300 Spartans -Making Spartans.Part -2

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In this part Theron trys to drug Queen to make her his lifetime slave. And he started to sceduce her hard.


Hi guys I’m here to continue the fanfiction of 300 Spartans. In first part Theron execute his first plan by fucking Queen Gorgo. During his fucking session he experienced the best fuck ever.

He now planned to make the Queen Gorgo to submit. Though he was the master of black magic. He ordered his priests for the sex weapon, it was a toxic solution which is taken from the body of females while fucking them to death. This fluid will make a powerful women to beg for her master’s cock. 

Then he drink a fluid which is made of herbs it will make a man into a monster and increase his cock size, sperm count and When a women touches him or his cock will not able to live without his cock. She will be his slave for her lifetime. He asked a lady servant to mix the toxic solution in Queens food. 

She did as he said and Queen ate it. He ordered no one to be around because if a male servant accidentally gets a chance to fuck his Queen because she was in the control of toxic Solution. It will make a women more fertile and her body was more sensitive. 

Theron walk in to the King’s room there stands a Minister(King’s brother) stops him. Theron request him that he want to see the queen. He inform it to Queen Gorgo. Before he return to Theron to ask him to come.Queen Gorgo stops him and rushed towards Theron. Minister shocks on seeing this that a Queen running for a politician’s call? 

Minister: Queen please, He is just a politician. Why are you going there? Wait if he had a request he had to inform it to me, if it is more important he must want to come here and wait out side to get your permission. 

Queen Gorgo: (Blushed) Yes, but it was an emergency. Our king needs a back up of soldier’s for war. He only has the power to arrange it. 

Minister: Yes it’s true, but it was his duty to accept Queen’s order. If he delayed his work order me I will finish him. My brother The King Leonidas ordered me to take care of all problems so you don’t worry Order me I will give give my soul foe my King and Queen. 

Queen Gorgo: No we have to give respect to every single person who help our empire. l have to go. 

Theron: No need Queen I’m here. 

Minister got angry and attacked Theron and put his knife on his throat. 

Minister: How dare you enter into the Queens room without any permission. 

There is a cunning smile come out of Queen Gorgo’s mouth. 

Theron shivered and shaked and begged Minister and Queen. 

Theron: I’m Sorry Minister, before killing me please allow me to explain my situation. 

Minister: (Without taking knife from his throat) Explain it quickly. 

Theron: ( In shaking voice) I have to discuss. it with Queen as personal. 

Minister: What does you have personal conversation with the Queen? I’m the minister of sparta and only brother to the king. What power do you have to deliver a personal message to the king with out saying it to me. 

Theron: Yes, Sure you are a minister and have lots of power but now sparta is in big trouble there are lots of spy for our enemy king in our palace. I came here to inform this and It’s my duty secure the secrets of Queen and sparta (Theron smiles). 

Queen Gorgo: (Blushed by Theron words and afraid that he was trying to hint the secret fuck between them) Yes Minister, He’s correct we have to secure our secrets before our enemy smells us. Don’t think I’m doubting you it’s an emergency we have to move for it. So please understand the situation. 

Minister: Yes my Queen. I will obey your orders. I came here to inform that our neighbour kings are ready to join hands with us. 

Queen Gorgo: Please execute it don’t wait for my decision. Please wait outside for sometime. 

Minister: Yes Queen.(He went out of the room). 

Theron caught Queen’s hand, pull her towards him and hugged her tightly. Placed both hand and pressing her ass and he started rub his cock over their dress. 

Then he smelles her in her neck and said, 

Theron: Gorgo, You was covered by my smell all over your body. See there are some drops of my semen in your chest but your husbands brother can’t find out that you are cheating the King of Sparta. Yes he must doubts, but his over belief in you stop him to clarify his doubt. 

Queen Gorgo: Stop it. He was a honourable man who spends his entire life for the goodness our empire. How could a ugly devil like you comment about a Real Soldier like him.

Theron: You haven’t take bath. Your body is expising a hot aroma was caused by our hot sex will surely strike him that Without your husband arround how could you smell like a bitch and those semen drops in your chest will made him to conform his doubt. If you don’t belive me go and make a little conversation with him. He will surly ask about those drops in your cheat. 

Queen Gorgo: No He was my husbands brother, so please don’t let him to know the mistake commited by me. 

Theron: Don’t worry I will help you to clean it. Now I give you a task let our hand are busy by playing in our body. Use only Your Toungue to clean it. 

Queen Gorgo bend down like a pet and try to reach her chest but she can’t. 

Theron: Oh! pity I think you cant now you have to go and talk with the minister as a dirty slut. 

Queen Gorgo: No please help me or leave me free, let me clean with my hands. 

Theron: Surely I will help you. Ok now put your tongue out, I will bring it near you. 

By saying this Theron bend and lick hus semen on her chest and move towards Queens mouth. 

She surprised by his action abd without any word she slowly touched his toungue with hers. 

Suddenly Theron started to lick and roll his tongue arround her tongue. 

Queen Gorgo trys to get back but Theron move forward further and put his tongue in side her mouth and he started to suck her mouth. 

Queen Gorgo got more arroused because the toxic solution was started to work in her body. 

She also respond to the kiss and she also keep on sucking his lips they both sharing their tastes 

Theron didn’t stops, he was keep on enjoying kissing her romantically. 

They both run their hands both in their back and their hair. 

Theron slowly raise Queens dress up and put his hands inside her dress and squeezed her ass. This makes her more horny. 

He slowly lift her left leg and then right also and started carrying her and slant her on a wall with her legs are arround his hips and they keep on kissing romantically. 

She forget about Minister was standing outside, She keep on kissing Theron and making lovebites. She started to let small moans while Theron lick and bite her neck. 

She started smile and moan continuously and the room filled with our kissing sounds ahhh mmmm chhh mmmm. Theron lick her chest to neck and suck her lips again now suck upper lips and suck the lower lips and bite and pull then leave it gives a small vibrate in lips. 

Her hands run over his front and she finally touches Therons cock over his dress and stroke it and rub it. 

Theron: ( Went near her ears bite it suck and slowly says) Would you like it. 

Queen Gorgo: Mmmmm ahhhh mmmmm 

Theron was in heaven. He remove her thong in both shoulders and the dress reaches the floor. 

Queen Gorgo also help him to remove his dress. Now both are standing nude. She keep on kissing his lips and stroking his cick continuously. 

Theron pushes her down to his cock.Now she obediently sucked his cock. 

She kissed its tip and lick all his area, then He ordered to lick his pee hole too. 

But she refused and said him that “She was not done this even to her husband”. 

Theron forced her and said “But You are my whore, do what I said – Clean my shit hole”. 

She had no way, so she done as he said. Now Queen Gorgo was cleaning his hole with her toungue. 

Theron was enjoying this, after sometime She retuned to his cock and sucked his balls she tastes it well. 

Theron want to play with her more so she caught hold her hair and start fucking her throat hardly. 

After a long time of fuck a large amount of sticky fluid runs over her mouth and her chest. 

Theron was playing with her mouth with that sticky fluid.She keep on gargling, and Theron make it hard to increase her sound. 

After some time he leaves her and she was struggling to breath. Teron pull her up and kissed her and taste his cum from Queens mouth. 

He licks her throat and sucked her boobs and bite each, she shouts ahhhh. Then Theron continue to suck her boobs and slowly put his one finger in her pussy and role over it. Then he insert one finger to fuck her pussy. 

Queen Gorgo starts to moan slowly theron insert his two and three fingers inside her, Queen Gorgo was moaning loud ahhh ahhh ahhh do it harder harder. 

Theron asked her ” Do you like it, say it”. 

Queen Gorgo answered ” Yes I love it, keep fucking me like that”. 

Theron asks to say it louder let your husband’s brother hears you.She also shouts “ahhhh ahhhhh I like it, keep fingering me please ” and she starts to moan hard ahhhh ahhh please hard nooo ahhhh ahhh. 

Everyone standing out hear her sound. Someone shouting and nearing to the room by saying “Any problem Queen”. 

Queen Gorgo peeped her head alone out and said “No problem ahhh no” I’m eating her pussy from behind. 

Conversation between Queen Gorgo and The minister. 

Minister: Queen Something under your mouth and neck. (the sticky semen). 

Queen Gorgo: ohhh ahhhh yes yesssss it’s nothingggg. 

Theron pull Queen back and kissed her in her lips. She stoped and said “What are you doing, everyone was already doubting me”. 

Theron replied “You are the Queen, Order them to fuck off and tell them not to come here untill they receive your order”. 

Queen Gorgo did as Theron said and everyone left out. #Queen turn towards Theron and said “Please Theron I will fuck you where ever you want but it’s king’s bedroom. His aroma here was making me to feel his presence arround me when he was not here please don’t distrub it” 

Theron replied that ” You have to think it before kissing and sucking my cock” Now it is full of our aroma circulating everywere. 

Anyway I’m not intrested to force you to fuck in your husbands bedroom without your permission, so don’t worry. 

We can continue the remaining fuck in my room but one condition You caused the mess in my dick by your mouth, you have to clean it(sticky creamy fluid) with your mouth. 

Queen bend down and started to suck Theron’s dick, she keep on sucking for long time but it creates mire precum but she can’t clean it.After a great struggle she cleaned it. 

She asked Theron”Is it ok”. 

Theron smile on her and said” Now you are my slave ask it like a slave asking to her King.” 

Queen think for sometime and said ” Is it clean Master” 

Theron laughed at ger and said ” Yes my bitch.” 

She took her dress, but Theron throw it to fire and said “Today there us no need of any clothes, You have to be nude till morning”. 

To be continued in Part 3********* 

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