A Quirk of fate again-III-Shane’s Turn-[E-172]-part-1-of-2

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As Shane walked into the garage I appeared out of nowhere and shoved him into the laundry room where no one could see us if someone opened the garage door. Before he could react I pushed him against the wall. Going to my knees I yanked down his jogging shorts. His protest died on his lips as I took his flaccid cock in my mouth.


A Quirk of fate again-III

Shane’s Turn


I’m Samantha Cunningham, Sam to my friends. I’m a hot looking 33 year old MILF who writes porn under the pseudonym, Dorothy Norwood. My son Frank. And my husband Charles both think I write Harlequin romance novels of which they have no interest. Neither has any idea that I write porn or how much money I make. Thinking my writing was a cute ‘hobby’ my husband Charles told me I could keep anything I earned and spend it on new dresses and shoes and such.  Neither has any idea what a large stock portfolio I have or the T-bills or municipal bonds or actual cash in the bank.

I have a small checking account at the bank where Charles has his business and personal accounts in case for some reason he checks. . But my main account is at a small out of town bank in Palmer. Though small they handle all my banking needs with discretion. As one of their largest, if not the largest depositors they bend over backwards to accommodate me.

On the way back from Midlothian last weekend I’d ran up on Shane and Butch, two friends of my eighteen year old son Frank. Butch’s car had broken down so I gave them a ride back to Arlington. I was in the mood for some hot 1teenage dick so I’d let them coerce me into buy them some beer. Then we went to Shane’s house where the two little shits fucked my brains out all evening and half the night.

The next weekend my husband Charlie and Frank went on an all weekend camping trip so I call Butch.  It was too dangerous for him to come to the house because the neighbors would see him, so I had him meet me at those sleazy motels in Kennedale just down the street from the Adult bookstores. I told him not to tell or to bring Shane. This was just between the two of us. But I felt so bad excluding Shane that I vowed to give my next free night to him.

It was soon apparent that Butch hadn’t kept his mouth shut because the next couple of times he and Shane were over to visit my son Frank, Shane gave me the cold shoulder.  He was being so obvious about that I was afraid he was going to blow the whole thing. Knowing that I had to take steps to protect myself, I arranged with Butch to get Shane to go get something from the garage and then to keep Frank busy while I did my thing.

As Shane walked into the garage I appeared out of nowhere and shoved him into the laundry room where no one could see us if someone opened the garage door. Before he could react I pushed him against the wall. Going to my knees I yanked down his jogging shorts. His protest died on his lips as I took his flaccid cock in my mouth.

I absolutely love giving a guy head even wimpy guys like Shane. I’ve loved it from the very first time, feeling him grow in my mouth, his length inching down my throat. Tightening my lips, I applied more vacuum to his shaft. I giggled to myself, when his soft moans of “Mmmm,” was replaced by the ragged sharp intake of breath. Shane’s motionless posture was now one of active gyration, I choke once, twice and he pulled back and asked, “Are you OK?”

The prospect of getting caught with Shane’s cock in my mouth had my nerves jangling, humming like those huge high voltage lines that carry 100’s of thousands of volts. Waves of pleasure surge through my body as he finally caught on and started to fuck my mouth. Each pump of his hips brought forth a desire for more. The sensation of my throat muscles wrapped around his hot cock, the slap of his nut sack against my chin, his quickening pace and guttural vocal grunting and moaning all serve to bring my blood to a boil. His pre-cum started dribbling. I clamped my lips tighter and pulled him close by the thighs, swallowing him whole. As he started cumming I backed off so his head rested on my tongue. I felt him pulsing with each jet of cum, until he’d emptied his balls into my mouth.

When he pulls out, a slow, “Ahhhhhh,” escaped his mouth. I realize that I’d cummed too without touching myself. Standing, with lips coated with his cum, I kissed him. Then I said, “You’re scheduled for my next free weekend. But if you keep acting like a fucking baby I’m taking you out of the rotation.”

Much to Shane’s sorry, since he didn’t have a girlfriend giving him any, it was almost six months before I had some free time. Unknown to him, I’d had a couple of back quickies in the park with Butch. Both times I sucked his cock and then he fucked me. His turn finally came in November thanks to deer season. Opening day was Saturday, November 5, so Charles, Frank and because he was a deer hunter too, Butch.

They had the jeep with the trailer with the cab-over camper mounted on packed and ready to go. Then as soon as he got off work on Friday Charles picked the two boys up and they weren’t coming home until Monday morning.

That gave Shane until Monday night. So they wouldn’t expect to reach me at home, my family thought I was going to a writer’s retreat. I don’t know what Shane told his parents but he wasn’t expected home until Monday.

Friday evening, while his parents were out to dinner, Shane slipped out through his back gate and I picked him up around the corner away from the street light. No real destination we just hit I-45 and drove until we hit Ennis. There we grabbed a room at the La Quinta Inn & Suites in Ennis right off I-45. My publishing furnished me with credit cards and ID in a factious name for me to use doing ‘research’ for books I’m writing. When I register they assumed Shane was my son so they gave me a room with two queen sized beds.

Neither hadn’t eaten since lunch, so after we checked in to bolster his ego, I let Shane drive us to Chili’s just across I-45 from the motel. We had Southern Smokehouse Burger with the works, Applewood smoked bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, garlic dill pickles, spiced panko onion rings, leaf lettuce, tomato & Chili’s Signature sauce. Served with a side of Chili’s classic BBQ sauce, house-made garlic dill pickles and Homestyle fries. Then it was across the street to a convenience store to fill my ice chest with cold Budweisers. And New York-style cheesecake with a graham cracker crust for desert.

As we were pulling out of the parking lot I slipped my hand into the front of his jogging shorts and played with his cock until we got to the motel. I was already dreading this weekend. I wanted to get royally fuck but Shane was so timid I was going to have to be the aggressor. I wanted him to grow some balls and treat me like a fucking whore. To use me for his pleasure. Slap me, spank me, tie me up and fuck me. Whatever he wanted to do. But alas I knew I was going to be disappointed. Boy was I wrong.

As soon as the door was shut and locked, he pulled off his t-shirt. Using it like a towel, he popped me on the ass and said, “Get naked bitch.”

When I was down to my panties, Shane grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to him.  Gently, hesitantly, we kiss. His lips press against mine, soft, smooth, warm, alive. We kiss and kiss again, a sigh escaping my lungs between kisses. My arms tighten about my neck as he hold my hair even tighter in his grip. We were very close. My crotch rocked forward, meeting his.

Our mouths open and my tongue met his, both tentative, exploring, searching. A moan built in my throat and Shane captured it with his mouth and return it in kind. We stood there, afraid to break the embrace, my heart beating faster and faster. We break the kiss, loosen the embrace and look into each other’s eyes.

Still holding my hair, Shane practically drags me over and tossed me on the bed. Then he slowly sank to his hands and knees on the foot of the bed and started to crawl towards my wide spread legs. As Shane tore my panties off, lowered himself on top of me and kissed me I felt dazed and powerless. I was no longer just myself, no longer an individual woman with a name, a heartbeat and emotions…I was submission herself. I wanted him inside me…NOW.

But the new Shane wouldn’t be rushed, he moved at his own agonizing pace, every nibble or touch of his tongue calculated to heighten my need and at the same time, delay the gratification that I craved with my whole being.

His lips traced the length of my neck, back to my earlobe and then shifted down to my breasts. When he took one of my nipples between his lips, I cried out and arched my back in pure instinct and unbelievable need. Still Shane savored me. I alternately flailed my arms and withered helplessly under his mouth and hands as I gasp his name. Pleas intertwined with desperate commands gushed from my mouth.

But Shane wasn’t taking orders or dispensing mercies.  He ran the tip of his tongue around my navel, leaving a fiery little circle blazing on my skin. Building the sweet, terrible pressure inside me and then easing off.

I clawed at his shoulders, trying to pull him up from my belly, trying to draw him into me. But still Shane would not be swayed, would not be rushed. Conquer me he would.  That was plain, but on his own terms and in his own time.

Shane moved farther down my frantic body, parted my legs and raised me with his hands as he took me softly into his mouth. I gave a strangled, triumphant sob and my legs went around his neck because my arms couldn’t reach him. I repeated his name over and over again, like some litany offered in delirium, now begging, now cajoling, and now crying out in ecstasy.  My first orgasm was long, endless, with peaks and valleys, slowly plunges followed by rapid arcs to even higher heights than the one before. It wrung every last ounce of passion from me, a continuing climax, causing my mind and soul to buckle and seized right along with my body.  I was breathless when Shane finally let me rest, trembling against the sheets.

And then it happened, the hard, deep thrust as he claimed me. Had my thoughts been coherent, I might have wondered how a wimp like Shane could arouse me to such a need so soon after satisfying me so completely with his mouth. As it was, I could only marvel, flexing wildly beneath him, hungry for release and fighting for fulfillment.

The pace, so slow before, was now rapid, powerful lunging. Our whole life…our being…seemed to be concentrated in our coupling bodies.  I at once yearned for relief and wanted to burn in the fires of Shane’s lovemaking forever. When we cummed, we cummed simultaneously, with low, hoarse shouts of nearly intolerable pleasure, slamming together hard, as if to become one and stay that way forever.

Afterwards, we clung together, hard against soft, warm pressed to warm, both of us breathless. I was crying and had no explanation to offer, no way of sorting through the tangle of nameless emotions. I slipped my arms around his neck and kissed him as I lowered my face to his lap to return the favor that he’d just giving me.

Bobbing my head rhythmically in Shane’s lap, I massaged his stiff cock with my talented lips and tongue. I tasted my juices on my tongue. The skinny teenager writhed on the bed, legs parted as wide as he could get them, his hands spread across my shoulders. “Oh, fuck, Mrs. C, you’re good at that,” he muttered, opening his eyes and looking down his body at me. The wet sucking and slurping sounds made by my eager, tugging mouth only enhanced his pleasure, giving him the impression that I was truly enjoying what I was doing. Shane’s only response was a muffled and apparently agreeable moan. Reaching down, I deftly manipulated his balls, rolling the fleshy sacks in my slender fingers. “Oh, shit! Oh, shit,” he muttered and in short order, Shane started pumping his hips up and down off the bed, careless of my comfort, wanting only to get off. His cock tingled electrically in my mouth, swelling to the limit of stiffness before erupting. He gasped and spasmed, moaning loudly and shaking as I sucked every last drop of essence from his straining dick. Washing the head of his cock with massaging swirls of my tongue. I finally lifted up, lips pursed closed and decorated with a slimy film of semen.

Shane wanted to do me doggy style so he flipped me over roughly on to my hands and knees. Unable to resist he gave me a hard swat on my naked butt. Notching the head of his cock between my lips and inserted the whole thing in one long stroke. I moaned and grabbed the sheets as Shane rammed inside of me. Grabbing my hair hard enough to bring tears to my eyes, before pushing my face into the pillow. The sinewy muscles of my naked back jerked with each thrust of the dick pounding he was giving me. Shane seemed to be angry. He seemed to be full of frustration and taking it all out on my pussy.

Every muscle and nerve in Shane’s body gathered in his cock and trembled there, waiting, until he let go and it all comes spilling out at once, and for a moment it was like he had no body.  He was weightless, spinning, and adrift. At the instant of orgasm Shane’s entire body went ridged, all of his energy came rushing up with his cum from his balls through the shaft and that geyser like eruption I felt was more than just cum.  It was all of his built up frustrated desire being released.

We collapsed in a stupor. When we finally came back to life we were both famished. By the time we were on our feet and dressed most of the restaurants were closed. Fortunately there was a 24 hour waffle house just across I-45.

The place wasn’t very crowded so we had our choice of tables. Shane sitting sideways in the booth with his feet on the seat started talking to a guy in the next booth wearing a Pizza Inn uniform shirt. I heard him say something about delivering pizza but I really wasn’t paying much attention because I was making notes for a future book. Not paying any attention that is until Shane said, “She’s not my mother. She’s my bitch.”  Then our food came and their conversation kinda dropped off while we ate. When I finished eating I went to the ladies room. When I came back they were talking again.

When we left the guy walked out with us. When we got to the car, I sat down in the passenger’s seat. But before I pulled my feet in Shane stopped me and told me, “You’re going to suck my new friend’s cock.”

With the open door blocking peoples view, as if to dare me, the pizza guy unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He couldn’t believe it when I leaned over, took it in my mouth and started sucking.  At least he knew how to get his cock sucked. In seconds his hand was on the back of my head gently working his hips in time with my bobbing. He had a nice man size load of cum. And I could tell by the taste he wasn’t a smoker.

Watching me suck another guy’s cock got Shane so worked up that we didn’t even make it to the bed. He fucked me on the floor about 5 feet from the door.  When he finished, we moved to the bed and he fucked me dog-style.

Exhausted we both fell asleep.

Saturday morning Shane woke me up around 4:30 wanting a blowjob.

After I sucked his dick I was wide awake and famished. We showered and I made myself presentable and we went back to the waffle house for breakfast. The place was surprisingly crowed. But our pizza delivery guy was in a booth alone and invited us to join him. Typical of the area, his name was Jim Bob. Not ashamed he told us he’d just got married because his wife was pregnant. And besides his day job he was delivering pizza to pay for the baby. “Not 3 months along and she’s already cut me off,” he grumbled.

“Is that why you cummed so much?”  Kinda embarrassed, he just nodded yes.

Later I asked, “If I pay for it now, can we be your last delivery without you having to go back to the restaurant?”

Suspecting what I had in mind, he said, “Yes.”

I gave him the money for an extra-large pizza supreme and drinks and told him our room number.

Back at the motel Shane and I had slow casual sex until about 10 AM. By then, we were both famished so we dressed and looked for a restaurant. I chose Cotton Patch Restaurant because I’d eaten at them before and knew what to expect. Tummies full we headed for Waxahachie to browse at the antique malls I’d heard about. Once we parked in the downtown area most of the malls were in walking distance. I bought a couple of pieces of pre-86 Fiesta wear and a McCoy cookie jar.  By now Shane was getting fidgety so when we got on 287 heading back to Ennis I laid my head in his lap and gently sucked his cock to the edge of town. Then I had to sit up. But while my head was in his lap we gave some truckers a thrill. As they passed and saw what we were doing they’d slow down and watch. They’d usually give a little toot of their horn as they pulled on off.

I hadn’t let Shane cum out on the highway so as soon as we got in the room he bent me over face down on the table. When he flipped my skirt up and saw I wasn’t wearing any panties, he put his hand in the middle of my back to keep me in place. Then he buried his cock up to the balls in my pussy and fucked me like there was no tomorrow. I was immediately cumming and continued to cum one after the other until he cummed so hard his legs gave way and he fell on the floor.

The rest of the day was a blur of sex, the high point of which was a hot bout of 69 where I had Shane screaming like a banshee when he cummed.

Pizza Inn closed at midnight. There was knock at the door about 12:15. He must have left the restaurant about right before they closed. When I saw through the peep hole it was Jim Bob, I didn’t bother to cover up. I answered the door naked. Eyes bulging he walked in carrying 2 pizzas and a bag of drinks. “There was a cancelation so the boss gave it to me.”

At my suggestion Jim Bob stripped and the three of us sat around naked eating pizza. Needless to say the three of us checked out each other’s bodies. Jim Bob fell half way in between Butch and Shane. He was more muscular than Shane but not as muscular Butch.  While I was checking him out, I noticed Jim Bob was sitting so he could see between my legs. When I caught him looking, he got red faced from embarrassment and said, “I’ve never seen a bald one before. My wife doesn’t shave hers.”

With a chuckle I said, “It’ll be shaved when she gets home from the hospital after having the baby,” as I spread my legs wider so he could see better.

I wasn’t the only one checking out Jim Bob’s equipment.  Shane was getting an eye full too.

As Jim Bob continued to stare at my hairless pussy, I said, “You do plan on fucking me, don’t you.”

To be continued…

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