Meeting the Neighbour!

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Meeting the Neighbour! It was mid-morning and I was just arriving back home from the shops, as I got out of my car and started to walk towards my house I heard a soft female voice…


Meeting the Neighbour!

It was mid-morning and I was just arriving back home from the shops, as I got out of my car and started to walk towards my house I heard a soft female voice call out “Excuse me, excuse me” I looked up and there was the lady from number 9 walking towards me. We hadn’t really ever spoken before just the usual neighbourly acknowledgements and even then, it hadn’t been for long as we had only moved in a few months ago.

She introduced herself as Jane and then asked if our electric was off? I opened the door and flicked a switch to check, the light came on there was no problem. Jane then went on to explain that her power had suddenly cut out and was wondering if I would mind checking her electric supply as it seemed it was just her that had a problem.

We both walked to her house and once we were in Jane asked me to check the fuse box which at first glance looked like it had tripped causing the entire thing to switch off. I simply flicked the switch back on, as I turned around she was coming back into the room, to my surprise she had taken everything off except she was wearing black suspenders and a very skimpy matching thong. I didn’t quite know where to look as all I could see was her gorgeous enormous tits and the sexiest pair of legs I’d ever seen. She walked towards me and said “I’m sorry to of troubled you, I feel silly now let me thank you by giving you a blow job”.

Before I could say anything she had unzipped by jeans and pulled them down along with my boxers, she then knelt down and grabbed my already very hard and juicy cock and placed it in her mouth and began sucking. It was amazing I hadn’t had a blow job for many years and I could hardly believe what was happening. As the sensation got more intense she grabbed my balls with her other hand and then it happened I erupted all over her face and had the most amazing orgasm, as we both caught our breath she said “I assume you enjoyed that?” followed by “now it’s my turn” she then took off her thong and backed herself into my dripping cock, grabbed my hand and placed it on her pussy which was also starting to get a little juicy! We backed ourselves down onto a leather chair where she sat on my lap, I began to stroke her all around her wet pussy whilst grabbing one of her huge tits with the other hand. I put my fingers inside her and started gently rubbing her clit up and down and all around she started groaning we started kissing, I could hear her juices squelching with every movement.

At this point neither of us could resist the temptation so she turned around and sat back down putting my hard cock into her soaking wet pussy and she began riding my cock up and down, we were kissing, I grabbed her arse and her huge tits were bouncing up and down against my chest, I then grabbed her legs which were still in her smooth black stockings, I then put both hands on her bouncing breasts pulling them towards my face I then began licking her nipples all over, she was groaning more and more, her gorgeous big round arse was slapping my legs and I was getting closer and closer to cumming and then it happened another orgasm like never before she too cried out in ecstasy and we both grabbed each other has hard as we could, I came inside her my hard cock was twitching inside her tight wet pussy. Eventually we stopped, she climbed off of me and my wet slimy cock slipped out of her, she said she hadn’t had so much fun in ages I replied with “me neither” to which she replied “I take it your married too then?” she was right, we both laughed and agreed we would tell nobody of what had just happened. We both got dressed, Jane asked if I would come back the following week to do it all again? needless to say, I’ll be back soon!

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