I knew exactly what she wanted

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This morning I banged my sisters 18 year old friend and this is how it happened. n I walked in the house from a long day of work and as I turned around from closing the door, there…


This morning I banged my sisters 18 year old friend and this is how it happened. n I walked in the house from a long day of work and as I turned around from closing the door, there she was!!. n Bent over washing her hair in my kitchen sink, her butt was so tight and firm. I walked up and she turned around holding her wet hair up saying”o hey it’s you” with a big smile. I said “heyyyy good to see you again” she said “can you help me real quick?” I said “sure”!. She said “follow me to the bathroom” so I did. n We made it to the bath tube she bent over in the tub to wash her out and as she did her little shorts drove so far in her butt my penis instantly started throbbing. She said “can you just reach over me and help me wash it out”? I didn’t know how to respond because her butt was in my way and I knew I would be all over it. She replied again with “pleaseeee”. I said “no problem” n I took a step forward getting closer to her butt and I could just feel it already, her camel toe was fat and round seemed to good to be true.nI reached over her with her butt between my knees, I reached down and grabbed her hair started to help her get the soap out. Out of no where she whispers and saids” pull my hair”. My mind click!! I knew this was what I was wanting to hear, so I pulled her hair back so I could see her face and her face had the look of fear, relief, pain and destroy me.just what I needed to see. I instantly took my other hand and slid it down her arched up back until I felt her butt crack and I just squeezed her butt open until she whimpered. I rubbed 3 fingers down her butt crack until I found her puffy camel toe. I pressed in on her clit and was so firm and chunky I almost blew my pants off. n So while I have her hair pulled back I’m also pressing 3 fingers on her clit pretty hard, her back is locked in a arch position because of how firm I was holding her. I turned the shower on just to watch the water hit her face and now she is just going crazy, her shorts are soaked!!.n I finally just rip them off all she can do is spit water off her face and gasp because now her firm little tiny lips are exposed.nI take the same three fingers rub them down her butt crack one more time until my fingers stopped at the opening/pelvic bone” she looked at me spitting water out of her mouth and nose with her eyes wide open because I’m pulling her hair and said”DO IT!. So I did it, I rammed my three fingers so fast inside her she passed out, so I stopped respecting her unconsciousness. 2 mins later she woke up rolled over on the bathroom floor opening her legs and then said “OPEN ME UP” so I dropped my pants then my underwear. Exposing my 12 inch fat baseball bat of a dick. I looked her and she looked at me saying “omg omg omg omg” as I take a step closer standing over her looking at her small innocent vagina I said “ say goodnight. She said confusingly “ummm goodnight” with a light giggle.n I reached down grabbed her by her hair jerk her up pressed her face against the wall, made her poke her little butt out and slide my fat schlong down here butt checks, before I got to her puffy opening she started squirting everywhere looked like a pregnant woman water broke.n She mumbled “ just shove it in” so I shoved it so far in her stomach that I stopped up her squirts and I can feel it building up on my dick head. She is just gushing everywhere on the inside. Her back is stiff as I pump her stomach with my fat man meat. All she can say is omg omg omg omg as I pump through her firm lips into her stomach, I quickly pull out one good time and she just explodes with juices as she shivers as the last little bit just farts out. She saids “PLEASE JUST DESTROY ME, I NEED IT” so I did! I shoved iit through her tight opening I could feel my veins roll through. She passed out again, just falling to the floor. n So I did what I know she would want me to do. I rolled her over opened her legs and put them straight up in the air and just BUSTED MY FAT 12 INCH COCK UP IN HER GUTS SO HARD SHE INSTANTLY WOKE UP SCREAMING AND FARTING PUSSY JUICE EVERYWHERE AND I DIDNT LET UP. I KEPT PUMPING AND PUMPING AND PUMPING UNTIL I NUTTED SO HARD I FILLED HER UP AND WHEN I PULLED OUT THE PRESSURE SHOT SOME OUT AND SLID DOWN TO HER BUTT AND IM STILL SQUIRTING, it felt like I was having a heart attack, SO I QUICKLY BENT HER KNEES TO HER STOMACH AND I SHOVED MY STILL SQUIRTING MAN MEAT STRAIGHT IN HER LITTLE BUTTHOLE.. she went insane forcefully mumbling “ omg omg omg omg. I staring in her eyes as we both feel my big thick man meat just spewing cum in her rectum. The nut was so big that when she stood up she had to sit on the toilet leaning on the wall because of how drained she is. I got up stood over while she sat on toilet, she looked up at me and said “thank you for making me a woman” All I could do was grab my fat slimy man meat and shove in her mouth to clean it off, she dropped her arms and relaxed herself with excitement and I just started pumping her throat and she just took it like it was everything she dreamed of, as I felt the vibrations of her moans on my meat head I let out a big ahhh, the muscle locking ahhh. I gave her everything I had left, feeling my big balls pump on her chin as all my soul spewed through my man meat and just plowed her throat. Her lips tightened up and just swallowed as I spewed out. It’s every bit of 5oz worth of cum and she took it like a professional. Now we meet up daily.

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