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Her full lips slid over the anonymous head, and she felt him twitch as she stretched her mouth around him. Oh God, this was thick.


Emma had absolutely no idea what she was doing; her head was in such a spin when she’d booked the appointment earlier that morning. Absolutely no idea how she even came across the number or the contact to be able to do such a thing. If she recalled correctly it was an overheard conversation between two work colleagues, Gina and Sherry, in the office break area who just so happened to catch her attention when she heard the name of the store.

That was it, she thought. I’m going to book. If that’s the sort of thing I must do. So, later that morning she sat on the toilet and Googled the number.

“Can I help you?” said a gruff voice on the other end of the phone. She explained, nervously, the she’d never done anything like this before and wanted to give it a try, and before she knew it that was that. Booked.

Lunch time and she pulled into the car park of Scandals adult book store in Little Burton West, got out of her Audi and pushed open the tinted glass door into a whole new world. She felt it. In her stomach; the butterflies. In her head; the bees. And then the tingling that started in her thighs sending shivers through her playful areas. Absolutely no idea why she was standing there.

“Can I help you?” repeated the gruff voice from behind the counter. It was the voice she recognised over the telephone just a few hours earlier when she had, without hesitation, told the stranger what was on her mind. And now, there was no going back – was there?

No. She spoke, the butterflies were evident and her knees were trembling as she confirmed the appointment time. She was lead through a curtain behind the counter. It was dark, and the anticipation was shimmering through her. She felt her nipples harden when the gruff voice told her to enjoy herself and closed the door behind him.

Panic. She sat on the stool in the corner of the room, half wanting to get up and cancel the whole thing, and then wondering if she did she would never again get to do this one thing that she had thought about for so very long. There it was; the hole in the wall and almost on cue it was filled. She felt herself tremble again, her nipples tingling, her mouth-watering, her pussy aching for this beast before her outstretched in all its glory.

She slowly moved toward it; twitching as her breath tickled its purple head. She tentatively placed her fingers around it. It was thick. Boy, was it thick. Thicker than anything she had ever had before; certainly, thicker than her husbands. This was it. She slowly began to stroke it, from base to tip, getting the feel of it between her fingers, in the palm of her hand, tightening slightly and as her confidence grew, so did her desire to go to the next step. She arched toward it, feeling him helpless before her, crouched on her knees she extended her tongue and took her first taste. A gentle lap across his hole and circling around his head, dominant. This is mine. You, whoever you are, are mine.

Her full lips slid over the anonymous head, and she felt him twitch as she stretched her mouth around him. Oh God, this was thick. This is amazing. Her salivating mouth filled wide with masculine meat, throbbing as she moved her head as far down his shaft as she could manage. Not much at first, until her reluctance dissipated with every suck of her cheeks. She could feel her loop earrings swinging against the side of her head, as she twisted her neck, pushing herself down on this unknown cock deep inside her mouth.

She needed more. As fierce as this act was, the intense spinning of her mind, in such as sexual unknown, one hand and fat lips working in unison on this man behind the wall, her other hand before she knew it had slipped downward and were deep inside her panties, fingers rolling against her clit and pushing into her wet sticky pussy with long alternate stokes. The sensations in her body intensifying with every passing second, she knew it wouldn’t be long before her orgasm took hold of her and swept her away.

She moaned. She was close. Any time now there would be a knock on that wall and her reward would be shot out in long hot sticky streams. She needed to decide quickly; in the heat of the moment what was she going to do? Certainly, she wasn’t a whore. She couldn’t let a stranger cum in her mouth, could she? Could she allow this man, whoever he was, to give her his prize? She thought fast. It was going to happen soon; her hand moving through the hole massaging his ball sack, which was no longer soft and delicate, but hard and tight. She felt him push toward her, deeper into her mouth and she felt him tense and tighten inside her. This was it. The knock on the wall.

Last chance to decide. Was she a slut, or a whore? Could she digest a stranger’s hot load? To have it process inside her whilst she cooked her children dinner tonight? To sit for the afternoon at her desk knowing how much of a dirty little cock-sucking whore she was? It was tempting. And it was tempting to have dropped her panties earlier and backed onto this mammoth beast to really satisfy her craving but no. She released the grip of her lips, and he felt the cold air contact his hot red tip his thick viscous stream shot repeatedly onto her face and down her cheeks, as she continued to pump him by hand.

She moved closer to him after he had finished. Smelling the familiar warm salty aroma as she leaned in and kissed the tip, before one final drag of her lips as she reached for a tissue. She couldn’t resist it. She wasn’t a dirty whore, but yes, she was a slut and the very thought of this insane but perfect act would stay with her all day and well into the evening and maybe even giving Callum the same pleasure tonight, once the kids had gone to bed.

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