Zeenu’s Journey from Housewife to Sluthood- Part 1

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Hi my name is Zeenat and this is my first time writing a sex story. This story starts with a normal husband wife relation leading to incestuous sex over next few parts. I was homeā€¦


Hi my name is Zeenat and this is my first time writing a sex story. This story starts with a normal husband wife relation leading to incestuous sex over next few parts.

I was home all alone and it was almost 9.30 pm awaiting my husband to arrive feeling hungry. Since we didn’t have kids my days would pass watching Tv and spending time in housework mostly. Getting a little worried i called him up and he responded he will be home soon, so i started heating the food and arranging the dining table. Soon he was home and i greeted him asking about his day with a hug when he gently pressed my ass slipping hand through the side slit of kurti on leggings making me blush. I went inside kitchen blushing shaking my ass a little extra, feeling proud of me 34-27-35 figure (age 25 ) and knowing he is going to send his rocket in my pussy tonight after full one half weeks.Just the thought of it was making me moist inside panty as we spoke eating our dinner talking about boring stuff i did all day.

Soon we made it to bedroom, i dressed up in a good short satin nighty with pink lace set underneath and pink robe. Applying generous amount of lipstick on and spraying vaginal spray in my chut under panty, after checking if it all good i made it out and saw him on bed in his shorts eyeing me up harder. As i got closer he hugged me hard pulling me in his lap squeezing my gaand firmly, ” Zeenu aaj bohot sexy lag rahi hoon, dil toh kar raha tha dinner pehle hi tujhe kha jau. ” I could resist blushing and squirming as rubbed my gaand opening robe stripping it and kissing my neck pulling me in his lap , ” ohh jaan i was hot too kitne dino baad aapka mood hua, yess.” Soon his lips were gently licking and sucking on my neckline as his hands went under short nighty groping my gaand rubbing a finger in gaand crack over bikini thongs. I was lost moaning softly feeling his Lund go harder under my thigh and gently applied pressure on it, soon he lowered my nighty’s sphagetti straps and cupping my boobs in hand. I squirmed in his lap feeling hot as he massaged harder on bra , ” oh yes jaan yes more “. Soon her laid me down in bed and quickly unhooked my bra off and start sucking my nipples pushing a hand on my chut, rubbing on chut harder making me moist , ” ohhh amjad yes aise , ohh yess fuck yess.” His tongue rolled on my nipples sexily rubbing other nipple harder and i was was starting to feel his hard lund in shorts rubbing near chut on panty. Resisting moans was getting really harder as he continued to work on my nipples and hardon in shorts on my chut, ” oh amjad yess pleasee ohhhh ” .

He gently sucked my nipples looking up watching me moan and shake in bed, ” neeche jau zeenu, chut bohot geeli kar rakhi hain tumne. ” I couldn’t resist a soft moan hearing it and he swiftly moved lower licking my chut over panties soaking in my juices, soon he was licking it harder stretching me wide, ” ohh amjad yess fuck aise hi mmmm ” moaning harder i pulled his head hard on my chut keeping him there licking me. He rolled panty off and pushed two fingers in chut stretching me, finger fucking my chut harder and his tongue sucked on clit firmly sending me in a different world. I couldn’t resist shaking and moaning in bed. ” ohh amjad yesss bhot aacha lag raha hain, aise hi kijiye please yess.” My hand firmly on his head pushing him inside my chut tightly as that feeling of orgasms was getting close, this was after a long time i was going to experience a real hot orgasm. He started rubbing my clit softly and pushed tongue in my chut stroking it like Lund, ” ohh amjad yesss aise hiii aise hi baby aur kijiye.” My hand pulling him tight loving his tongue in my chut moving my gaand dripping natural juices which he was slurping expertly. My head started spinning as i was so close making me hold his head tighter in chut but he moved and quickly dropped his shorts and underwear letting his Lund free. Smiling at my moaning face and rubbing his cock hard on he came up kissing me , ” Zeeenu abhi daal raha hu, i missed this so much jaaan “. Soon his whole Lund was inside me in one stroke and fucking my chut ko harder inside out. We were kissing hard and his lund was stroking inside my chut tightly. I was so ready to orgasm but then i felt warm liquid gush inside my chut and looked up squirming under him. He looked at me smiling kissing my lips softly, ” Wow zeenu maaza aaya na meri jaan ko.” Getting off me laying in bed he smiled , ” Jaan i need to go work jaldi kal, tum bhi tumhaara chut washup karke so jaoo.” I smiled fake and just nodded feeling so disappointed as i was so close to a hot orgasm but he had failed me again.

To be continued….

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