A Casualty of Chance Part 4

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Kelli receives a surprise grooming


The electric residue of her orgasm frying through Kelli’s tissue like seismic aftershocks, she was relieved beyond belief to be able to lean back on a solid surface and get off her weak and creaky knees. The solid surface in this case was the nearly 300 pound man seated beneath her, who was still in the process of working a towel between the crevices of Kelli’s body to dry her off as they sat on the edge of the tub.

Her feet dangling a couple of inches off the floor as she huddled for a stable spot on top of Gerald’s lap, Kelli was barely able to focus her eyes through the fog that continued to hang in the cramped bathroom. What she was able to see was Rico’s naked and freshly showered frame standing directly in front of her, along with the brightly painted metal can he was shaking in his right hand.

In her disorientated state, Kelli wasn’t exactly sure what Rico was priming in his hand but as exhausted as she felt at that moment, she didn’t care if it was a can of spray paint rattling in his right palm as he approached. Sensing the weight of Rico’s footsteps on the floor as Gerald continued to gently towel her off, Kelli’s eyes flared when she saw Rico extend his arm towards her. In less than a second a thick layer of creamy white foam was smothering Kelli’s freshly washed crotch.

“UUUHHHH,” Kelli shivered out loud, her body trembling as the cool shaving cream leeched into her pale, sensitive skin.

Undeterred, Rico calmly nudged Kelli’s thighs all the way apart once again with his forearm and laid down another layer of the lather until the expanse of Kelli’s hair-rimmed cunt was completely engulfed.

Her eyes focused now like two glassy lasers, Kelli watched as Rico sat a heavy glass mug full of steaming water on the floor between her dangling feet. A second later she shrunk back against Gerald’s chest when she saw Rico reach up and take the disposable razor he’d tucked neatly behind his right ear.

“He’s gonna… shave my… pussy,” Kelli mumbled incredulously to herself even though her lips were quivering enough for both men to see.

While Kelli had experimented with trimming her pubes when she was a giddy teenager in high school, she had abandoned the chore of keeping her pussy cleanly shaved once she’d had begun attending college. With a busy routine to keep upto and no worry of anyone else really caring, since her then boyfriend and now husband never asked her to do so anyhow, Kelli had slipped on her grooming ever since.


If she’d had the strength to be embarrassed at that moment, Kelli would have apologized to the two kids for the dense and unkept tangle down there, but it seemed Gerald and Rico had a solution for it. Watching with stunned, almost child-like fascination as Rico twirled the shaft of the razor between his fingers, Kelli waited for the sharp sliver of it’s cutting edge to make its first swipe through the foamy icing covering her crotch.

In the process of looking down, Kelli could also see Gerald’s two large hands reaching around from behind and cupping her breasts as his warm breath brushed over the back of her neck each time he exhaled.

“AAAHH… AAAHHH,” Kelli instinctively trembled at the first razor’s touch, having never allowed anyone close enough to shave such a sensitive area.

Feeling Gerald’s steady grip tighten ever so slightly when she began to shake in his lap, Kelli’s eyes remained glued on each successive stroke Rico’s hand made with the razor across her pubic mound.

Kelli could see Rico shaking the head of the razor clean every few seconds in the mug of hot water before returning the cutting edge back between her legs. The delicate, almost artistic ease that he went about his chore told Kelli that Rico had likely done this type of thing before and she suddenly felt a twinge of arousal shoot up her spine imagining him doing the same thing to another woman.

“Don’t hurt her” Kelli heard Gerald say from behind when Rico started gliding the razor in short trimming strokes around her rubbery and puffed vaginal lips.

“Don’t worry… I won’t,” Rico replied without looking up, a hint of sarcasm in his voice as if to say ‘we’ll be gentle with her now but maybe not so much later’ which made her feel particularly helpless and tiny, here she was a thin petite woman barely above a hundred pounds in weight,sitting in the lap of a strapping three hundred pound black kid while another two hundred pounds black kid tenderly shaved her pussy.

Kelli felt her heart rise with anticipation every time Rico sat the head of the razor down on her skin and she found herself holding her breath each time he scraped another strip of shaving cream and curly brown pubic hairs away from her genitalia. The only time Kelli felt comfortable enough to exhale was when Rico swabbed the razor down into the mug to clean of it’s previous take.

With each successive stroke, Kelli saw more of her bare vagina come into view and by the time both blooming folds of her pink labia were shaved clean and exposed, she’d raised her feet high into the air and placed them on the two granite knots of Rico’s shoulders as he continued his carnal trimming.

Her nipples now the size of two olives as Gerald pinched and tugged at them from behind, Kelli shamelessly began nudging her naked asscheeks against his throbbing erection below.

Making the last few touch-ups along Kelli’s vaginal rim, Rico then dropped the razor into the mug with a wet plop and reached for the towel laying on the floor beside him. Taking the scrunched up white towel in both hands, Rico tucked it between Kelli’s outstretched legs and gently wiped away the excess lather and random hairs until her entire crotch was as smooth and clean as the day she was born.

Kelli looked down between her swinging breasts at Rico’s face and watched him take a few moments to admire his handiwork after he’d pulled the towel away from her cunt. Her ankles still resting across Rico’s shoulders, Kelli tried getting comfortable to the strange sensation of having the warm damp air of the bathroom cling to her suddenly bare crotch as she waited for the man below to make his next move.

While the two boys she shared the motel room with did nothing to debunk one myth she’d long harbored about black men’s sexual appetite and prowess, Rico was about to do something that would blow a second myth she’d heard completely out of the water. Before Kelli could remotely begin acclimating herself to having a smoothly shaved vagina, Rico leaned forward and placed his mouth directly over the hairless fissure, his lips and tongue churning fiercely through Kelli’s pinky and pulpy vaginal folds.

“OHH… GODD,” the married woman yelped, digging the fingernails of her left hand into Gerald’s thigh as Rico smashed his face hard against her shaved sex and that proved to be the last straw as her third orgasm that had been dying to find release announced it’s arrival out of nowhere.

“GGGAAWWWWHHHHDDDDDDDDDD… I”MMMMMMMMMMMM CUUUMMMMIINNNGGGGGG,” Kelli screamed and spat in rapid succession, an aura of pure joy and unmitigated pleasure encasing her once more as she helplessly dug her hands into Gerald’s muscular thighs.

“Didn’t think black men ate pussy did you?” Gerald whispered into Kelli’s ear before proceeding to nibble at her earlobes as she writhed and jerked on top of him “Just keep those legs open… you aint felt nothin’ yet…” he said as she kept splashing her juices all over Rico’s face who continued to feast on her leaking fissure.

Any hope of controlling the flow of arousal seeping from her cunt was long gone. Having cum twice at the hands of Gerald and once at the hands of Rico once already, the lust that had been dammed up behind the concrete wall of Kelli’s sense of morality and self control had now breached and now Kelli feared she was capable of anything. The sound of Rico’s mouth chewing at her pussy drifted through the cramped room and Kelli found herself reaching down with her right hand and placing it on the top of Rico’s head to hold herself steady as he corkscrewed his tongue deeper into freshly shaved quim.

“UUUHH… UUHH… UUHHHHAAHHH,” Kelli’s frail, high pitched voice sizzled from her throat as her girlish thin, pale while legs rattled on top of Rico’s shoulders and back.

Through her squinted eyes, Kelli could see Rico’s ebony cheeks were wet with the sheen of her shiny vaginal spray and it wasn’t long before she felt him start using the tip of his nose like a cattle-prod against the bloodfilled nub of her clitoris each time he gouged his mouth deeper into her sex.

“You’re acting like you aint had your pussy licked in a long time,” Gerald half laughed down to Kelli.

Too overwhelmed to reply, Gerald’s assertion was true. It had been weeks, maybe even months, since Kelli and her Husband had taken the time to get that intimate with each other and the long overdue lack of attention was evident in the way the married woman’s body seemed to react to every whim of the two men who’d seduced her.

“Feel her heels bouncing against your back, Rico?” Gerald shot down to his friend. “You could make the Bitch cum anytime you want!”

From the way the soft flesh of Kelli’s inner thighs vibrated against his cheeks, Rico had no problem sensing that as well. Scooping his tongue like a forked spoon through the buttery, velvet juices of Kelli’s sex, for good measure Rico added his left index finger to her swollen cunt, using it to press down and massage several strategic internal points as he held Kelli’s waist firm with his right hand.

Clamping his tongue and front teeth around Kelli’s clitoris when he sensed her release starting to build yet again, Rico rolled the pulsing pink bubble in his mouth until the married woman’s lips had puckered open and her breathing become more shallow. Just as Kelli’s fourth orgasm of the morning was about to tear through her however, Rico removed his mouth from her cunt at just the right moment, leaving Kelli squirming like a fish out of water on top of Gerald’s lap, desperate for relief.

“Don’t cum yet,” Rico barked with sober and determined clarity.

“… Please… Please… ,” was all Kelli could manage as the back of her still wet head rolled side to side across Gerald massive chest.

“Do you need to cum?” Rico interrogated.

“Yes,” Kelli admitted bitterly.

His face smeared with Kelli’s clear, sticky arousal, Rico simply smiled as he stared into the married woman’s smoky eyes.

“You need to cum?” he asked a second time.

“… Yes,” Kelli answered after a long pause, turning her head away from Rico’s gaze in shame.

“How about Gerald there sticking his big black dick inside you… you want to cum like that?” Rico continued, this time squeezing the inside of Kelli’s right thigh hard between his fingers before swiping his thumb cruelly over her raised clit.

“… Please… anything please,” Kelli coughed, jamming her right hand down hard on her own crotch in a hurried attempt to quell the fire raging inside.

“Then pick her up and fuck her brains out Gerald,” Rico said to his friend before standing up.

A miserable moment of vertigo swept through Kelli when Gerald’s weight shifted and she lost the comfortable nest she’d created on top of his lap. Even though the fog in the bathroom was slowly dissipating, Kelli’s world was still a blinding blur as Gerald stood up, compelling her to do the same, cupped her ass, picked her up then spun her around in mid-air. Kelli instinctively wrapped both her legs around Gerald’s waist even though there wasn’t a chance the nearly 300 pound man was going to drop Kelli’s barely 100 pound frame. Her small breasts mashed against Gerald’s chest, Kelli anchored both her hands around his back as she waited for the inevitable.

Being spun around slowly, Kelli caught just a glimpse of herself in the mirror over the bathroom sink and felt her stomach roll. Though the glass was still wet and beaded in places with steam, Kelli could still make her face out through the haze as her chin rested on Gerald’s left shoulder. She should have turned her eyes away just then but she allowed her gaze to linger just long enough to see the sparkle of her wedding ring in the reflection as her left hand clung to Gerald’s neck ,a look of guilt clearly smoldered in Kelli’s eyes as she came to the conclusion that this day will stay with her for the rest of her life.

Other than a plain set of earrings and her cross necklace, the ring was the only article of clothing or personal possession remaining on Kelli’s otherwise naked body, and it was the ultimate reminder of the depths of her depravity that morning.

Kelli didn’t have long to process her indiscretion however when Gerald’s right hand eased between her thighs and his index and middle fingers pried apart the lips of her vagina. Dropping Kelli’s weight down slowly, Gerald simply allowed his fully aroused and fat cock to act as a raised spear as the fruit of the married woman’s frothing sex descended down on top of it.

“AAAAHHHH,” Kelli gasped in exquisite agony, her pussy slowly filling with Gerald’s virile girth as the image of the wedding ring on her finger remained clear in the mirror in front of her.

Kelli’s only recourse to escape the physical and emotional strain she was willingly putting herself through was to press her face all the way down on Gerald’s collarbone, thus shielding her eyes from the gleaming image of her wedding ring staring back at her. Just as she closed her eyes however, Kelli felt Gerald’s body shift when he started walking her towards the bathroom door. Helplessly impaled on his cock as he carried her like a sack of potatoes back out into the bedroom, the putrid,humid air hitting her like a furnace when they exited the bathroom. Kelli dug her fingers into Gerald’s back as the muscles in her vagina strained to accommodate him.

A slave to her self imposed darkness, Kelli’s only tether to reality was the grappling hook of a cock Gerald had shoved inside her. Her asscheeks nuzzled softly in his giant black hands, Kelli finally mustered the courage to raise her head and open her eyes just to see where Gerald was carrying her.

The room spinning around her, for the second time Kelli assumed she was going to get dropped flat on the bed and fucked there. Once again she was wrong. Gerald carried her up to the edge of the bed allowing her to hover for a few seconds over it before finally lugging her to the front wall, in the direction of the lone window in the room.

Trying to adjust her eyes, Kelli could see the curtains were closed but before she could take another breath, Rico’s hand appeared from the side and pulled the drawstring, causing the curtains to fly apart. A flood of early Autumn sunshine instantly enveloped Kelli’s naked flesh as she rested in Gerald’s arms, and to her horror, he walked her right up in front of the glass.

“Oh… God,” Kelli winced, putting her face down against his right bicep to block out the harsh light.

Even though the room was on the second floor and up a flight of stairs, Kelli was sure someone walking through the parking lot could clearly see her pale frame wrapped around Gerald’s black body if they looked up to the window.

Not that there was anyone in that seedy neighborhood that might recognize her, but with all the camera phones and digital cameras out there, Kelli shivered imagining some serendipitous photo of her moment of weakness showing up on the internet. All that internal consternation did nothing however to prevent the sheath of her ever expanding womb from pulling Gerald’s embedded cock even deeper inside her.

“Stand right there and fuck her against the window Gerald… give the folks over at the strip mall across the street a good show,” Rico laughed, admiring the way Kelli’s legs looked stretched around his co-worker’s waist as she struggled to maintain what little composure she had left.

Reaching up with his right hand, Rico rubbed Kelli’s damp hair as Gerald increased the pace of his grinding thrusts. Rico could feel the jarring report vibrating from Kelli’s scalp each time Gerald churned forward. Softly drifting his fingertips down the back of Kelli’s neck, Rico proceeded to wind them slowly between her shoulder blades, then down the column of her spine before allowing them to settle between the cheeks of her ass. Jabbing his index finger forward ever so slightly, Rico twisted the tip of his finger into Kelli’s anus before pulling it back.

“UUHHHHH,” the married woman gulped when she felt has asshole invaded, the lurching jolt it sent through her body foreshadowing things to come.

Gerald continued to build his rhythm inside Kelli for another minute or so, gently stroking the woman’s back and upper arms as he fucked her. Staring every so often at the landscape outside the window as the friction of his cock gradually stretched Kelli’s womb, Gerald finally decided to make his move. Spinning around to his right, Gerald was sure he sensed Kelli again bracing herself to be dropped down on the bed directly beside them. Holding her there for a few seconds, long enough for her weight to settle in his arms and her breathing to cease as she waited to be lowered, Gerald turned 45 degrees… then WHAM!!

In less than 3 full strides, Gerald rammed Kelli straight into the wall separating his room from the one beside it. Shoving Kelli’s back flush against the wall, Gerald kept his cock buried inside the gasping woman’s cunt until he’d sandwiched her torso between his bare chest and the thin, motel room wall.

What tender, love and care the two men might have shown to Kelli in the bathroom was obliterated in one cruel instant when Gerald shoved her against the wall and roughly began fucking her. His hands plastered to each side of Kelli’s head on the wall, Gerald unleashed every bit of pent-up lust in his massive body and transferred it straight into the gaping fissure of Kelli’s straining cunt.

“AAAHHH… UUHHH… AAAHHH… UUAAAHHGGRRAAHH,” Kelli’s lungs erupted through the room, her tiny body barely visible, save for her arms and legs intertwined around Gerald’s thrusting body.

The wall between the two rooms literally shook as Gerald plowed forward, systematically plunging his cock deeper into Kelli’s screaming womb.

Digging her heels hard into Gerald’s back and waist as she buried her face against his chest, Kelli could feel the already cool and slick surface of the wall behind her smearing with her own perspiration.

“FUCK… YYEEAHH… GGRRAAHHHH,” she heard Gerald groan down on top of her head, his majestic baritone voice sounding almost cosmic layered over the wet, slapping sounds of their genitals crashing together.

Rico found a comfortable spot off to the side to just stand and watch what Gerald was doing to Kelli. He couldn’t fathom how the 43 year old, barely 100 pound waif of a woman, could withstand such a grueling pounding. Yet there she was, digging her heels and her hands hard into Gerald’s sweaty flesh, somehow holding on as the hulking man ravaged her against the wall.

Having such a mammoth spur of cartilage bulging every nook and cranny of her vagina brought tears of painful joy to Kelli’s eyes as she pressed her face down on Gerald’s chest, soaking the short curly hairs that dotted his pecs. She even found herself awkwardly trying to fuck Gerald back with her aching pussy when she felt his lips and teeth begin working on the exposed and salty skin of her neck and right shoulder.

“YOU LIKE THAT… HUH?” Gerald snapped into Kelli’s ear.

“MMMMMM… AAAHHHH… YESSSSS,” Kelli’s muffled reply bristled across Gerald’s chest a few seconds later, followed by another drizzle of tears.

“COME ON… YEAH… FUCK ME BACK!” Gerald voice continued to rise as they mutually felt the need to go for a hungry kiss.

“COME ON… FUCK ME BABY… FUCK MY DICK… FUCK MY BIG BLACK DICK,” he snarled, extracting his tongue from her mouth after three breathless minutes,until Kelli started shoving upwards as best she could with her overmatched body.

“YEEESSSSS,” a loud, guttural groan reverberated from Gerald’s throat as the rich and frothy contents in his balls began spewing between Kelli’s parted legs.

The fact that he was cumming did nothing to slow Gerald’s pace however, and he continued to drive his groin forward, delivering his blistering white seed in bursts, deep into Kelli’s unprotected womb.

“GOOOODDDDDDDDD… MMMMMMAAAAAAMMM… CUUMM… CCUMMMM… CCUMMMINNNGGGG,” Kelli high pitched voice suddenly trumped every other noise in the room as she succumb to her fourth orgasm of the morning, in that moment seeming to have no care for who might be in the room beside her or walking around outside.

Working her thighs like the wings of a butterfly around Gerald’s drilling cock, Kelli tried milking the last bit of semen from his bloated balls as he heaved and grunted on top of her.

Feeling the way Kelli flailed between himself and the wall, it prodded Gerald to keep thrusting forward until they’d become one completely spent tangle of human gristle, flesh and bone. Looping his hands back down underneath Kelli’s thighs with what energy he had left, Gerald let out a long exhausted sigh as he assumed Kelli’s full weight once more.

Lowering Kelli’s cunt off his cock as he slowly turned her away from the wall, the disjoining of their two sexual organs sounded just like a champagne bottle had been shaken then uncorked. Several globs of ejaculate quickly belched from Kelli’s vagina and oozed straight down to the carpet, leaving a messy but telling trail as Gerald carried her to the bed.

“Oh God… Yes… ,” a wave of relief swept through Kelli when she finally felt her back come to rest on the safety of solid ground. Even though it was just a snarl of twisted,filthy, sheets, at that moment it felt like home when Gerald sat her down.

Being off her feet and able to focus for the first time since she’d entered the motel room over an hour earlier, the gravity of her situation steadily began to sink in. As she lay there naked, heaving and panting on an unmade bed, Kelli stared up at Gerald standing above her, his massive body covered in sweat as he caught his breath.

Watching his barrel chest expand and contract each time exhaled, Kelli’s tired eyes eventually settled on the man’s crotch. A tremor tore through her body seeing the cumsmeared length of Gerald’s manhood hanging like a battered club from his groin, congealed in the combined juices of their lust.

Kelli’s gaze then drifted between her own thighs and she was left to survey her crotch, shaved bare by one man and left gaping and ravaged by the other. Putting her left hand over the steaming fissure just to make sure her pussy was still attached to her body, Kelli couldn’t help but wince seeing her wedding ring shining in the sunlight streaming through the opened window. What had happened in that room, she knew would always stay there, but as the two naked men continued to circle the bed like ravenous sharks, Kelli openly wondered what other secrets she’d have to conceal.

Her world had been a delirious whirlwind since she first pulled onto the lot to get gas on her way home from work, but for the first time since then, everything had slowed down enough for Kelli to start taking stock of her situation. Laying there on the cool sheets, once the adrenaline that had fueled her mad sexual rush started to wear off, Kelli could feel pretty much every muscle in her body twitch, not to mention the residual feeling of two mens’ hands and mouths seemingly over every square inch of her skin. She could even feel the ticklish sensation of Gerald’s sperm swimming through her womb as she laid there flat on the mattress. Keeping her thighs spread, Kelli waited for a fresh flow of air to soothe her overheated cunt.

“Switch on the air conditioner ” she demanded, desperately trying to catch her breath

“Nah, no fun in that, let’s all the stank out” Rico told her with a straight face as she began to see his point, it was filthier, more erotic this way, fucking in a reeking,humid room covered in sweat and other bodily fluids.

Reconciling her senses to her new environment Kelli rocked her head side to side on one of the pillows, waiting to see which direction the next assault on her senses would come from.

Her clothes laying in a strewn pile in the bathroom, on some level Kelli knew she could stand up, get dressed and walk out the door on her own terms anytime she wanted. There was absolutely no sense the men were holding her hostage, but all Kelli wanted, or more precisely needed, was to lay there and allow fate to run its course.

A few seconds later she felt the depression of Rico knee to her left on the bed, followed quickly by his left hand coming to rest on top of her belly. In short order Rico had slide his entire body down on the bed beside Kelli and gently began nuzzling her cheek and neck with soft, soulful kisses. Looking up to her right, Kelli saw Gerald approach the other side of the bed and couldn’t help but notice the dangling slab of his manhood swaying directly in front of her face, its vein encased length coated in the glistening aroma of their shared sex.

Rico’s right hand cinching softly around Kelli’s left arm, he guided the married woman’s hand towards Gerald’s crotch as he nudged her head of the pillow. A primal thread of understanding tripped for Kelli as she eased her weight up on her right elbow and took Gerald’s deflated, but still ample cock into her hand. Inspecting it closely for the first time, Kelli saw he was uncircumcised. Having been a nurse for so many years, she’d seen her fair share of uncut cocks, but never this up close and never in such an intimate setting.

Opening her mouth as wide as she could, Kelli could only wrap her lips around the head of Gerald’s beast, even in its half-limp state it was still as long and much thicker than her Husband’s full erection. As much as she’d struggled to accommodate him inside her womb when he had her pinned up against the wall, there was simply no way she could even begin to satisfy him orally except to rinse and bath his rubbery cycliner with her lips and tongue.

Gerald’s balls swaying like a pendulum against Kelli’s chin as she strained her neck upwards to cleanse every crevice of his manhood, the combined juices of their previous release washed down Kelli’s throat. While she was vaguely used to the metallic, salt water toffee taste of the male ejaculate that clung to his cock, it was the first time she’d ever ingested her own bittersweet arousal.

It wasn’t long before Rico’s fingers resumed pinching and pawing at Kelli’s breasts as she serviced Gerald. Lost in her carnal chore, Kelli didn’t realize Rico had flipped her all the way onto her right side and re-positioned his groin flush against hers from behind until the blunt tip of his erection penetrated her still recovering vagina.

“EEHHAAHH,” Kelli grimaced, the tendons in her body flexing as Rico worked his dick deeper into her jizz soaked snatch, not in an attempt to make her cum once again she sensed, but just to keep her pussy primed for what he had planned next.

And prime Kelli’s pussy, Rico did. Over and over he pushed his cock deeper into Kelli’s cunt, using his left hand to hold Kelli’s left thigh in the air while at the same time mussing her tangled hair with his right. Rico could feel Gerald’s already deposited semen bubbling around his manhood as he stirred it in long, slow strokes inside Kelli’s womb. Their two bodies conforming into one each time he stabbed her from behind, Rico finally planted his cock ball deep and allowed Kelli a few seconds to get use to the sensation of being completely filled.

“Now for the fun part,” Rico said to himself before easing his grip off of Kelli’s thigh and allowing the tip of his thumb to come to rest over top Kelli’s exposed asshole for a second time that morning.

“WWAAAAHHHH,” the married woman spat when Rico penetrated her ever so slightly from behind.

“Never been fucked there have you?” he asked without a hint of shame.

“No,” came Kelli raspy and startled response.

Rico chuckled under his breath before jabbing his thumb down to the first knuckle inside the 43 year old woman’s quivering anus.

Her pussy skewered on his cock, Rico reached towards the floor with his free hand and grabbed the small tube of lubricant that he had conveniently placed there. Popping the cap, he lowered it down to Kelli’s behind and squeezed out several globs on his embedded thumb and the punctured ring of Kelli’s virgin asshole.

She shivered when she felt the cool slick liquid seep into that most sensitive of places as a chill of adrenaline coursed through her even as she felt her body stiffen up a bit for the second time. Her tiny body was preparing for what was about to come.

Pushing his thumb in just a little deeper, Rico swirled and stirred the digit until several muscles in Kelli’s tiny frame began to randomly fire. By the time it was clear to Kelli what Rico’s intentions were, she’d long passed the point of giving her body over to him and Gerald. Biting her lower lip, Kelli clung to the gold cross around her neck as Rico methodically primed her asshole from behind.

Deeper and deeper Rico drove his thumb into Kelli’s rectum until it was all the way down to the webbing of his palm. Once he could go no further with it, Rico carefully began sawing his thumb up and down until Kelli’s ultra tight sphincter started to loosen. Pumping his cock forward in her vagina every few seconds to keep Kelli’s juices flowing, Rico added another drizzle of lube to his thumb before jabbing it back inside.

“OHH GOD… OHHHH… UURRMMGODDD,” Kelli shuddered, her head rutting through the pillows bracketing her face as she squirmed under Rico’s delicate but unflinching assault.

Gerald continued to just stand there beside the bed, rubbing his battered prick back to erection as Kelli writhed below, knowing he’d get many more crack at her. Meanwhile Rico was finally ready to do the unthinkable, to stick his 8 inch long and bottle thick cock as far as he could up the married woman’s untainted ass.

Reaching around Kelli’s shoulder with his right hand, Rico clamped his forearm across her chest to hold her in place as he withdrew his cock from her vagina. Kelli instantly winced and her breathing became very shallow as if sensing what was about to happen next. Working the trunk of cum-basted manhood free from Kelli’s womb, Rico quickly aimed it a few inches higher.

“MMMM… RRAAHHHHH,” Kelli vocal chords heaved when the head of Rico’s dick smashed into her anus.

The urgency of her groans intensifying each time Rico thrust forward, Kelli wrapped her feet around Rico’s legs and dug her fingernails hard into his right arm as he clamped down between her breasts. Clenching her eyes, with every millimeter Rico’s cock slipped deeper in her ass, Kelli began experiencing sensations she never knew existed. She somehow felt like a sexual sacrifice rotating on a spit, helplessly snared and naked between Rico’s grip and the piercing rod of his burrowing black cock drilling into her lily white ass. Kelli knew she couldn’t move, even if she’d wanted to, which made it all the more awkward when there was a faint knock at the motel room door.

Kelli’s racing heart nearly stopped when she heard the knock for the second time. It actually did cease to beat for a moment when she looked up and saw Gerald walking to the door to answer it…


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