Mom’s annoying house owner

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This is the story of my mom and our house owner fucking and having fun during lockdown.


Hi this is shwetha am 21 years old and am from kerala.My dad is working in punjab national civil association.My mom is velamma she is a housewife and she is 41 years old.Am doing BDS in banglore.we live in rent house in kerala a remote place near kuttamani.I am bit modern girl have lot of boy friends and have fucked with them many times.I dnt have a perfect body but my boobs are 32c perfect ones and slim body not much fair.But am always jealous of my mommy.She is absoulte beauty her figures will make men as her slaves.Her figures are 36-33-46 and her melons are so bigger 36 g sized firm and round.She is so fair and have pink lips and long black haired.She looks traditional and she is typical south indian women always prefer saree kerala style.She maintains her physique by doing yoga.Dad is lucky to have mom as his wife i have seen him fucking her through the door lock hole.

As covid lockdown is implemented during 2020 mom is struck there and i was struck in banglore.Mom is always horny.I have seen her screaming and moaning for sex.But dad rarely comes home.Nowadays mom is so horny.My house owner is vijayan.He is 58 years old man.His wife also struck with lockdown in delhi and he is also alone.He is very annoying and complaining mom about things.But he is a horny man.As his wife never allows him for sex he flirts with girls and women near my home and too me and mom.He is sex hungry but all during when his wife is not at home.There was water scarity during that time at my house and there was a small well and pool in our house and mom used to wash clothes there and bath in bathroom nearby.

Mom usually baths at morning at time everyone will be busy and none notices but one day she took bath at noon and Vijayan peeped through the window mom was wearing a skirt covering her boobs and half thighs and he had a clear view of her hot body.He had a hard on and he stroked his cock and moms cleavage was nicely visible to him.She was washing clothes and her milkythighs are also visble to him.He took out his huge cock and stroked in fantasising her.then she went into bathroom and he cant see her beauty and he relased his cum out and he went inside.he jerked few times in view of moms hot body and he plottd a plan to fuck this hot maal.He slowly started to talk with her daily and he could enjoy the view of her boobs and flirted with her when he sees her out.Mom had a attention towards him and one day he asked mom about sex life and she shouted at him and told u and me have family so dnt ask this kinda.He tried still asking her and she told she is horny always and vijayan told her vela you are hot maal if ur my wife i wil fuck you whole smiled at him and it hints that she is too horny and he asked her why we can fuck together like frinds with beneifits and mom thought for a while and she agreed to the deal only if it is between us both.He was very happy to hear it and he asked her to comr to his house and mom went with him.

Both went inside and nwo he asked her to come to his bedroom and she went in and now he came near her and started to hug her in lust and she too huged him so tightly.He started to smooch her so fastly and started to removed her pallu.He was amazed to see her huge melons.He was shocked wow vela u have some huge tits.Now he removed her jacket and now her huge boobs was locked inside her black bra.He removed the bra and her huge tits came in front of him.Her nipples are erect and the areola is so dark and round.He started to suck her melons and she closed her eyes in pleasure.

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