Just Hold Me

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One of the texts asked, ‘Did you jack off knowing that your wife is being so well fucked?’


Just hold me

Although I didn’t want to go, here I was attending a week-long seminar in Atlanta that my boss, James Johnson, demanded I attend. I had worked for James for almost five years, and I had been happily married for almost the same length of time. I loved my wife, my job, and my town. Life was good.

In fact, my sex life was better than good. My wife, Anna, had never, in the six years I have known her, refused me sex. We’ve had the most active sex life that I could imagine. Certainly better than most couples, if the conversations between other men, overheard at work, in restaurants, or in bars about how their ‘old lady’ rarely ‘put out’, were to be believed.

Every night, Anna was up for it, and not just a quickie either. She liked to dress up in sexy, slutty clothing and pretend to be anything that she thought I would want. From a slut or whore, to an innocent little virgin and more. Role-playing was almost a nightly occurrence.

Sometimes we would stage our role-plays outside the safety of our home. On many occasions, I have ‘picked her up’ in bars. We’ve also role-played at restaurants, and even on street corners. In case you’re thinking that I was responsible for initiating these games, you would be wrong. Most of the time it was Anna who chose the role-playing scenario. Her favorites were forced sex, bondage, and being a submissive little slut.

The trouble started when she raised the idea about sharing her with another man. The wife sharing role-plays were a huge turn-on for me. I don’t know why, but they were. The sad thing was, once they were over, I felt shame and guilt and knew that they must remain strictly a fantasy. When each role-play finished, I would make certain she knew that it had been very exciting to imagine, but never to ask me to make it real. She seemed to agree.

The conversations about ‘other men’ continued to develop over a few months. Anna even role-played cheating on me. When I came home, she would relate details of her latest fabricated encounter. It made me indescribably hot, and we would ravish each other passionately. Each time, however, I made her understand that, although I loved the role-play, I could never actually do it.

It was while I was on this forced business trip, that I received a a text message from an unknown number which said, ‘Your fantasy will happen this week.’

I texted back, ‘LOL I think you have the wrong number.’

‘No, I don’t have the wrong number. Check your email, Roy,’ was the reply.

I checked my email account using my laptop. Sure enough I’d received an email from a unique address [email protected]

The email message read, ‘Notice the number 222? That’s your street house number, isn’t it?  That’s where I am going to fuck your wife. I plan to be fucking her by Wednesday. You won’t be home till Friday night, so she will be really satisfied by the time you get back.

Don’t worry, I will give you updates through the week. I may even send some photos for you to enjoy.’

The message in the email shocked me, so I called Anna to ask what was going on.

“Nothing is going on. I just got home from work to an empty house. What about you, found a girlfriend in Atlanta yet?”

“No, my girlfriend is at home, and don’t you ever forget it. Between her and my wife, I have no desire for anyone else.”

She laughed, and then worried me by saying, “Baby, how would you feel if I surprised the hell out of you when you get home?”

Momentarily speechless, I finally asked, “Just how do you plan to do that?”

“You always wanted to find out what sloppy seconds felt like, didn’t you?” She asked.

My eyes widened, and I managed to choke out, “Honey, that was just role-play. I hope that you aren’t going to really do that, are you?”

Her voice became husky, “Why not? I bet you’re as hard as a rock just talking about it.” She paused, then added, “Aren’t you?”

I had to touch myself to find out, since it didn’t feel like my cock was attached to me anymore. When I found it was like steel, I couldn’t hide the surprise in my voice, “Yes”.

She laughed, “So, what do you say?”

“Honey, I really don’t want you to go further than just the role-play and teasing on this one. I could never share you. You are mine. I’ve been terrified, since reading the email, that you’re about to ruin our marriage.”

“What email?” She asked.

I explained, “I got a text message, from an unknown number, that said my fantasy was about to come true, and to check my email account. I found an email, I thought from you, pretending to be a guy planning to fuck you.”

“No, I didn’t send any email to you, but I like the idea. Maybe I should start,” she teased.

We talked for a while longer. I promised to let her know if I got any more text messages or emails.

Not one minute after I hung up, I got another text. The message was ‘I hear you are having second thoughts but, don’t worry, she may still want you after I am done with her.’

I immediately went from concerned, confused and horny to feeling outright pissed. Either Anna was fucking with me, and lied about the messages, or she had lied by omission about being alone. If Anna was with a guy, then she had either lied by omission about their intentions, or she was unaware that he was trying to seduce her.

I sat there getting more and more angry.

Finally, I went into the conference, but I paid no attention to what was happening.

That night, after I got back to my room, I was in a daze. Fearing what might be happening at home, I was about to make the nightly call to my wife, when I got a text from the unknown number. The message read, ‘Your wife will be busy tonight, we are going out. Wish me luck.’ He included a photo of my wife in a sexy red dress with the text.

I called my home number as planned, but there was no answer after almost a dozen rings. It seemed that she wasn’t at home, so I called her cell which went straight to voicemail. I didn’t leave a message.

Almost two hours later, I got another text message. It read, ‘second base’ with an attached photo of my wife’s dress pulled down to expose her breasts. She was sitting in a stranger’s car, judging by the interior, with a baseball field as a backdrop. Her nipples were hard, and there seemed to be a small hickey on her left breast. I could see the wedding ring on her left hand. I was furious.

I kept staring at the dark spot on her breast, knowing that someone else was enjoying her charms. It felt like my heart was being torn from my chest. Then I got another text. This time it was a photo of my wife holding her dress above her hips, legs opened, and pussy obviously dripping wet. The text read, ‘Third base. I didn’t expect third till tomorrow.’

I felt nauseous but was unable to throw up.

It was time for action. I opened my laptop and started searching airlines, looking for a flight home. The earliest flight wouldn’t leave until 4 am.

I contacted two male colleagues, who were also attending the conference, and they agreed to cover for me. I went to the hotel for a power nap, setting the alarm for 3 am, but was disturbed by another text message. It said, ‘I am going to fuck her tonight. She already told me she was more than willing. I am going to bet you that you jack off thinking about what I am doing to your woman. Don’t worry I will take good care of her.’

My heart was breaking. I started to cry in helpless frustration, my tears wetting the pillow. I turned the phone to ‘Do not disturb’, so it wouldn’t wake me until I had to get up at 3am.

After a restless sleep, my alarm woke me. I was dressed and ready to go in moments, having already showered and packed before my nap. While in the cab to the airport, I looked at my phone for the first time since waking. There were numerous text messages from ‘him’. Most of the messages contained photos of my naked wife in various positions, with her legs spread for him. Her pussy was gaping and red, obviously well used. Some showed cum on her ass, tits and her stomach.

One of the texts asked, ‘Did you jack off knowing that your wife is being so well fucked?’

Replying to this message, I texted, ‘Well ‘jack-off’, let’s just say that, when I find you, it will be you who is ‘fucked’.’

The flight landed at 7 am. I ran to baggage claim to get my bags. From there I went to long-term parking to retrieve my Harley-Davidson Softail. I secured the saddle bags, jumped on the motorcycle and roared home as fast as legally possible.

Arriving at the top of the hill on my street, I pulled over and cut the engine. I could see a familiar car in my driveway, but it didn’t belong there when I was away from home. I activated the camera function on my phone, pushed the Harley forward, coasted to the driveway, turned in, and stopped. With the camera, I took several shots of the car, including the license plates.

Setting the camera to record, I pressed the start button on the bike. I revved the Harley’s engine twice, as I did every time that I started it. The exhaust roared loudly, which made it clear that I was home. The camera was focused on my bedroom window. The curtains were flung open, revealing my naked wife standing at the window, with a look of astonishment on her face. Behind her was my boss, James Johnson, with an expression on his face that was a mixture of arrogance and superiority.

This time I didn’t have any trouble throwing up. I heaved several times then looked up, just in time to see my wife run from the room. I put the camera in my pocket, pulled in the clutch, put the Softail in gear, let out the clutch, and started up the street.

I heard my wife scream from the front doorstep, “No, wait. Let me explain. Stop.”

Not even glancing back, I roared away. Briefly, I wondered if she bothered to put on a robe, or if she was giving the whole block a show. Anna was smoking hot, so I am sure the neighbors would have enjoyed it.

I went to the cheapest no-tell motel I could find and checked in for cash. Then I walked to a liquor store, bought a bottle of Jim Beam, took it to my room, and proceeded to get drunk. To tell you the truth, I wanted to drink myself to death. Unfortunately, I failed.

When I woke, or regained consciousness if you like, I turned on my phone and called a friend of mine. I told him that I needed a good divorce lawyer and, knowing that he had just gone through a horribly painful divorce, I thought of him.

He gave me his ex-wife’s lawyer’s number instead of his. “You want a good one, don’t you?” He asked.

I had to laugh. It was good to know that he hadn’t lost his sense of humor.

I was able to make an appointment for the next day, then I drove to an office supplies store. I bought a printer, some good quality photo paper, and a few other things I would need. Then I went back to my seedy motel room and began documenting a case against my wife and my boss. I had them cold, but still needed to fit everything together. I printed copies of the emails and text messages I had received.

There was a recorder on my phone, so I could transcribe the conversations, or my wife’s lies, from our calls.

After building my case as best I could, I got drunk again.

I woke in plenty of time to clean up, then go to my new lawyer’s office. I went to the bank first and withdrew half the money from our joint savings account. We had our own checking accounts, so that money was protected.

 I arrived early for the appointment. When I was finally shown in to her office, I noticed that, although she had been highly recommended, she didn’t look all that imposing.

I handed over my attempted documentation of the case, which she accepted with approval. She asked me a few questions which I answered accurately as possible.

Then she came to one of the photos that I had taken at the house.

“Is this the man?” She quickly asked.

“Yes, that’s him.”

She slammed the file closed and jumped away from it. She gave me a look that I couldn’t read, not that I could read people very well, and said, “I will be back in a moment. Don’t leave.”

It took her almost half an hour before she walked in and handed me an address and phone number. She returned my file and told me, “I must advise you to choose a different lawyer, I cannot take your case. Go out the door, turn right to the steps, go down the steps, and turn left. Talk to the man waiting for you at the other end of the hall…. I NEVER SPOKE WITH YOU. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

“Ok,” I said, a little confused, but getting up and following her directions.

Before I reached the end of the hall, I noticed a short, balding man looking at me with eager anticipation. He invited me into an office and asked for the folder. As he looked through the file, he asked me a few questions, which I did my best to answer. He took his time reading and sorting through the documents and photographs in the file.

Finally, I asked, “How much is it going to cost to get my divorce?”

He smiled and said, “I will handle your divorce pro bono. He pulled a standard form from a desk drawer. He quickly wrote on it, then slid it across the desk to me. “Like I said, the divorce I can do pro bono but, from the lawsuit, I am going to keep forty-five percent. Plus expenses. Sign here.”

I asked. “Lawsuit?”

“Yea,” he said with a grin. “Yea, we got the bastard. Tell me, are you ready for retirement?”

When I left the lawyers’ offices, I thought to myself, ‘What do I do now? I need a new job, and somewhere to live.’

The next morning, I rang Anna’s workplace and asked to speak to her. The receptionist transferred my call to her desk. The instant that I heard Anna’s voice, I disconnected. Knowing that she was at work, I casually rode my Harley to the house I used to live in. I went inside and packed my clothes, but there was not much more that I wanted. I hitched my trailer to my pickup and loaded on the Harley. Finally, I dragged what used to be our marital bed: mattress, frame, and bedding out to the driveway. Then I poured on some gasoline, stood well back, and threw a lit match at the pile. The fire took off, instantly.

I got in my pickup and left.

I went to Albuquerque, New Mexico looking for work. A few months before, I had done a favor for a firm that was located there. Based on the relationships that I’d established, I thought there was a good chance of picking up a job.

The job interview was nothing more than a formality. I filled out the necessary papers and HR told me to start Monday, giving me time to get myself settled in.

After the interview, I went looking for somewhere to live. I found a one-bedroom apartment, in what seemed a decent area, then I found a good storage unit for my Harley.

I bought a bed and a sofa after seeing a furniture store’s advertisement in the Albuquerque Journal, then went grocery shopping and tried to settle into my new life.

Settling down was harder than I expected. I missed my wife and soul mate terribly so, instead, I started grieving my loss.

I had been in New Mexico for almost six weeks before I checked my email account. I guess I was trying to ignore my obligations, and I didn’t want to face the fact that I’d lost my wife to another man. There were numerous emails from my lawyer.

I opened the last one first, and it simply said, “Call me. Very important.”

So, I used my new cell phone to make the call.

“Blake and Cox, law offices,” a friendly woman answered.

“Yes, my name is Roy Belton. I got an email requesting that I call Mr. Blake.”

“I’ll put you right through, Mr. Belton. He is expecting your call.”

Moments later, the lawyer came on the line. “Roy, I was afraid I had lost you. Where are you?”

“I moved to Albuquerque, got a new job, and just settled into an apartment. Do you need my address?”

“Yes, I do. Give it to my secretary when we are done here. Look, Mr. Belton, your wife wants to meet with you. In fact, she is outright demanding it. When can you make it?”

“Mr. Blake, I live in Albuquerque now. It would be a great hardship to drive all the way to you. Can’t you take care of it? Just tell her that she’s already made her choice.”

“Well, I understand you just started a new job, and can’t take personal leave yet. So, tell you what…when are you off next?”

“I work Monday through Friday.”

“What time do you get off work?”

“Usually about five.”

“Ok, tell you what we will do. I will contact your wife’s attorney, and we’ll set up a day, time and place to meet with you.”

I interrupted. “I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I just can’t leave right now.”

“You won’t have to leave Albuquerque. We will set up an appointment there, Mr. Belton. It won’t be a problem for me, or them, to travel to you for the meeting.”

“Uh … this isn’t an expense that you’re going to bill me for is it.”

“No, your ex-boss, Mr. Johnson, will be paying for this expense.”

My stomach clenched thinking about that son-of-a-bitch. “Why would he pay for this? I don’t want to have to sit through a meeting with that son-of-a-bitch gloating over making me a cuckold, while my wife belittles my manhood. Mr. Blake, I really don’t need that sort of grief. I really don’t want to have this meeting.”

“Mr. Belton, I want to assure you that you are on top of this situation. Trust me when I say that Mr. Johnson will be the person being humiliated here. Not you.”

I certainly wasn’t convinced. “He fucked my wife, in my bed, behind my back, then gloated when I caught him. How can I be on top of that?”

“You’ll find out soon enough. Now that I have your number, I’ll call you and let you know when we will be there,” Mr. Blake told me firmly.

Two days later, a large amount of mail was delivered to my apartment. All from my attorney. I had no idea that there was so much paperwork involved in a divorce. Personally, I thought that obtaining a divorce was just a waiting game. I tossed the letters into a corner of my office. Actually, I had set up my office in the bedroom, whereas, I slept in the living room, since I never had visitors.

True to his word, Mr. Blake called to inform me that the meeting would be at the Four Seasons banquet room at six o’clock on Saturday evening. A meal would be provided, if I wanted it, so I wouldn’t need to prepare dinner. However, I really needed to prepare myself for the confrontation. Every time I thought about this meeting, I would also think about Johnson’s superior sneer, as he arrogantly looked at me through ‘MY!!!’ bedroom window.

Finally, one of the longest weeks of my life came to an end. I set the alarm for 4pm and chilled in my apartment, waiting for the evening’s event.

When the alarm sounded, I freshened up, then headed to the Four Seasons. I entered the banquet room, seeing my wife for the first time in months. Across the room I saw my ex-boss, James Johnson. Also present were many well-dressed people, in designer dresses and suits, milling around.

The moment I walked through the door, two big, and I mean linebacker big, suits approached me, as I stared at Johnson with murder on my mind. I was ready to charge him and kick the smile off his face, hopefully killing him in the process.

The linebacker-types asked if I was Roy Belton, and when I replied without looking at them, “Yes, I am,” instantly they moved into position on either side of me.

Finally taking my eyes off my ex-boss I asked, “What are you doing?”

“We’ve been hired to make sure you don’t do something that could get you into trouble,” one of the linebackers replied.

About this time, Anna saw me. I noticed she wanted to rush right over, but she was stopped by the lady lawyer I’d first met at Blake and Cox. I figured that she was representing Anna.

Anna was arguing with her lawyer, who was preventing her from approaching me. I didn’t understand why Anna was so desperate to talk, but I knew that I didn’t want anything to do with her, after she had fucked another man in ‘OUR!!!’  bed. That was pretty much unforgivable but, looking at her, I realized I was still in love.

I was directed to a seat and got settled. My lawyer sat on one side of me, with one of the linebackers on the other side. I asked, “Ok, what is going on now?”

“These men are here to keep you out of jail. I know that, right about now, you probably want to kill that son-of-a-bitch. So, I hired these two men to keep you out of prison…. Now, if you notice, Johnson isn’t smiling at all.”

It was only then that I became aware of Johnson’s facial expression. He wasn’t gloating at all.

I could see that my wife still wanted to approach me, and was glad no one would let her.

My lawyer finally got up and approached a podium at the front of the room. “Mrs. Paterson. You wanted this meeting. We’re here. Would you like to start?”

Anna’s lawyer approached the podium and began to speak. “I am Mrs. Sara Paterson, I am representing your wife Anna Belton. Thank you for coming, Mr. Belton. First, I would like to say this has been a nightmare to put together. The situation was quite complex, and I did all I could do, as quickly as possible. I am sorry for all the delays, but at least everything has been resolved.” She took a breath.

“Mrs. Day? Would you like to start?”

Another woman stood, approached the podium, then turned to me. “Mr. Belton, I am Mrs. Barbra Day, I am representing your ex-employer James Johnson. I apologize for the misery that my client has caused you. My client, as part of his agreement between your and your wife’s attorneys, has agreed to fully confess his role in the adultery committed with your wife. He has also agreed to pay all legal fees and expenses. He will pay, both you and Mrs. Belton, a sum of four million dollars each. Your lawyer has the certified check for you to cash at your convenience.”

“Mr. Belton, if I may advise you, based on my personal experience, to please keep an open mind while Mr. Johnson speaks. You will learn that this whole, sad episode was not entirely your wife’s fault.” She then looked at Johnson and nodded.

He nervously took the podium, then looked directly at me and spoke. “Roy, as part of my agreement with your attorneys and your wife, I have agreed to make this statement. I have also agreed to answer any questions you might have. However, if my attorneys tell me not to answer, then I won’t be able to answer a particular question.”

He looked at me as if he expected me to say something. All I wanted to do was to rush the son-of-a-bitch and kick his ass, or as much of him as I could, before the linebackers caught me. knowing that I wouldn’t stand a chance, I just stared at him.

Johnson cleared his throat. “This is the third time I have done this to a married couple. The husband of the first couple still works for me. My actions destroyed the relationship of the second couple, they left my employ, and are presently divorced.”

“You were actually the third couple I have hired and, well, used for my personal entertainment.” He looked down, and I could see he didn’t like doing this. He continued. “After I hired you, I paid you more than you deserved. I then proceeded with my plan to impoverish you. I encouraged you to take on debt; to buy new cars, a new motorcycle, a bigger home in a better location. All using my company’s finance. It was a debt that you could service at your present salary, but it would ruin you if I, or someone else, reduced your pay or if you lost your job.”

Johnson started to become very nervous. “I justified my actions by rationalizing that only a moron would acquire so much debt, without considering the consequences, but that was just horseshit. I put you in an impossible financial position, then I went to your wife and told her I was making a list of employees to be made redundant.”

I could see him turning a deep red, with shame and embarrassment, far removed from his normal look of superiority.

“I told your wife that there was only one way to keep you off that list.”

“Mr. Belton, it took her almost six weeks before she would agree to this. I was afraid I was going to have to lay you off after Atlanta.” He paused a long time before he continued.

“Mr. Belton, while you were in Atlanta, I took advantage of your wife. I told her that your employment would be terminated, without even severance pay, if she didn’t learn to take care of me. I forced her, using threats of financial ruin, to let me humiliate you. I didn’t expect you to leave the seminar so soon. I had hired two women to keep you occupied and, also, feeling guilty. I understand that they failed their task. Your wife should be proud of your loyalty, as I have never heard of a man staying faithful, under the pressure you were under.”

Finally, he looked at his attorney and she nodded. “Roy, this wasn’t your wife’s fault. This was entirely my fault. Please consider taking her back. She was only trying to protect your family and its financial stability.” He looked back at his lawyer. “I will answer any questions you have for me.”

I was in a state of disbelief at the sheer audacity of this asshole’s plan.

At first, I didn’t want to ask anything, but then I wanted to know, “When did you start fucking my wife?”

His answer was quick. “Not before you went to Atlanta.”

“How long has it been since, or do you remember when, you approached her for the first time?”

“It took almost two months before I convinced her that she didn’t have a choice.”

Ok, I thought, that would be about the time she started to play the cuckold game while we were in bed. I looked at Anna, for the first time seeing her eyes pleading with me.

“Why in our bed?” I finally asked. Though I was still looking at Anna.


“In our bed?” I asked again.

James noticed I wasn’t asking him. He looked at Anna.

“In our bed!!” I was looking at my wife. She didn’t have an answer.

I felt my heart pull, my chest tighten. I stood up and walked out the door. Once outside, I quickly found a secluded corner, hoping for some privacy. I curled into a ball and tried to hold my emotions back. I dug my nails into my palms, trying to ride through the feelings of pain, hurt and betrayal. I contained most of my sobs, but some small moans escaped.

I was still wrestling with my emotions when I felt a hand on me, then arms embracing me.

‘Fuck. Just fucking great,’ I thought. Now I have a linebacker trying to comfort me.

As the arms tightened around me, I thought, “He smells much better than he did.”

Then I thought, “He feels much better than he did before, too.”

I didn’t want to open my eyes, squeezing them tight to control the tears, but I couldn’t contain the tremors. Then I felt the linebacker’s cheek against mine.

Shocked, I backed off and opened my eyes. It wasn’t the linebacker.

I was looking at my wife’s angelic face.

“Why, in our bed?”

Anna still couldn’t answer, and I figured that I’d lost the four million by walking out of the conference room, so did any of this really matter?

“I know I hurt you but, please, it wasn’t my idea.” Anna pleaded. I just stared at her. “He made me go out with him and give myself to him. He made me take photos for him. I know I betrayed your trust too. Please Roy! Please, I need you! If I told you before now, he would have fired you. We would have been sunk and lost everything.”

“We did lose everything.” I told her. “You are the reason I worked so hard. I had to work hard to pay for all the things that you wanted so much. When I left, I realized that I didn’t care about any of that stuff, only about you.”

Anna kissed me on the lips quickly and asked. “Can we go somewhere?”

I didn’t want to take her to my apartment. I knew what would happen there, judging by my rapidly enlarging cock. It was still early, so I said “Ok, come with me.”

I took her to an Albuquerque’s original ‘Mac’s Steak in the Rough’. It is little more than a drive-thru, but does have the most delicious meals, called ‘roughs’. I ordered one for each of us.

After we received our meals, and had found a seat, I offered her a box and I opened mine. I pulled a ‘rough’ out and took a bite, showing Anna how to eat it.

She must have been either hungry or intrigued because she dug in, finishing her first ‘rough’ before me.

I decided to start the dinner conversation with the most important question.

 “Why didn’t you come to me when Johnson started to pressure you, Anna?”

“He told me he would fire you and ruin your reputation if I did,” she pleaded. “I wanted to tell you. You have no idea how badly I wanted to come to you.” She looked at me, pleading. “I hated being with him. I hated him even touching me, but I needed to save our future.”

“Saved it by ruining it? Really Anna, what the hell were you thinking?”

“I was thinking I loved you, and I wanted us to be together always,” she answered.

“How does fucking around show your love for me, Anna? How does that keep us together? That’s why I told you I didn’t want to go any further than role play. I liked the role play but I… I… I died inside when I saw his car in our driveway.” I looked down. “It ripped out my heart, Anna.”

I didn’t want her at my place, so I took her back to the motel. Once there, she wouldn’t let me leave. She led me to a table in the lounge. I noticed that both her lawyer and mine were sitting at a nearby table. Apparently, they were also staying at the motel. There was no sign of James Johnson or any of his legal team.

A waitress took our drink orders; bourbon and coke for me, and red wine for Anna.

We sat together and started talking, discussing our situation and our feelings. One drink led to two, and two led to three. It started getting late. I couldn’t believe that I had spent almost five hours talking to my, should-have-been ex-wife.

I wanted to go home but knew I’d had too much to drink to safely drive to my apartment. Anna took my hand, brought it to her lips, and kissed my knuckles. I opened my palm and cupped her cheek. Then I brought her face to mine and did something that I thought I’d never do again. I kissed her. Her soft lips, her taste, her smell, everything working at the same time, reaffirmed what I’d realized over the last few months. I was still in love with her.

As we continued to kiss and hold each other, I stared into her eyes. Eyes that were usually deep and penetrating, so full of excitement and vitality that I felt as if I could live off them. However, today, her eyes reflected a deep sadness and regret. They were telling me that she hated everything that bastard had done to her, and us.

After a while I started to think of calling a cab, but she must have sensed that I was about to leave. She rose, took my hand and pulled me to my feet. Without a word she walked us to the elevator and, once inside, pressed the fourth-floor button. As we ascended, I brought her to me and started kissing her again. She returned my kisses with enthusiasm.

Reaching the fourth floor, we stepped off the elevator. She guided me to room 414, kissing as we walked. I held her, with her back against the door, in a passionate kiss, as she struggled to pull the key card out of her purse. When I heard the whirring as the door lock disengaged, I grabbed her ass and lifted her off the floor. She pushed down on the handle, and I carried her into the room, pinning her against a wall. As the door shut automatically, I began to grope her side with one hand and ass with the other, without breaking our kiss. Finally, I let her down, raised my hands to her blouse, and ripped it apart exposing a sheer black bra. She moaned her approval as I roughly pulled the remnants of the blouse over her head and tossed them aside. I reached behind her and snapped the double hooks of her bra with a twist of my fingers. Feeling it become loose, I forcefully tugged the bra from her shoulders, freeing her breasts. Then I picked her up again and threw her on the bed. She quickly removed her skirt and panties, at the same time, throwing them on the floor, then kicked off her shoes while watching me drop my slacks.

She tried to look worried and scared, but it didn’t work. I knew she was acting. She trusted me. I walked right through that trust, picking her up and rolling her onto her stomach. I raised her ass and positioned my already hard cock at her netherlips. Then I rammed it home hard. Some of the dramatic effect was spoiled because she was so wet, expecting to be penetrated. I fucked her, like I had never fucked anyone before, relentlessly pounding into her ass cheeks with my hips.

I heard her gasping and squealing, unsure whether it was pleasure or pain, but I really didn’t care as I drove into her mercilessly.

Anger was my dominant emotion. But what was I angry about? Of course, I wanted to kick Johnson’s ass from here to Timbuktu. Unfortunately, he wasn’t here, it was just me and my should-have-been ex-wife. So, I continued to plow into her cunt. At one time my cunt. Only my cunt. I exploded, ejecting two ropes of cum into her, before I fell to the floor on my back with three more ropes of cum spurting, a meter or so, onto the carpet.

Seeing me fall, Anna jumped off the bed, coming to my aid even before the cum had stopped squirting. In fact, some of it landed on her but she didn’t seem to mind a bit. “Are you ok Roy?” she said, worried that I might have hurt my-self.

I didn’t answer her. I laid there and panted, hurting a little from falling so hard, but I wasn’t going to let her know that. Of course, I was breathless from our fucking and from being winded when I landed on my back, but I was speechless too because I was so angry with her. I could not get the vision of seeing that prick Johnson, naked, standing behind my naked wife in OUR bedroom. DAMN HER!!!

As I breathed and stared up at the ceiling, tears began to roll down my cheeks. I wanted to hate this woman, who I was now holding again, but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. I tried to accept her lawyer’s statement, and Johnson’s statement, that “It wasn’t her fault”, but I couldn’t. It was her fault, because she hadn’t come to me, hadn’t told me that the bastard was trying to blackmail her.

I had always been on her side, and she knew that I would have protected her as best I could. Why didn’t she trust me?

“Why couldn’t you come to me?” It was eating at me like acid. I had to know.

“I couldn’t say anything. He said he would ruin you. First, he would fire you, and then he would start a campaign to damage your reputation so badly that you would never get work again,” she answered quietly.

“And you believed him?” I asked.

“I did.”

I heard a knock at the door. I rose and grabbed my trousers. Putting them on quickly, I went to answer the door, looking through the peephole first. I saw our respective lawyers standing outside in the hallway. I told Anna and suggested that she get dressed.

She darted into the bathroom, forgetting that her clothes were still strewn around the room. I called out a hasty, “Just a moment,” as I put on my shirt, having already pulled on my pants and buttoned them.

I opened the door and was rewarded with a knowing smile from Anna’s lawyer. “Nice to see you again,” she said, after I stepped back and invited her to enter.

My lawyer followed next and, after checking the hallway to see if there was anyone else, I closed the door.

The room had a table with two chairs, in which I invited the two lawyers, Mrs. Paterson and Mr. Blake, to sit. Mrs. Paterson pointed to Anna’s a dress on the bed and said, “Will she need that?”

I hastily grabbed the dress and went to the bathroom. I opened it a crack and handed the dress through the narrow opening. “Our lawyers are here, baby,” I told her.

“Ok. Be right out.”

After taking a seat on the bed, I looked expectantly at the lawyers. “Ok. Uh. What’s up?” I asked.

With the same knowing smile, Mrs. Paterson said, “I guess you know now why I couldn’t take your case?”

I really didn’t know and my look, I guess, convinced her to elaborate.

“I am under retainer to represent people that Mr. Johnson refers to me.”

After hearing that information, my immediate instinct was to throw her out of the room, but then, I realized that it was she who referred me to a lawyer who burned Johnson for, with all the lawyer’s fees and all, a good ten million dollars.

I looked at her, “Why did you refer me to Mr. Blake, when you could have just told me to move on?”

Her smile started small, then grew to almost cover her face. “There are few people in the world I don’t like, even fewer that I despise, and only one person who I hate. And I was retained by that one, hateful, son-of-a-bitch.” She tried to soften her look. “You heard what that piece of shit did to your wife, and others too. I wanted to see him in prison, but I could never think of a way. However, when you came in with that folder of information, I knew I had him.” She pointed to Mr. Blake. “So, I set him up.”

Mr. Blake continued. “If the wrong person finds out what Mrs. Paterson did, she will be disbarred. So, you have to keep this quiet Roy.”

I nodded my assent, as Anna came out of the bathroom wearing her dress. “Hey Sara,” she greeted her lawyer.

Sara Paterson stood and embraced Anna. “Feeling any better?”

Anna nodded very enthusiastically.

I looked at my lawyer. “We got him pretty good, I would say,” he laughed. “Better than good.” He pulled out an envelope and handed it to me.

I opened the envelope to find a cashier’s check for four million dollars, the full amount of the settlement. Puzzled, I looked at him and asked, “Aren’t you supposed to get half of it?”

Mr. Blake smiled and said, “You didn’t listen to Mrs. Day. She told you that he paid all the legal fees.”

Sara Paterson asked, “Do you know what you’re going to do with all that money?”

I shook my head, just staring at the check.

Anna joked, “I can help you with that, if you would like.”

I looked back at my lawyer, and asked, “What about the divorce? How is that coming?”

He acted confused and exaggerated scratching his head. “Damn-it. Damn-it. I completely forgot to file that damn petition. How could I have been so forgetful?”

Sara laughed, and I heard a small giggle from Anna. I seemed to be the only person who didn’t get the joke. That didn’t seem right.

Then Mr. Blake said, “It looks like you will have to file for divorce in New Mexico, now that you have established residency here.”

I didn’t think he was trying to get out of work.

“Mr. Belton?” Sara Paterson asked. “When I saw you come into my office, with tears in your eyes, asking me to help you file against this woman, I could see that you were still deeply in love with her. So, I took it upon myself to sabotage the divorce. Then, when I saw Mr. Johnson’s picture as the man that she cheated with, I had to act. I betrayed my professional ethics, and risked losing my license to practice law, to see you two reunited.”

Listening to her, I knew she meant it.

I studied her facial expression for a while. “Do you remember Eric Mentor?”

Her eyes immediately got red and welled up with tears. She remembered him alright.

“That divorce nearly killed him,” I said.

She nodded and quietly murmured, “I know.” After a moment, she elaborated, “That was the man that James told you about. He did the same thing to him as he did to you.”

She obviously had a deep empathy for the troubled people of the world, feeling their hurt and pain. I couldn’t envisage a long career for her, as a lawyer, with that sort of attitude.

Finally, she got up and gave Mr. Blake a big hug and they left together.

Anna looked really good in her dress, especially since she had no underwear on underneath it.

It took us quite a while before we left the room. In fact, it was just past lunch time the next day.

After checkout, I took Anna to my apartment and showed her around. She laughed at the fact that my bed was in the living room. With a bright smile, Anna said she was reassured that I wasn’t screwing anyone yet.

I know it sounds like a cliché, but real men forgive. Of course, forgiving doesn’t mean reconciling, but I had decided that I couldn’t live without her.

Many people would criticize my decision to reconcile with Anna, but those people may never have been as much in love, as I am with Anna. Pragmatically, I had invested six years of my life, love and heart in this woman, and I didn’t want that wasted. Lastly, I didn’t think that I could call myself a man if I couldn’t forgive her.


I glanced at my three-year-old son sitting in front of me, as I turned the Harley into Mac’s Steak in the Rough and pulled into a parking spot. My wife parked her four-year-old Lexus in the bay beside me. My son smiled broadly as I plucked him from in front of me and stood him on the ground beside me.

“Daddy, Daddy” My two-year-old daughter called to me as Anna opened her door and unbuckled her from the child seat. She ran to jump into my arms. She’s a bit of a daddy’s girl, but I would never complain.

I carried my daughter into the restaurant, as Anna walked our son inside. With my family gathered around me, I felt that life was good. I kissed my loving wife with love and gratitude. With two pregnancies, she had gained a few pounds and, between breast feeding the kids and, sometimes, me, her boobs sagged a little, but I wasn’t complaining at all.

We had a great meal, laughing and joking throughout. In fact, Anna and I had been laughing with each other since shortly after we got back together. Things were good for us, and having the kids made it even better. This was the family I had always wanted.

My career is advancing rapidly, allowing me to make more money than I ever did working for that asshole, Johnson. Anna is a stay at home mom, for now. She has plans to do some volunteer work for the hospital when our daughter, Chelsie, starts school.

  Believe it or not, James Johnson was stupid enough to try his scam again. Only this time, when the cuckold finished with him, James could no longer walk. The cuckold busted him up, so well, that James is confined to a wheelchair. The dude he cuckolded is in jail, so I’m glad that I walked away instead of confronting him when I was so mad.

I don’t miss my old town as much as I thought I would. I like Albuquerque, and the surroundings. We bought a house in Los Lunas, which translates to ‘lost moons.’ It is a great place to raise kids, blessed with a lot of good people and organized activities like Little League Baseball and YAFL football.

Having young children takes a toll on the sex life of parents. Our sex life has dwindled, but we still make love as often as possible. Anna never again suggested the cheating role-play. We still have date nights, and we make love, simply because we are still madly in love with each other.

Thank you for reading.

R. L. Benton

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