Maya’s Love

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When she walked him inside the big bedroom, she looked at his eyes and said, “this is where I want to lose myself to my guy.


Straight into the story…

Maya loved Anbu so much. She asked him whether he was interested in accompanying to her parent’s boat house. Anbu agreed without much of a thought. He liked Maya. He had an attraction on her though he had never expressed that to her.

On the day of the trip, Maya was dressed in a blue salwar that exposed her at the right places. Anbu stole quick glances at her beauty every now and then.

They reached the boat house around noon. Once they reached there, Maya showed him around the house. When she walked him inside the big bedroom, she looked at his eyes and said, “this is where I want to lose myself to my guy. I have imagined it here and I can’t allow it to happen anywhere else.”

Anbu was shocked when Maya told this. He asked “so, you want to have your first night here”

Maya replied, “I don’t really think like that. The person I love should strip me off all my clothes and make me naked here. In fact, I prefer it before marriage. I don’t want to even have the mangalsutra to cover me. He should see me purely naked”

Anbu had to turn the other direction to stop Maya from seeing his dick getting hard. His mind was undressing Maya already.

Anbu asked, “do you love someone”

Maya replied passionately “yes, I love you”, Anbu saw into her eyes. Maya continued, “yes Anbu, I want you to be the person who strips me naked and deny me the right to wear clothes in front of you. I love you madly and deeply”

Anbu walked closer to her and slid his fingers between her hair. “Maya… I haven’t seen a women more beautiful than you. I don’t know whether I love you. Yes, I do want to kiss you. But, I don’t want to do that without a promise to marry you. I guess you will have to wait”

Maya replied, “Anbu, I could wait forever for your I want to marry you. But, I can’t wait to have your kiss. I want to feel your moustache on my body. I want my body to get wet with your saliva. I want you to make me kneel in front of you and…”, Maya stopped. Her voice was trembling with emotion. 

Anbu moved forward and took her lips in his. He tasted her lips with all his passion. “Maya, I am sorry. It’s unfair of me to leave you dressed”

He lifted her blue salwar over her head and threw it away. He turned her to her back, removed her bra hook and took the bra off her shoulder. Her beautiful breasts were for him to see. He pulled her towards him and kissed her lips again. Maya unbuttoned Anbu’s shirt amidst the kisses.

Anbu pulled down her jeans. Maya’s black panty was drenched wet. Anbu pulled her panty down and kissed her pussy. The tickle of his moustache on her pussy thrilled Maya. 

Anbu lifted her and put her on the bed and started smooching her boobs passionately.

“Wait”, Maya was out of breath, but the moment Anbu stopped she slid out of the bed and walked few steps back. She was absolutely naked and was drenched in sweat. Her boobs rose up and down out of tension.

“Do you love me?”, Maya asked.

“Do you think anybody would resist you?”, Anbu moved forward.

Maya quickly knelt down though she didn’t utter a word. Anbu knew what she wanted. He removed his jean and jockey. His tool was rock hard in tension. As he walked closer to her, Maya caressed his dick with her fingers. It sent a current through his body. She slowly started licking it and Anbu slowly moved his dick inside her mouth. She rocked her head back and forth, sending Anbu to the heavens of pleasure. Anbu pulled her face out when he was about to cum.

“I want you cum all over me”, Maya asked.

Anbu spurted his cum all over her breast. He laid down on the bed tired. Maya stood in front of his eyes and erotically started to take the cum on her breast with her fingers and licked it gently. That sight was enough to make Anbu’s dick hard again. He pulled her to the bed and eyes within eyes, he started fucking her.

Maya shouted in pain. Her nails were scratched Anbu’s shoulders in pain and pleasure. That was her first time but she didn’t want him to stop. It was Anbu’s turn to move back and forth and within minutes, he filled her pussy with his cum.

Hi readers, hope you loved the story. This is purely a work of fiction. I hoped you people would have seen Kaakha Kaakha/Gharshana/Force. This is a take on what Maya would have done if she were a little bit more horny. .

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