Wendy the cheating cougar housewife

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My husband and I have been married for 30 years and quite frankly, our sex life has become stale, boring, almost non existent


Wendy the cheating cougar housewife

Let me begin my story by telling you a little about myself. I am a white married woman in my early 50’s, fit and athletic, about 5’6 135 with still firm 36c breasts, medium length auburn hair, and green eyes. I am a former college guidance counselor, a tennis player and avid jogger, a lady in the streets and a vixen between the sheets. My husband and I have been married for 30 years and quite frankly, our sex life has become stale, boring, almost non existent. We fuck maybe twice a month and quite frankly, he really just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Through the years of being a guidance counselor at the local university, I have developed quite a fondness for younger men and have spent quite a few afternoons in my office with soaking wet panties after having a young freshman stud in for an hour of tutorial. I always refrained from acting on my desires due to the possibility of losing my job, but let me tell you, the years and years of temptation sitting in front of me day after day certainly has taken its toll on me and has led me down the path that I am about to describe to you.

One afternoon a few years back, I was lounging out in the back yard by our pool getting some sun, wearing a bikini and a sun hat and some shades and just enjoying the day. My husband was out golfing with his buddies, he is an avid golfer and spends more time golfing than he does with me. Anyway, I was sipping some iced tea and reading a book when I heard some laughing and yelling going on next door. By the sound of the voices I heard I could tell it was my neighbors son and probably some of his friends horsing around in the back yard . I knew that his mom and dad were out of town so he was probably having a party or something. His name is Andy and he was a freshman at the university that I had just retired from a few years back. Thinking about him made my mouth water, he was a perfect physical specimen, and boy would I have loved to give him some counseling. As I was laying there thinking about him, I reached down to touch my pussy and it was certainly damp through the thin material of my bathing suit. The next thing I know, a football comes flying across the fence and lands in the swimming pool. It startled me and then Andy’s head pops up over the fence and sees me on my lounge chair.

“Oh sorry Mrs. Martin, didn’t mean to scare you we were just playing some ball over here and it got away from us!”

I smiled at him and got up to fish the ball out of the pool. I grabbed it and went toward the fence to give the ball back. Andy was every bit of 6’2” with shaggy brown hair and deep brown eyes. His body looked like it was chiseled out of granite, and I’m not sure what came over me but as I handed the ball back to him I said,

“You boys look all hot and sweaty, feel free to come on over and take a dip in the pool and cool off!”

“No no Mrs. Martin, we wouldn’t want to interrupt you, it looks like you’re having a nice quiet afternoon!”

“Andy don’t be silly, I’m actually kind of bored and could use some company. I’ll get you boys some tea or soda and some snacks and you can have some fun in our pool!”

I gave him a kind of wicked smile and peered over the top of my shades. He looked a little uncomfortable but glanced back over his shoulder and said to his buddies,

“Hey guys want to go swimming?”

I got my first look at the rest of them and it was another young white boy with short blonde hair and a stocky build and a taller black boy with a build a hard as a rock like Andy. They peered at me and with smiles on their faces said,


They came around to the other side of the fence and joined me on the patio. I told them to make themselves at home, have a dip, and I would get them some drinks. None were wearing swim trunks but they all had gym shorts on and asked if they could just jump in wearing them and I said sure no problem.

When I returned from the kitchen with tea and some snacks they were in the pool splashing around and rough housing a bit with each other, their muscular bodies glistening in the sun. I sat at the table eyeing them up and down like a hungry cougar, which is exactly what I was. I could feel my pussy throbbing, I really needed to cool off so I jumped in the pool with them. This caused them to calm their rough housing a bit and as I dunked my head under to cool off I couldn’t help but peek at their young bulges in the thin material of their shorts. I came up for air and there was a definite energy or tension in the air. We splashed around in the pool for a while and I did whatever I could to make “friendly” contact as they or I would swim by one another. After a while I swam over to the steps and exited the pool, and could definitely feel 3 sets of eyes staring at my ass as I strutted up the steps to grab a towel. I turned around and saw them all avert their eyes quickly and I just laughed. This was turning out to be fun! After a little while longer they all got out of the pool dripping wet, their shorts clinging to their bulges and sat down for a snack. We made some small talk, Andy asked me where Mr. Martin was and I told him I didn’t expect him home for quite some time. About that time, Josh, the shorter stockier boy got a text on his phone and after looking at it said,

“Hey guys I’ve got to go. Samantha wants me to take her to the mall to go shopping.”

The other two razzed him a bit for being pussy whipped, to which he meekly admitted, then they apologized to me for being vulgar.

“The power of the pussy right boys” I purred to them and smiled. Josh suddenly looked like he wasn’t so sure he wanted to go, but reluctantly gathered his things and headed out.

After he left Andy said,

“Well thanks Mrs. Martin for letting us come swim in your pool, we should probably be going so you can enjoy the rest of the day in peace and quiet.”

“Nonsense” I said, “ The party is just getting started!”

I jumped back in the pool and they couldn’t help themselves and followed me in. I started getting a little bolder. I waded to the shallow end of the pool and grabbed the sun block and started applying it over my arms, shoulders and soft breasts as they looked on.

“Andy, would you mind putting some of this on my back please?”

One of the oldest tricks in the book right, but as he started to rub my back with lotion with his strong hands, I nearly melted. I took the tube of lotion and said,

“Here, let me do you now”, and as I was rubbing him down with lotion I told him I remembered when they moved in about 5 years ago, I could tell he was going to grow up to be a hottie.

“I bet you have to beat the girls off with a stick, don’t you?” He laughed nervously and I continued,

“Your friend is a cutie too! Damien, come here and let me put some lotion on you too!”

“No, Mrs. Martin I’m good”, he said, and I said,

“Just because you have dark skin doesn’t mean you can’t get sun burn.”

He didn’t make a move so I waded over towards him and slathered some lotion over his back and turned him around and caressed his gorgeous pecs and abs with SPF30. I was in the moment and don’t know what came over me but I reached under the water and started rubbing his crotch. He kind of jumped a bit, but I just purred to him,

“Calm down Damien it’s OK. Don’t you know how sexy you are?”

He tried to stutter a response, but just kind of nodded and I glanced over at Andy and he had a total wtf look on his face. This was an opportunity for me to make some of my fantasies come true so I grabbed Damien by the hand and started wading out of the pool. I said,

“Come on boys, why don’t we go sit in the gazebo for a while”.

I grabbed Andy’s hand with my free hand as I walked past him and we exited the pool together. I guided them over to the gazebo and I sat down, sitting them down on either side of me, kicking my legs across Damien’s legs and leaning my head back against Andy’s chest.

“Do you boys think this old lady is attractive?” I pouted, and they were just like oh yes yes you are definitely a smokin’ hot cougar milf and so on. I asked them if they had ever been with a girl or a woman before. Of course they said yes, and I asked them if they had ever been with a woman old enough to be their mom and they said no. I said,

“Boys it’s been so long……” and I trailed off by turning my head to Andy and kissed him long and deep. I felt my wetness between my legs instantly, Andy was all over me groping my breasts and Damien started rubbing my legs up and down, with each up stroke going up my inner thigh closer to my throbbing pussy. I shuddered and continued kissing Andy as I parted my legs for Damien to reach further, and it wasn’t long before he was rubbing my slit and my clit through my swim suit and then he pulled it to the side and inserted a finger into my soaking wetness, then two fingers. I let out a deep moan, and reached down my self to Andy’s obnoxiously huge bulge in his wet shorts, rubbing what may have been the biggest cock I had ever seen. I pulled down the front of his shorts and it sprang out and almost slapped me in the face. I couldn’t help but let out a

“Wow!” and instantly had to have it in my mouth. I went down on him wantonly, slobbering over this cock that was well over 8 inches long and big around as my wrist. I had turned around to get the best angle on his cock and now had my ass pointed straight at Damien. He fondled my firm ass and the pulled my swim suit straight off and started finger fucking me from behind. I was in ecstasy and couldn’t help but moan over Andy’s hard dick as Damien’s fingers were making sloshing wet sounds in and out of my hot wet cunt. I was working Andy’s cock real good and did not notice that Damien had shed his shorts but the next thing I know he sank his big black dick all the way in to my little married white pussy. I let out a loud moan that probably could have been heard down the block. I accepted all of him but protested,

“Damien I didn’t say you could do that!” He said,

“Mrs. Martin you know you want it don’t you!” and I just whimpered and whispered,


I had alway heard that black men just pretty much took what they wanted and made it theirs, and I could feel it happening to me. His big dick was pounding me and touching me in places I had never been touched and I became a quivering rag doll as a massive orgasm shuddered through my entire body, but the whole time I still kept slobbering and jerking Andy’s huge tool and he was growling through his teeth how bad he wanted to fuck me too. I wanted it too and obliged by pulling off Damien’s dick like a plunger and spun around and presented my swollen pussy to Andy. Spit roasted one way and now the other, I was face to face with Damien’s big black cock, which was probably an inch longer than Andy’s but not quite as fat. I gobbled it down, tasting my creamy cum on his shaft, and felt Andy split me wide open as he went deep. I screamed again and Andy started slowly but then picked his pace up to a fury, beating my little pussy up until I came again. As excited as he was he did not last much longer and suddenly he erupted, and I could feel his cock pulsing stream after stream of young semen deep inside me. I was jerking Damien’s big dick furiously and he couldn’t last much longer either, and yelled,

“Mrs. Martin!” as he let loose his load over my face and tits and I gobbled up as much as I could while the rest just dripped down my body.

I was spent, exhausted, and for the first time in years. Satisfied. I just laid back on the gazebo bench with a stupid grin on my face as my eyes fluttered closed. A minute later and I heard the garage door open, my husband was home.

“Oh shit!” Andy stuttered, pulling up his shorts, and they both had nervous looks on their face. I just kind of laughed, even with the thought of being caught I was just enjoying the moment and said,

“Thanks for the fun boys, let’s do it again sometime!” They stammered a yeah sure, as they scampered across the yard and hopped the fence back to Andy’s house.

I finally gathered myself up and hopped back in the pool to rinse myself off. I could see the swirling globs of Damien’s and Andy’s seed floating in the pool and just kind of giggled to myself. I had been faithful to my husband for 30 years until now, and boy had I been missing out. I now had a new mission, a new hobby, and I was not going to miss out any longer.

Until next time……..

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