My wife Hates my short dick

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my black wife hates my short 5inch dick I Kew it wud only be a matter of time be four she cheats on me with a big divk guy the only thing is with who tho? Because I’mm know anyways when she do cheat on me because I have a little short dick , and sure enough my wife cheated on me ,

My wife did not think I Kew she had fuck somebody else but I did know because when she came home this afternoon when I got off work we had sex this early morning and my wife pussy was dry and tight because I have a little dick , I’m not big enough To pop her pussy nor make my wife cum off my 5inch dick,so now when my wife came home and we r about to have sex She is layin on the bed flat face down booty up I put both my hands on her buttcheeks and opened her butt cheeks up and OMG…. What I saw when I looked at my wifes pussy and booty hoe¬† …… wife bootyhoe was open very wet Gape and very loose and so was my wife Pussy a whole gape, and I Kew my short 5ninch dick can’t do all of this to my wife so I’m falling inside her loose booty hoe from the back and I got stuck from the back

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