Cheating Wife-[E-74]-part-1-of-1

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“Are you trying to pick me up?” Barbara asked coyly, “If you are it’s working,” she joked.


Cheating Wife


It was Saturday night and Charles was away on business and would be until Monday. And the kids were visiting their grandparents on their farm. This was her second day all to herself so Barbara figured, what the hell, she was going out for a night on the town. She had been eating healthy and exercising regularly and was feeling particularly confident. She knew Charles wouldn’t have an issue with her having a little fun. There was a new club called Sweet Water that she wanted to check out.

She took extra care bathing, put on her favorite sundress and headed out for a night of country and western dancing. Something Charles would never do with her.

Barbara got there fairly early so decided to start out with a drink to loosen up her inhibitions. Because she’d seen it in a TV show, she ordered a Jack and coke, grabbed a stool and sat down to drink it.

Not much of a drinker by the time her drink was about half finished, Barbara started to feel its effects, enjoying that slight buzz. She started to really feel the club’s music pulsing around her. She quickly finished the rest of her drink and headed out to the dance floor to start her fun night out on the town.

Barbara slipped into a group of people line dancing and let her body start to move in rhythm with the music. Something she so rarely did since high school. it surprised her to remember how much fun dancing could be.

When she started, she’d just found a large group of men and women and joined in, but it didn’t take long for Barbara to pair off with an individual men. It brought a new level of enjoyment as she and her partner subtly took cues from each other and change their styles so that they started to play off each other.

Each new partner she switched off too brought a different style and Barbara was enjoying not only the merging of different styles but also enjoyed learning new dance moves. After a solid forty five minutes on the dance floor, Barbara was getting a little tired and needed a small break. She slipped off the dance floor, ordered another Jack and coke and went to sit down and recuperate.

Barbara had almost finished her second drink and had a nice buzz going. She was getting up to head back out on the dance floor when one of the men she’d been dancing with walked up to her. “Can I buy you another drink?” he asked.

Barbara chuckled internally for a moment. She’d seen this maneuver on TV and the movies all the time but had never experienced it personally. “Sure. Thanks,” she finally replied.

“Great. I’m Reese. You’ve got some nice moves lady,” he said.

Reese was good looking. Rugged physic, toned muscles, about just over six feet tall, black wavy hair and cobalt blue eyes. He looked to be a couple of years older than Barbara’s thirty three.

“I’m Barbara and thanks. You’re not bad yourself,” Barbara replied, connecting Reese with the moments she shared with him on the dance floor a little earlier.

The drinks arrived and Barbara and Reese enjoyed a little friendly banter while they drank. The third drink had come a little earlier than Barbara had planned and so the intensity of the euphoria Barbara started to experience wasn’t anticipated. She wanted to get back out and dance some more. Thankfully, Reese must have been thinking the same thing.

“How about we get back out on the floor? We can try out some new moves.” he said.

“Let’s go,” sang out Barbara excitedly.

Hand on the small of her back to guide her, they headed back to the dance floor. In his arms Barbara let the music take them again. The freeing effects of the alcohol allowed Barbara to let go more than she normally would. She and Reese started to dance closer, occasionally getting right up against each other. On some really up tempo, funky beats, she even went so far as to playfully grind and twerk on Reese, pressing her ass so tightly into his groin that she could feel his bulge pressing into her. She was having a great time and he appeared to be also. Although, it hadn’t seemed it, before long another hour had passed and Barbara needed a break again. She let Reese know and they went to find a table to cool down.

“Buy you another drink, Barbara?”

“Thanks,” she replied, “But I’ll just have a water.”

Reese flagged down a cute little waitress in a short skirt and a tube top and ordered her a water and another drink for himself.

“I haven’t had this much fun in years,” Barbara exclaimed excitedly once the drinks had been ordered. “You were great out there. My husband has two left feet so I’m not used to guys being able to dance so well.”

“Thanks”, replied Reese. “I like to get out every now and then. It’s the best place to meet fun, energetic and beautiful women like you.”

“Are you trying to pick me up?” Barbara asked coyly, “If you are it’s working,” she joked.

“Good,” he chuckled with a wink. Then they started talking again. They covered the usual getting to know you topics like background, interests and dreams. They joked and laughed and gradually started interjecting sexual innuendo.

“How would you like to get out of here?” Reese suddenly asked.

Barbara felt a sudden jolt of adrenaline cut through her foggy alcohol induced buzz. “What did you have in mind?” she asked.

“How about my place?” he asked cautiously. “I don’t live far.”

Barbara took a moment to weigh the ramifications. Since meeting Reese she’d understood that this was a possibility, but didn’t think it was a serious one. Now, suddenly, reality was presenting itself clearly to her.

Reese must have mistaken her pause for apprehension. “I promise, I’ll treat you with all of the respect and attention that a woman like you deserves,” he quickly added.

Finally making up her mind, Barbara replied, “Sounds good.”

Outside Reese quickly hailed a cab the club. Giving the cab driver his address Reese settled back in the seat next to Barbara. Then he put his arm around her shoulder and draw her close. Barbara gladly accepted the gesture and leaned into him, resting her head up against his shoulder. Even after all of that dancing he smelled good and felt even better. The inside of her legs started to tingle as she thought about what she was doing. She tilted her head up to look at him and Reese smiled as he looked back.

Drawing her closer he lowered his lips to meet hers. The touch of a strange man’s lips against hers electrified her senses and she quickly reciprocated and opened her mouth wider to match the movements of his lips. Their lips met and ignited their bodies in flames. Their lips and tongues danced to each other’s passions as Reese reached his other arm around Barbara and started lightly caressing her back.

Barbara was so caught up in the attention she was receiving from Reese that it came as a surprise to her when they arrived at Reese’s home.

Reese paid the cabby and reached out for Barbara’s waist as the cab drove away. With his hand possessively on her hip, he led Barbara to the front door.

“Are you still ok with this?” Reese asked as he paused to unlock the front door.

“Open the door,” Barbara replied as she moved close to kiss him again.

Opening the door, they walked inside. Reese’s house was very nice and clean. His furnishings showed that he not only had good taste but had some money as well.

“Make yourself comfortable, while I get us something to drink,” Reese said. “Water?”

Though she could still feel the buzz from the alcohol she’d had earlier, the effects had definitely subsided so she felt she could handle a little bit more. “I’ll have a glass of white wine if you have any,” she said.

“Excellent,” he said.

As she watched him go into the kitchen she sat on his couch. She heard him rummage through his drawers, pop the cork on the wine and pour the glasses. He returned a short while later and offered Barbara her glass. “To an exciting evening,” he said as he offered his glass.

“To an exciting evening,” she returned as they touched glasses and drank.

Afterward, they placed their glasses on the table and turned toward each other. Reese reached out and caressed Barbara’s face. “You really are very beautiful,” he said.

Barbara blushed. She was out of practice responding to compliments from any men but her husband Charles. And they’d gotten few and far between from him.

“Thank you,” she managed to get out as she reached out to touch his chest.

Reese pulled her close again and they picked up where they’d left off in the cab. Only now they were freer with their hands. As they kissed they caressed each other’s bodies with an occasional hand making its way to Barbara’s breasts and ass. This continued for some time with Barbara’s excitement growing with each moment.

“I’ll be right back,” Reese said the bulge in his pants clearly showing his arousal. He headed off down the hallway. Barbara sipped at her wine and tried to steady her nerves as she listened to the rustling coming from down the hall. When Reese eventually returned, he walked up in front of her and extended his hand to help Barbara up off the couch. Barbara met his hand allowed him to help her up. He led her back to his bedroom and then led her forward to allow her to enter before him.

The room was beautifully laid out to set up the proper mood. Candles lit the room from strategic locations around the room. Low elevator music played in the background and a king sized bed sat in the middle of the far wall.

“Nice touch,” Barbara observed.

“Thank you. I told you I intend to treat you right.”

Reese led Barbara over to the bed. He embraced her again and started kissing her. As he did, he reached down, cupped her butt checks and pulled her tight against him. Barbara moaned her approval. Reese slowly turned her around and moved his hands up to the top of her dress and started fumbling for the zipper. Barbara moved her hair aside to aid him and he quickly found it and slowly unzipped her dress.

He started kissing the now exposed nape of her neck as he slid the spaghetti straps off of her shoulders. Barbara moaned as the goosebumps spread from the nape of her neck to the rest of her body at the same time her dress slide off her hips and fell to the floor.

Barbara felt Reese back away slightly as he pulled off his own shirt, then moved back in. Barbara felt the heat from his chest up against her back.

Wrapping his arms around the front of her, Reese embraced her tightly as he went back to kissing her neck. As waves of pleasure wash over her, Barbara felt his hands moving down her stomach. They reached her panty line, slid under the waistband and continued toward her soaking and burning pussy. She felt his middle finger slide down into her slit and part her lips.

With a low moan, she spread her legs slightly to allow him better access and turned her head back to kiss him passionately. As his finger slid over her clit, pleasure erupted from between her legs and she opened her mouth more, as if trying to mimic how badly she wanted her other lips to open up and let Reese in.

She felt every millimeter of Reese’s finger as it pushed into her vaginal opening. As it slipped inside her Barbara couldn’t take it anymore. She turned to face him. With his finger still firmly working its magic between her thighs, Barbara reached down and unbuckled his Levis. Once unzipped, Reese’s Levis joined her dress on the floor.

Barbara tried to get a peek at what Reese was packing, but was unable to because as soon as his levis dropped, Reese removed his hand from Barbara’s panties grabbed her ass and pulled her tight against him. Their kiss grew more passionate as their bodies came together and although she didn’t get a chance to see it, she now felt his rock hard cock pressed up against her lower abdomen.

Reese continued to kiss her, but his hands moved up from her ass and found the clasp on her bra. He quickly unclasped it, pulled the cups free and let it slide down her arms and drop to the floor. Just as quickly, he pulled her back into a tight passionate embrace. An intense sense of sensuality exploded from her hard nipples as they came into contact with Reese’s warm chest. Barbara reached down and grabbed Reese’s ass and pulled it tightly into her so she could better feel his cock pressed into her.

Reese broke their kiss and started working his mouth down her neck. Barbara tilted her head to give him all the access he needed and relaxed as the ecstasy wash over her.

He continued to work down and was quickly approaching one of her nipples that was so hard that it was essentially reaching out to Reese’s mouth, asking to be attended to. Barbara tilted her head back and arched her back, willing her nipple into his mouth. When the moment came her nipple exploded with ecstasy which radiated down between her legs. She could feel her pussy moisten with the waves of sensuality that pulsed through her body.

Reese was almost kneeling before her as he attended to her breasts, alternately kissing around and then swallowing each nipple. He took this opportunity to hook his thumbs in the waistband and release her wanton pussy from its confinement. She was definitely soaking wet because she could feel the coolness of the air in the room when it interacted with the juices soaking her pussy.

Reese started to get back up, working up from Barbara’s breasts, to her neck and back toward her lips. As he moved back, Barbara once again felt his finger spilt her lips in a feeling that was more natural now that her pussy wasn’t constrained. Her slit seemingly engulfed his finger and the wetness guided his finger straight to her clit and vaginal canal as he moved his finger alternatively between the two.  But before he could stand up fully, Barbara reached down and returned his gesture from earlier by pulling Reese’s waistband out and over his hard cock and then pulling down until his underwear fell to the floor.

As waves of excitement built between Barbara’s legs from Reese’s manipulation, she reached out and grabbed his cock and started returning the favor. Reese moaned, “Uuuuuuugh,” as her hand wrapped around him and started working up and down the shaft.

Barbara still couldn’t see his equipment, but was easily able to assess it size by handling it. It was nice and large, probably a couple of inches longer than Charles’s and noticeably thicker with a spongy bulbous head. She liked large headed cocks and took some extra time on her next pass over it to play with it, paying particular attention to the extra sensitive part just beneath the opening where the two lobes come together. Reese’s moans indicated that he appreciated her attention.

After a couple of minutes in which their passions were allowed to build between them, they released each other, pulled into another tight, passionate embrace and started kissing and feeling each other’s bodies with vigor.

Barbara could feel the head of Reese’s cock pressed firmly into her lower abdomen and felt the hard shaft just outside the reach of her wet and desirous slit.

The sexual tension was palpable between them, they started rocking in unison as they continued to connect at their lips. The slight rocking allowed them to move slowly across the room until Barbara felt her back up against the wall. With nowhere left to go, Reese pressed into her further. Barbara wanted him with an excited passion that she hadn’t felt in years. Almost instinctually she lifted her right leg and wrapped it around the back of Reese’s upper thigh. It had the effect of tilting her crotch enough that she could now feel Reese’s shaft press between her soaking lips and desire erupted from within her.

Reese picked up on her cue almost instantaneously. He worked his right hand down between them and pushed down on his cock. Barbara could feel the head sliding down her belly until it reached the gap between her legs. Then her slit was straddling the back side of his cock which was so long that she could feel the head against her ass-hole. Reese’s other hand came down to grab her butt check and lend her support.

“I want you so bad,” Barbara moaned, her voice a mix between demanding and pleading.

In answer, Reese drew back his hips. Barbara felt the head drag across her ass, across her taint and the shaft glide through her slit until finally the big bulbous head of his cock found her vaginal opening.

As it arrived, the head angled up from the natural shape of Reese’s erection and position itself exactly where it needed to be.

Barbara moved both of her hands around to either side of Reese’s face, pulled slightly, opening her mouth wide and kissing him deeply and passionately to let him know she was ready.

As she did, Reese’s hips stopped moving back and started moving forward. There was no misdirection as his cock moved forward directly into Barbara.

She felt her lips spreading to accommodate the girth of his head and let out fulfilled sigh as she felt Reese continue to move into her. Exhilaration, passion, desire, fulfillment, ecstasy…there was no one word to describe how good it felt to feel Reese’s cock sliding into and along the walls of her pussy.

The sensation of fullness, heat and snugness that penetrated her soul was incredible. Reese’s mouth moved past her ear, on its way to her neck as he let out his own pleasured moan that lasted the entire initial thrust until he came to a full stop, his shaft buried deep, surrounded completely by Barbara’s tight, wet pussy.

She could feel his pubic hairs brush up against her clit as their crotches came together.

Sighing, Barbara took pause to appreciate the complete contentment of her stretched and completely filled pussy. It didn’t last long.  Her senses exploded again as Reese started to withdraw, sexual electricity emanating from the friction it created with her pussy walls.

Reese worked his mouth down to her breasts again as he slowly moved his thick cock in and out of Barbara.

He was good, making sure to take long deep strokes allowing Barbara to feel the full length and girth of his massive cock. While the strongest pleasure emanated from between her legs, Barbara’s senses were inundated with pleasured pulses from all over her body as Reese caressed and groped her ass with his hands and played with her breasts, neck and mouth with his own.

They started to lose their individual identities as they merged together in this wondrous act they were sharing.

Reese started to quicken his pace just a little as the passion overtook them both. He worked his other hand down around her other butt cheek and lifted. As if speaking some shared language, Barbara allowed him to bear her weight and wrapped her second leg around his upper thigh. Not only was this act emotionally stimulating, it produced the physical effect of spreading her pussy wider.

Reese plunged into her even deeper than before and touched her in places where she’d never been touched. With her clit now exposed to him, his body would brush up and along it briefly every time they came together. This only acted to intensify her already overloaded senses. They both groaned and whispered encouragement in each other’s ears as they fucked. Barbara relished every sensation that Reese was bestowing on her.

Reese started to slow and eventually allowed her leg’s to regain their footing, while still fucking her slowly and attentively.

Once down, he withdrew from her, his cock now glistening with the juices it had earned from Barbara’s pussy.

He moved her toward the bed and sat her on the edge. He kissed her as he slowly knelt down between her legs. Once there, he unlocked his lips from hers and began working his way down her body. Barbara placed her hands on the top of his head as he worked his way down, past her breasts.

She laid down in anticipation as he continued down her belly, to her inner thigh. Her pussy burned in anticipation, but didn’t have to wait long. Then Reese did something that Charles had never done to her during their whole marriage. Reese moved in quickly, spread her lips apart and flicked his tongue across her clit.  Barbara squirmed and tossed her head wildly, her senses exploding again from their brief respite as she felt the friction from his rough tongue spreading her lips wide and gliding along the length of her pussy.

Another jolt of sensual electricity griped her as he brushed past her clit and started to work down again. Pleasured breaths were all she was capable of as Reese moved from plunging his tongue deeply into her pussy back up to her clit. She spread her legs as wide as they would go to give him as much access to her intimate areas as he desired.

In reality it hadn’t been long since they had started, but Reese knew what he was doing and she trusted him completely to hit all of the right points. That trust paid off. Ecstasy and pleasure were her world as he played with her pussy in just the right way. She relished in the feeling of his tongue plunging deep into her, the feeling of her delicate pink lips brushing against his hot cheeks as he moved up and down her slit and the bolts of electricity as he passed over her clit. She wanted to cum, but something in the back of her head told her that the night wasn’t over yet.

While Barbara lost track of time and only knew the pleasure that Reese was bestowing upon her, eventually he slowed. He gave her pussy one last passionate kiss and then started to work his way back up to Barbara’s mouth.

As he moved up, he helped her move from the edge of the bed to its center. She moved with him, but kept her legs open allowing him to hold his position between them.

This man held the key to her pleasure and she had no intention of restricting him in any way. As he reached her face, he lowered himself between her legs and thrust back into her at the same instant that their lips met. She tasted herself on his lips at the same time her pussy spread to welcome his wonderful cock back in like a missing loved one that had been gone for far too long. And then the absence was gone, as if it had never been gone. Barbara’s pussy erupted in pleasure to Reese’s rhythmic movements, as she again spread her legs wide to allow him penetrate as deeply into her as he could.

They kissed and moaned. Barbara reached down and pulled at Reese’s ass with each thrust into her, hoping to pull him in ever deeper with each powerful thrust. As their pace quickened, Reese’s balls started to swing and Barbara could feel them tapping at her ass to create a level of passionate fulfillment she would never forget.

They fucked like that for another seeming eternity, the whole time Barbara felt like she was on the edge of an orgasmic cliff that she was not ready to plunge over just yet.

Eventually they slowed again and Barbara moved to roll over on top of Reese. He complied with her movements allowing her to get on top of him cowgirl style and straddle his cock. The pleasure was so gratifying that she could hardly bear it. Once she felt her pussy rubbing against his now familiar shaft, she bent forward to kiss him passionately once more.

Without missing a beat, Barbara reached down between them and moved the head of his cock to her opening once more. Reese no doubt felt her lips quiver as he moved back into her, spreading her wide yet again.

She maintained her connection with his mouth for his first several thrusts into her. She wanted him to feel her pleasure and appreciation that no doubt was felt through her lips with each thrust. She certainly felt the same in him as she could feel the would-be moans on his lips each time he plunged deep.

In time, she sat up erect. This was her favorite position because it naturally spread her wide and allowed very deep penetration and allowed his body to brush against her clit.

Reese reached up and started caressing and kneading her breasts as she focused in on moving her body and pussy up and down in forth in just the right way to maximize the amount of friction and penetration that would allow the pleasure to build for each of them.

Each powerful thrust brought her closer and closer to that sexual paradise until it clicked into place. Both acknowledged that point with a long deep unified moan of contentment and desire.

Barbara relished the feeling of Reese’s cock moving inside her. She could feel the big mushroom head most prominently as it journeyed to her deepest depths and then returned to her opening.

Her excitement started growing quicker and quicker.  As it did, she moved her hand down to provide extra stimulation of her clit.

Reese and Barbara’s bodies moved in harmonious unison, there was no turning back now. She heard Reese’s moans increase and arched her back to push her breasts more fully into his kind and tender hands.

“Ooooh god, Reese,” she screeched “This is incredible.”

“Mmmmmmm,” was his only reply.

“You want to cum in me?” Barbara muttered through lips clinched by drawn out pleasure.

“God yesss,” Reese replied. “More than anything.”

Barbara’s moans started to grow in volume, as did Reese’s.

Thank god for birth control pills, thought Barbara as she almost screamed, “Cum in me Reese. Cum deep.”

“Ohmifuckinggod yesss,” she heard Reese roar. But it had already started. She and he moaned loudly, unintelligibly and in unison as both convulsed at the peak of Reese’s latest full thrust into her. She felt her pussy heat up and a rush of extra lubrication as Reese’s cum pumped into her. This realization at the edge of her consciousness started the second wave of orgasm pulsing through her body. She could hardly catch her breath as each thrust of Reese’s cock sent another orgasmic wave washing over her.

Slowly the intensity and pace started to slow and she was able to start thinking again. She kept working with Reese, slowly winding down their movements, relishing even the increasingly smaller pulses. She didn’t want it to end.

Eventually they stopped though and Barbara slumped forward onto Reese. They were both breathing heavily but still managed to lock lips once more.

“That was mind blowing,” Barbara managed croak while still trying to catch her breath.

“You are as incredible as you are beautiful,” Reese replied.

They remained joined for several more minutes.

Barbara could feel Reese’s cum oozing out of her swollen slit though Reese’s thick cock still managed to stop most of it from leaving her.

They continued to kiss and stoke each other’s hair and faces.

Eventually, though she still wanted to remain and continue to show her appreciation she climbed off of Reese.

She felt his cock shrinking and withdraw from her but even then it sparked some pleasure deep within her.

She went to the bathroom to clean up and Reese joined her a short time later. They showered together, helping soap each other down and still unable to keep their hands off each other. Reese put his arms around her, pulling her close. He started kissing her lips, deep sexy kisses full of longing and need.

Barbara felt his cock moving against her and her nipples against her body as she started to soap up her hands and lather up the back of his neck. Turning him around Barbara soaped up the rest of his back, slowly working her fingers up and down his back. Her fingers went lower, lathering up and squeezing his butt.

Sliding her hand lower Barbara lathered up his balls, slowly rocking them back and forth. Reese moaned, his cock getting harder as she cleaned the soap off him.

“You are welcome to stay tonight,” Reese said during a soapy embrace.

“I have to,” she replied with a wink. “My car is still back at Sweet Water.”

They got out of the shower, dried each other off and headed to bed. They cuddled together naked for a little while before eventually moving apart and falling asleep.

The next morning, Barbara woke up earlier than Reese so moved into the kitchen and made some coffee.

She checked her phone and saw that Charles had sent her several text messages inquiring as to where she was, though his last had concluded that she had probably just gone to bed.

Charles was in for the story of his life and she was just about to text that to him, when she felt Reese move up behind her and wrap his arms around her.

“Did you sleep well?” he asked sleepily.

“How could I not after that incredible experience?” she replied.

Reese smiled. “Yes, that was quite incredible wasn’t it,” he said. “You up for round two?”

Barbara paused and thought about it for a couple of minute. Then she took a quick glance back at her phone, put it on the kitchen counter and followed Reese back to his room.

As they walked into the bedroom, Barbara did something that she’d never done with Charles, she went to her knees and ran her tongue down the full length of Reese shaft and to his balls. Her pink tongue flicked rapidly on his balls licking them all over and then she sucked them into her mouth. Reese moaned aloud and arched his back up towards her as she worked his balls.

Then she worked her way back up his shaft and ran her tongue over the head of his cock. Reese groaned as she ran her tongue over the head and then slowly engulfing it into her mouth.

Barbara sucked him slow and methodical so Reese would get the maximum of pleasure out of it and last as long as possible. Soon Reese movements became more urgent and she could sense it. The room was filled with slurping sounds as she picked up the pace, her head bobbing up and down faster and faster.

“Oh god Barbara, here it comes, oh god I’m going to cum,” Reese moaned as he reached out to hold her head in place. And for the first time in Barbara’s life a man shot load after load of his thick salty cum in her mouth and down her throat.

When Reese let go of her head she continued to lick and suck his cock up and down.

Moving Barbara quickly to the bed, Reese mounted her. Then guiding his cock into her pussy Reese fucked her.  He started slowly but as Barbara started groaning like the horny bitch that she’d become Reese picked up his pace as he fucked her.

Suddenly Reese sat up and sat back on his heels as he pulled his cock out of Barbara’s pussy.  She immediately started moaning in discomfort and begged him to keep fucking her.  He took hold of her ankles and lifted her legs up and forced them back until her knees were almost beside her head.  That curled her spine up so that her crotch was pointing at the ceiling.

Then, in one thrusting movement, Reese plunged his big cock into her dripping wet pussy as far as it would go, making her grunt and whine from the impact. “Oh, yessssss,” she hissed as he slowly pulled out and then ram into her again, his tight balls slapping against her butt cheeks as he repeatedly bury his big cock all the way to the hilt.

And Barbara was so damned horny by now that it just took a few thrusting strokes before she was humping wildly back and cumming; moaning and sobbing, “Ohh, Ooohhhh, yessssss f-f-fuck me. Ohgod it’s so good.”

By the time it was over, round two was just as fulfilling as round one.

Barbara lay in the bed, spent, breathing hard and with Reese’s cum once again slowly dripping from her well fucked and completely satisfied pussy.

“A girl could get used to this,” she thought to herself.

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