An affair with neighbor that happened by chance

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Cathy is in her 30’s but does not look her actual age. She has maintained her body well and appears quite healthy. Anyone would refuse to believe her age.


Hi to all readers. This is Mr. K here from Bangalore. I work in the field of technical support and thank you for the responses for my earlier story. I am back again to share another interesting story with you all. So get ready for the exciting story.

This story involves my neighboring aunt whose name is Cathy (name changed obviously). She is married and has a daughter who is around 4 years old. Cathy is in her 30’s but does not look her actual age. She has maintained her body well and appears quite healthy. Anyone would refuse to believe her age and that she actually is a mother to a 4 year old.

Though it was easy to fall for her beauty, I did not expect anything extraordinary to happen between us. Being in the same apartment building. We got to know each other as she became good friends with my mum. So I also got to speak with her although more like an acquaintance. She is a graduate in commerce and works in finance sector.

She did get to know about my work and that I am work on fixing computers remotely. It happened once that I came early from work one day and unfortunately I had not taken the apartment keys with me that day. Cathy came outside her apartment and saw me standing near my apartment looking frustrated.

She inquired and got to know that I did not have the keys and no one was at home. She asked me to come inside her apartment until my mum would return home. I hesitated initially but she told me it is absolutely fine. I went to her apartment and sat on the sofa.

Cathy went inside the kitchen and brought some water. As it was summer, I badly needed water and finished the glass water so quickly. She switched on the fan looking at how much I was sweating. I had thanked her for the kind gestures so far. She said it is alright.

She told me that she was working from home today and for some reason. One of the applications kept freezing the laptop and she was not able to work on the laptop. She asked me if I could take a look and fix the issue. I was more than happy as it was my chance to pay her back for her help today.

I managed to fix the faulty application and get her laptop working normally. She told me that it is her personal laptop that she was working on as her office laptop has been sent for hardware repair.

While I was checking if the laptop was working fine. I saw that one of files in the documents folder had a peculiar name and I clicked on it randomly but to my embarrassment it was a porn video that started playing but luckily the volume was low.

Cathy was sitting near to me and her reaction changed from smile to embarrassing look. I apologized to her saying that it was unintentional. Luckily there was no one else in her home at that time as her daughter was at school and her husband at office.

She asked me not to tell this to anyone and I assured that I will make her worry at any cost.

She thanked me for being mature. And she told me she downloaded it but forgot to delete it. She does not get good attention from her husband anymore and she feels ignored when it comes to her needs.

As her husband only a quick session of sex until he orgasms. He does not bother to think of making his wife completely satisfied on the bed. She told me all these now that I got to know about her habit of watching porn videos.

In the meantime, I was aroused which Cathy did notice quickly and started giggling. I was wondering the reason for that and I was embarrassed when I looked down. I told I am sorry and it was so dumb of me. She told is understandable after that video came up.

We both laughed for a few seconds after which I hugged her from behind. She has nice silky hair that was quite long. The smell of her hair and her fragrance made me even more aroused. She tried to move away from me but gave up and turned around to hug me.

I kissed her juicy lips for good minute’s time and it was so tasty. Then I removed under shirt. Her nipples were erect and poking through her bra. She signed at me to move to her bedroom and we got in there. She locked the bedroom and gave a naughty wink at me.

I quickly removed her bra and started sucking her boobs like there was no tomorrow. It was 32 size and good enjoyment for me. She was also enjoying this act. After I sucked both of her boobs. She undressed me and also herself completely.

It was her turn to give me pleasure and gave me an awesome blowjob. After which I ate her pussy until she orgasmed and collapsed on the bed. She was begging me to enter her as it was a long time since she had a good satisfying sex.

I was hesitating to enter and she told me that there is a condom in her husband cupboard and asked me to take one. I took that one as she informed and we were ready for the ride. I entered her in missionary position and we had a nice fuck for around 20 minutes after which I fell on her.

But she was still not done. So we changed positions and I entered her in doggy style. This went on for 10 minutes after which we both orgasmed one after another. She was abusing me and letting moaning sound while we were making love.

It was such a wonderful experience for both of us. We had a good French kiss before I had to leave as it was time for her daughter to come home. She told me that she is feeling so good that she completely forgot the ignorance from her husband.

I took a quick shower and left from her place. Later she texted me that it had been a long time since she had such a satisfying session and told me that she is ready for more in the future. I replied her that is for sure.

We got another chance after a few weeks’ time.

This time we had the convenience of enjoying for many hours. I fucked in different positions and she struggled to even walk properly after the love making sessions.

That’s about the story for now. Please share your feedback or comments at [email protected]

I would be happy to hear from the readers.

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