Use Him

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A guy I had just met wants to explore the possibilities of his asshole, I’m gonna show him the hard way


Have you ever done this before? I ask as Thomas is on all fours with his legs spread apart.

Never, but I’ve always wanted to, he says as he leans forward and puts his head on the floor. He puts a hand on each ass cheek and spreads them part so I can see his pink puckered little asshole.

i get on my knees and lick his asshole, I circle it again and and again as he whimpers beneath me. Ive only known him for about a week, but I’ve never seen him so vulnerable. I liked it.

I lap his asshole up good, making it nice and slobbery, then I push my tongue deep against his asshole and force myself in. Thomas groans deeply as his asshole tightens on my tongue.

I pull my mouth always from his ass, and place one finger inside, feeling around. Yes baby, he says, put another one in.

instantly I take my finger out. Remember who is in charge here, I say. I smack him hard on the ass and he hisses.

please don’t stop, he says, please please. You want more, I say, I’ll give you more. I walk over to my bag and pull out a brand new butt plug, bigger than a beginners, perfect for Thomas.

He grins at me, yes Sarah, I’ll do anything you want. I take the toy and shove it in his mouth, making him suck it like a pacifier. After its all good and wet, I tease his asshole with just the poPint until he’s squirming. Slowly I push the plug in inch by inch, he moans and moans and then his ass swallows it up. He gasps as it is fully inside. 

You ou like that sissy boy? I say as I smack his ass hard. Oh yes, yes, I love it, he says. I reach around him to yank on his cock a few times, he grunts as he gets closer and closer to cumming. I stop jerking him just as he is about to cum. Stop, I say. Sit there,, keep your eyes closed and don’t move until I say so.

I go to the front door and let my friend in, he has a huge 9 inch thick cock and knows all about Thomas. We creep quietly back in to the house to see Thomas in the exact spot I left him in with his eyes closed.

good boy, I say, now keep your eyes closed. i position myself behind Thomas again and prepare to take the butt plug out. my friend James watches and strokes himself as I struggle to free the huge plug from Thomas asshole. Finally it pops out and I spread Thomas ass cheeks to get a good look at his gaping asshole.

james is fully erect behind me so I spit into Thomas asshole and move out of the way. James positions his cock with Thomas asshole and slowly pushes the head in. Thomas looks around and says, what the fuck? And before he knows it James pushes his entire length into him, in one shot. Fuck, Thomas grunts as James slams into him. 

Yes you you little bitch, james says as he plots in to Thomas. I’m your daddy now motherfucker, tell me you like my cock sissy boy. Thomas just continues to grunt and grunt. I pull him by the hair so he looks at me, be nice Thomas, tell him you love it, I say. 

I love your cock, Thomas spurts out. I know you do bitch, James says, and continues to ram his asshole. I’m gonna fill it with my cream don’t you worry bitch. Thomas cries out again and again until finally he is spent, he cums all over himself as James still pumps into him.

james grabs his hips tight as he fucks him faster and faster until finaly he cums inside of him. Quickly he pulls out and I assume my position. delicious, Thomas ass is gaping and pulsing, spitting out James cum. I lap his asshole up quickly eating up all the cum till it’s nice and clean. Thomas collapses, spent of all energy. That was fucking incredible, he says.

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