Jens Next Date

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Wife meets her boyfriend at his house


My wife was going on another date with Steve the plumber who ass fucked her the last date. Steve had told her to come to his place in a short dress and no panties. Jennifer was wet already as she dressed up getting ready to go.

She had a spaghetti top on with a Victoria Secret bra that showed her 40DD cleavage. As she left I made her promise to call me and I’d pick her up as I wanted to cum inside her creamy pussy. Jennifer got Steve’s place and went inside he was already ready for her.

He bend her over the couch and roughly entered her pussy which was wet and slippery waiting for this moment. He pumped her hard for five minutes before burying his cock to his balls and filling her with his cum. Jen turned around after and got on her knees to clean Steve’s cock.

Steve told Jennifer to go have a shower and come out in a robe after she was cleaned up. The room was warm and Jens body was still wet and sticky from shower. She walked out and Steve was there with 5 other guys . Jennifer walked other and sat by Steve as he told all of them what a cock hungry slut she was.        Jen was nervous and blushing and she knew what was about to happen and her pussy starting to leak.

Steve reaches over and pulls Jennifer robe open so the guys can see my wife’s tits. Another guy got up and moved over beside her and grabbed her nipples and pulled on them . His face moved toward hers and Jen started French kissing him as his other hand reached between her legs. His fingers were rubbing her slit and buried a couple fingers up her that got her to moan. He finished kissing her and grabbed her hand and told her they were going to the room.

Once in the room he undressed and layed on bed his cock was fat even when it was flaccid. Jen dropped the robe and crawled over to him and started sucking his cock. His cock grew rapidly in Jennifer’s mouth as she sucked what she could get in her mouth and stroked the bottom of it.

He was moaning and telling her what a great cock sucker she was but he told her he wanted to cum inside her bareback. Jennifer agreed and rolled over on her back and spread her legs. As she rolled over all the other guys were around the bed watching her. The guys name was Tom and positioned his fat cock against her slit Jen slipped a hand down here to get it started inside her.

Tom starts screwing my wife like he hasn’t had sex in months and his thick cock starts rubbing on her clit. Jen realizes that Toms cock is going to make her cum . Jen feels Toms cock start to expand and know soon he will erupt inside her. Jennifer’s body wet with sweat sucks it in as Jen orgasms around Toms thick shaft.

Toms is giving Jens pussy just the way she likes it thick and fast. As Toms cum invades the deepest parts of Jennifer’s pussy he smears his cum deep inside her. As he moved between Jens pussy lips Jen starts to cum on him. As she opens her eyes Jennifer realizes there are a lot of guys there watching her. As Tom continues to spew his jism inside Jen so moaning loudly as her orgasm takes her body.

All the guys are watching Jennifer squirm as Tom and her are together in the ecstasy of twin orgasms. Steve announces to everyone when is the last time you seen a whore orgasm on a Johns cock. Tom says quietly to Jen that later he wants to screw her again which my wife tells him she looks forward to his fat cock inside her. As Tom stops cumming Jen can feel his thick sperm dripping out from around the base of his cock running into her asshole.

As Tom pulls his softening dick out of my wife’s pussy there’s another rush of cum down between her ass cheeks. Oh my god Jennifer now realizes that Steve has sold her as a whore but she doesn’t care as the next guy gasping and panting in between her legs. Jennifer got excited as this guy isn’t going to last long as she feels his cock swelling and flowing her womb with more cum. That excites her that guys are so horny for her that he cum within 2 minutes.

After a while there was a smell of sex in the air as she looks around and sees lots of guys jacking themselves. Most of them watching her crotch area as her pussy easily accepts multiple cocks. Her pussy lips are thick and puffy and were being stretched open by fat penis. Jenny’s pussy accepted all the guys easily as Toms dick was the largest so far and it stretched her out good.

Every new guy that would push their penis into her and disappear that moment exited Jennifer as she watched as each of them were glad to be inside her. Guys that had already fucked Jennifer were getting hard again which made Jennifer proud. It one time as Jen arched her back to accept another penis she heard one guy say he wished his wife would do that. Jen thought it was weird that every guy that got between her legs that she did it with them like she had been fucked by them hundreds of times.

After a few strokes Jennifer got used to them and fall into a rhythm until they shot their cum inside her. Some of guys would put they cocks in Jens mouth to harden them up before diving between her legs to shot their loads. At one point Jen looked down at her stretched and leaking pussy someone threw her towel. After she cleaned herself up and rested she opened her legs and invited the next one in.

Jennifer loved the feeling of multiple guys ejaculating inside her. Jennifer said all guys made noises as they cum inside her as they were pumping her pussy hard. Jennifer would be telling them to fuck her harder and urging them to cum. Some of guys asked if they could cum inside her Jennifer always said yes. Then it was the first guy who fucked her Toms turn again. His large thick cock that made Jen cum the first time.

She smiled and opened her legs as Tom entered her for the second time. As Tom started pumping Jennifer hard Jen cling on to him and let that fat cock rub her clit. Jen and Tom were moving together she felt her orgasm building. Jen got lost in wild totally getting into it screaming at Tom to continue to punish her swollen pussy. As Jens body began to shudder and Jens orgasm racked through her body. Tom pulled his cock out of Jens pussy and placed the enormous head against her asshole and buried it in one push.

Jen screamed and starting thrusting hard against the penis in her ass. Tom was extremely was lubed with everyone’s cum now my wife was being sodomized by Toms huge cock in front of everyone. After Tom finished with Jennifer’s ass everyone that was still there had a piece of her ass. Soon it was dilated and gobs of spunk leaking out of her asshole.

Soon there was very few ppl left as most had Jennifer at least two times. As Jennifer laid on cum soaked bed bed Steve came over and stuck his rod in her mouth and started face fucking her til he started spunking in her mouth. He looked at her and threw her a thousand dollars and asked her if she liked being a gangbang whore. Jennifer looked at him and smiled as another guy climbed in between her legs and started pumping her sore pussy.

Jennifer was in couraged him to cum in her as the lady guy groaned and cum inside her. It was after midnight when my wife texted me and I drove over to get her. She came out of Steve’s house covered in cum head to toe missing her bra. Once home I got a shower going for her and was washing down her body. Her pussy and ass were both destroyed as she told me she couldn’t count how many ppl had cum inside her .

I was rock hard as she talked she looked at me and asked if I needed a release. She put a knee on the bench and allowed me access to her ass. No friction at all as I pumped but she encouraged me enough that I pulled out a shot a load on her ass. I love my slut wife.

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