truck and nervously walked towards the hitchhiker. “Are you alright?”, I asked. “Yes, I’m fine…. how ’bout you?…. How are you feeling?”, asked the hitchhiker with a blank expression on her face. “I’m good”, I responded.

 Soon my man instinct kicked in. I noticed how sexy and gorgeous the hitchhiker was. She looked a little bit older than me. She must have been in her early 30’s. She was a short, caramel complected female of latina decent, with a nice round onion booty, followed with a wonderful set of big, firm juicy breasts ; she was wearing a tight, white mini-skirt, along with a pair of red, high heel stilletos. She had thick, black, straight hair, that was composed in a 50’s pompadour type of style. It looked like  she was headed to a bar or club to party. As I closely approached her, I observed how alluring her face was. She had a captivating image that was glowing marvelously in the dark. She was an extremely astounding woman and I was very attracted to her. 

“Hey, I’m very sorry for driving so recklessly… I could have killed you.” “Don’t worry about it…As long as no one gets hurt, everything should be fine…. Accidents happen you know…We, as humans, aren’t perfect”, she said in a mellow, nonchalant tone of voice. “Hey where are you heading”, asked the hitchhiker. “I’m heading down south towards McKinely Park”, was my reply. Once I stated that I was heading towards McKinely Park, a spark of joy had filled her pretty face.”My house is only fifteen minutes away from Mckinely Park… It would be so kind of you if you can give me a ride to my house… I swear to God I will pay you if you can do me that favor sweetie”, said the hitchhiker in an exciting, jumpy type of manner. “Sure thing Ms.”

I was so eager to give her a ride. I thought to myself that it was the perfect opportunity to spark a conversation with her and get to know her better. Besides, I was interested  the very first time I laid my eyes on her. Also, I never really had luck with hot, beautiful, atrractive woman. Maybe my luck will change.

 As she entered my truck and sat herself in the passenger seat, I quickly introduced myself. “Hello…. My name is Jonny…. what’s your name?” “My name is Cassandra, but people call me Ms. Kitty”, she replied. We then shook  hands after we had finished introducing ourselves to one another. 

During our ride home, there was a moment of silence and stillness between me and Ms. Kitty. I broke the silent barrier between me and her by initiating a friendly conversation. “So Ms. Kitty, what brings you out here to the back of the woods?”, I asked curiously. “I got into a severe argument with my so called boyfriend, he left me stranded in the middle of nowhere”, claimed Ms. Kitty. “Damn that sucks”, I said. But deep down inside I was secretly happy because she was in her vulnerable state which gave me more of a chance to get to know her. I really wanted to ask for her phone number, but I was too shy and did not want to come off as a creep. 

Little by little she started to get comfortable with me and began expressing herself even more. In other words, she was becoming more talkative. She was a cheerful, down to earth individual, with a funny sense of humor, that went well with her Colgate-like smile. Throughout our journey we talked about all kinds of things, but we mainly chatted about music. Just like me, she was a huge music junkie. It was perfect between the both of us. I had a sense that she was digging me. Everytime we made eye contact, I noticed a bright glitter in her beautiful hazel eyes. I was mesmerized by her cat eyes. They were hypnotic. We soon arrived to her place.

“Thank you for giving me a ride baby”, said Ms. Kitty. “No problem.” She soon caught me checking out her cleavage. She giggled and said, “You like what you see huh?” I tried to act dumb, so I said, “What?” “I saw you checking out my puppies and I know you like them”, she said. I started laughing nervously. “Don’t be shy baby, there only tittys…. they don’t bite”, commented the seductive Ms. Kitty. 

We then made intense eye contact. Slowly, we both interlocked lips. I can’t believe it, my tongue was inside her mouth! For a moment I thought I was dreaming, but this was no dream. I was actually tongue kissing my fantasy girl. Both of our of tongues were engaged in heavy duty kissing. With my tongue, I was massaging her tongue, vice versa. After around five minutes of making out, I slowly started exploring her soft neck. I was sucking on her neck very gently. She was getting aroused and let out a soft moan. “Ahhh baby, I love your lips… Keep going don’t stop”, she said enthusiastically. Soon, my hands were caressing her soft, firm breasts. I slowly pulled down her top and proceeded to suck on her brown, perky nipples. I could feel them getting erect as I sucked on them. I was sucking on her nipples like there was no tomorrow. She started to get very horny and said, “damn baby, my pussy is getting wet… let’s go inside.” I quickly obeyed her orders and followed her inside to her house. 

She was holding my hand and leading me to her room. We then got on the bed and started making out. I began to give her an entire body bath with my tongue. I was licking her from head to toe. I started by sucking on her red, nail polished toes. I then slowly commenced to kiss her smooth, silky legs and thighs. I was exploring her curvaceous body, with the attempt of finding her erogenous zone. I was trying to heighten and stimulate her horniness which was working the way I planned. When I started sucking her wet clitoris, she started going berzerk in a sex-filled frenzy. “Stay right on my clit baby, don’t stop…. aaaaaaaaaaaah fuck yeah”, yelled Ms. Kitty. I could taste her pussy’s juices and it tasted like sweet pineapple. As soon as I momentarily lifted my mouth from her dripping wet vagina, she grabbed me from behind my head and slammed me against her pussy and said, “Don’t stop baby… keep on going… your gonna make me cum.” I  rapidly began to lick her clitoris. “Fuck baby, your gonna make me cum…… oh my God I’m cumming… ahahahahahahaha yeah fuck yeah ahahahahahaha”, screamed Ms. Kitty. I was doing a magnicent job. 

After I ate her pussy out, she unzipped my pants and started stroking my dick. “You have a nice, hard cock… I can’t wait to put it in my mouth, suck on it and ride it hard”, exclaimed Ms. Kitty. I then pulled down my pants as she began to give me oral sex. She gave me an amazing blowjob. “I can feel your fat dick throbb iniside my mouth baby…. you like it don’t you?”, asked Ms. Kitty. “Oooooooooooh fuck yeah… your mouth feels great.. I love your lips… keep on sucking ma”, were my words of encouragement that I gave her while she was sucking me like a lollipop.

Afterwards, we both took off our clothes and were now completely nude, in our Adam and Eve outfits, ready to have wild sex.I was on top of her, ready to fuck her in the missionary position. Before the sexual intercourse, I tapped my stiff, hard cock on top of her pussy. “Quit playing and put it in me baby…. I want your dick”, declared a horny Ms. Kitty. I then stuck my dick deep inside her pussy, and she was like, “Ahhhhhahahah fuck yeah.” When my pulsating dick was inside her warm, tight, wet vagina, I felt like I was in heaven. Her pussy felt enjoyable around my rock-hard cock. Within five minutes, she started cumming again. 

I was panting and breathing uncontrollably, thus giving her a verbal warning that I was close to busting a nut. I pulled out of her tight pussy and began spraying my white, baby batter all over her firm tittys. After I finished cumming, my dick was still hard and erect.

We then switched positions. This time she was on top of me, riding me hard. She was going up and down, side to side, grinding on my dick, giving me the maximum pleasure. While she was going up and down on my dick, I had both of my hands placed on her ass cheeks. I would give her a minor slap on the butt as a form of motivation. Whenever I had the urge to cum, I would pull her close to me and begin to tongue kiss her. “You like to smack my fat ass when I’m riding you don’t you baby?”, inquired Ms. Kitty. “Fuck Yeah… Being inside you feels like paradise”, I said, shaking my head in pleasure. 

“It feels good riding you baby… But you know what would feel even better?”, asked Ms. Kitty. I asked her what she wanted me to do, and she said that she wanted my dick inside her “ass.” I then rubbed some of my saliva on her asshole and slowly inserted my dick inside her just the way she requested. “Ahhhhhh fuck man”, were my exquisite moans as I began to fuck her in the ass doggystyle. At first I was very steady with my motions, but after a couple of minutes, I started to pick up the pace. I was going hard and for the second time, I was going to cum again. I slowed down my movement because I did not want to bust too soon but that was of no use. I pulled out my dick and began to ejaculate on her, apple shaped, buttcheeks.

“Ahhhhahahahahahaah yeah mama… it feels fantastic cumming on your fat ass”, were my words of praise towards Ms. Kitty. Although I came a second time, I still had a strong boner. I stuffed my dick inside her ass and continued to fuck her. While I was fucking her ass doggystyle, she was rubbing on her clit, talking explicitly dirty to me. “You ready to skeet that white milk all over my face baby?,” asked Ms. Kitty. “Fuck yeah baby…. I’m gonna cum all over you… anywhere you want ma”, was my response. “I want that fat cum in my mouth baby”, mentioned Ms. Kitty while she was licking her luscious lips. I started fucking hard and fast. It was a marathon fuck fest between me and Ms. Kitty. I was fucking so fast, that all you heard was, “Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap.” My dick was ready to unload a third, heavy, powerful cumshot. I was like, “I’m ready to cum ma.”

She quickly turned around from the doggystyle position and laid on her back with her tongue out ready for me to squirt my white juice all over her face and mouth. She deep throated my dick in order to get it stimulated to the fullest. “You want my fuckin cum on your face baby?”, I asked breathlessly. All of a sudden my dick started spitting out major cumshots. Not only did my cumshots land on her mouth and face, but they also hit her neck, chest, and some on her hair. I was like, “Ahhahahahahaha shit baby ahahahahahah.” I came like a pound per pound champion. I finished like sex-crazed beast. 

When we were done having sex, we laid on each others arms and talked for a bit. “When is the next time that I can get to see you?.. Can I get your number?”, I asked her, hoping that she would not reject me. “I currently don’t have a phone but you can stop by anytime during midnight… All you have to do is knock on the front door… I should be around”, explained Ms. Kitty. “Wonderful, I have to get going but can I come through next Friday?” “Yeah”, she said with a flirtatious grin on her face. I was so excited. I had the grand opportunity to fuck the living shit out of a hot looking mamacita and she still wanted more of me. 

Friday had arrived and it was now nearing midnight. I decided to go pay a visit to Ms. Kitty. I felt as if though I was her new found boyfriend.

When I knocked on the door a middle aged lady in her late 40’s answered the door. With a confused facial expression, the lady asked, “May I help you.” “I’m hear to see Cassandra, is she home?”, I asked politely. The lady’s confused expression soon changed into anger. With extreme rage and displeasure,  the lady yelled, “Motherfucker, what kind of sick joke are you playing?” I was shocked. I had no clue as to why this lady was being so hostile towards me. She began to cry hysterically.

After a couple of minutes, she came to her senses and started to calm down. The lady then told me the awful news and said that, “Cassandra, also known as Ms. Kitty, had passed away twenty years ago while hitchhiking.” The lady revealed to me that she was Ms. Kitty’s younger sister and clarified that the reason why she died when she was hitchhiking was because she got hit by a drunk driver who’s vehicle swirled out of control. 

I had fucked a ghost and it was an unforgettable, breathtaking experience!

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