Life Drawing Disaster (CFNM Story)

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If you think stripping off to pose nude for an art group couldn’t be anymore embarrassing… you ain’t seen nothing yet!!!
Disclaimer: Again this is a comedy CFNM story containing all adult characters and any resemblance to real life people or places is purely coincidental!!


~ At an adult activities centre, Helena is in the main art room setting up for her life drawing class, with Lara the other art tutor helping her out, as one by one, the members of the art group arrive ~


Helena: “We are just waiting on our nude model and once he arrives we’ll begin”


Lara: “Who is the poor sod that’s getting his kit off for us this time?”


Helena: “It’s one of our beloved volunteers”


Lara: “Which one is it?”

Helena: “It’s that guy incharge of the IT group”

Lara: “Oh this i’ve gotta see! Is it alright if I stick around for a bit as my own art class doesn’t start for another half-hour yet?”


Helena: “Sure, but go easy with him as this is his first time and he is a bit shy”


~ All of a sudden Alex walks into the room wearing a white dressing gown as the group jokingly wolf-whistle ~


Alex: “This is my first time doing anything this, so please forgive me if I am a bit shakey or do something wrong”


~ Helena and Lara smile and walks upto Alex, putting their hands on his shoulders ~ ~


Helena: “No need to worry Alex, just take a deep breath and try to relax”


Lara: “Yeah, no need to be embarrassed Alex, we are all adults here”


Alex: “Thank-you! Shall I disrobe now?”


Helena: “Oh yes I.T Boy! Time to strip-off and show us your 9-inch floppy”


Lara: “Yes, get ’em off and show us your USB stick”


~ Helena and Lara smile at Alex as he steps onto the podium and takes off his robe, revealing his naked body to whole art group, who start applauding Alexs bravery ~


Helena: “See Alex, that wasn’t so hard was it?”


Lara: “…erm …it is …erm …hard?”


~ Lara winks at Alex, as the whole room starts giggling, whilst a shocked Helena points at Alex and then points down at his erect penis, then smiles at him ~


Alex: “Sorry about that folks! Like I said it’s my first time! …Don’t worry, i’ll take care of it!”


~ The whole room starts laughing because of the “take care of it remark” ~


Helena: “Not in here you won’t! Is bad enough cleaning up after my art classes as it is, without having to clean up your mess too”


Alex: “Woah! Woah! Woah! I didn’t mean take care of it in that way, I ment that i’ll try to think of something unsexy to make it go down”


Helena: “What like thinking about old ladies?”


Lara: “Well that’s not going to work with Alex… I hear he prefers older women! Hahaha!”


~ Suddenly the fire alarm goes off, causing everyone including Alex to start panicking~


Alex: “Oh crap! Where is my robe?”


Helena: “Try not to panic Alex, it’s probably just a false alarm or a test”


~ Suddenly Mandy comes into the art room and escourts the members out of the building ~


Mandy: “This is not a drill, make your way to the fire exit and wait out side”


Alex: “Help! I can’t find my robe”


~ Lara, Helena and Alex are looking all over frantically for the robe but to no avail ~


Mandy: “You’ll have to hurry up as this is an emergency”


Alex: “Can I atleast get my clothes from the toilets then?”


Mandy: “Unfortunately you can’t because that area is where the fire is”


Alex: “Well what can I do? I can’t find my robe and I can’t go outside stark bollock naked?”


Mandy: “This will have to do then!”


~ Mandy throws Alex a small towel, that he immediately puts on, but unfortunately it just about fits round his waist ~


Mandy: “Now follow me to the fire exit”


~ Alex, Helena, Lara and Mandy head down stairs and make their way to the fire doors ~


Mandy: “The fire exit is just through here, where Barbara is holding the door open”


~ Alex wearing only a skimpy towel around his waist, follows Mandy, Lara and Helen  through the fire door that is being held open by Barbara, who is Alex’s voluntary work boss ~


Barbara: “Oh my god! Where are your clothes Alex!”


Alex: “I was modeling in one of your life drawing classes and then this fire alarm went off… i’m really sorry for any offence caused boss!


“Barbara: “No need to apologies Alex! It’s just one of those things that happens”


~ Barbara then leans over to Alex and whispers into his ear “…and besides, i’m liking what i’m seeing”, then she slaps Alexs backside as he walks past her and heads towards the electronic gate ~


Mandy: “Hurry up Alex, we’ve done the register and everyone is just waiting for you now”


~ Everyone from staff, to other volunteers, to members are crowded outside of the electronic gate looking on at a nervous Alex, who is wearing nothing but a skimpy towel, in stunned silence, with smiles on their faces as they try their best not to laugh ~


Alex: “Sorry about this everyone! I was posing for a life drawing class and the fire alarm went off”


~ Just as Alex walks through the electronic gate, it shuts behind him, catching his towel in the process ~


Alex: “Oh shit! Not now! Not out here! Infront of everyone who I work with!”


~ Alex turns round to try to pull the towel out, revealing his bare bum to everyone in the process, as they all start laughing ~


Stacey: “Swit-Swooooo! Nice arse you have there Alex!”


Norma: “I’m so tempted to go over and smack his bottom”


~ Suddenly Jackie who’s been on the phone the whole time, ends the call and gathers everyone round, whilst Alex is still angrily trying to pull the towel out from the electronic gate ~

Jackie: “The firemen have just phoned to say they are on their way and want everyone to get as far away from the building as possible”


~ Everyone makes their way to the assembly point that’s further away from the building as Alex tries frantically to pull the towel out to gate, but to no avail ~


Jackie: “I know it’s unfortunate and embarrassing, but this is a serious fire and you must get away from the building now”


Alex: “But I can’t walk around in the middle of a public street in the buff?”


Jackie: “Well walk behind me to the assembly point and i’ll cover you up”


~ Alex gets right upto Jackies back, hiding behind her as the pair slowly walk to the assembly point, which is full of giggling people looking on ~


Jackie: “Ouch! Careful there Alex! You just hit me in the back with your boney knee”


Alex: “…erm …that wasn’t my knee …sorry”


Jackie: “Look I can’t do this if you keep on poking me in the back with your tackle so it’s probably best if you go hide behind something else?”


Alex: “Yeah, sorry about that and there is a tree just further up, so i’ll go and hide behind that instead”


~ Alex quickly waddles away from behind Jackie, covering up his privates in the process and hides behind a tree as everyone continues laughing at his embarrassing situation ~


Mandy: “You still need to come further down here Alex”


Janey: “Much further down here computer boy… We all want a closer look at your hard drive! Hahahahaha!!”


~ Janey and her buddies from the knitting group are all high-fiving each other and then the giggling women all start making a ‘come here’ gesture with their fingers ~


Alex: “How am I going to get down their without being seen?”


~ Suddenly Barbara appears behind Alex and slaps his bare bum ~


Barbara: “How about I stand behind you, covering up your cock and balls as you walk down to the assembly point?”


~ Alex turns to Barbara in shock, cleans his ear out with his finger and tilts his head ~


Alex: “Sorry, I must’ve miss heard you, but for a moment then, I could’ve sworn that my lady boss, just said that she wanted to cup my private parts and walk towards everyone else from the very place I volunteer at?”


Barbara: “That’s what i’ve said Alex and unfortunately it looks like you’ve got no choice”


~ A reluctant Alex turns round, strugs his shoulders, stands infront of his grinnin boss, Barbara, who then cups his cock and balls with his hands ~


Barbara: “See that wasn’t so hard was it? Oh wait, yes it is! Hahahaha!”


Alex: “Yeah very funny! One of your staff members made the same joke earlier”


Barbara: “Sorry I couldn’t resist! Anyway, we should probably be making our way down to the assembly point now”


~ An embarrassed Alex walks upto the giggling group at the assembly point, with his female boss behind him, cupping his cock and balls to hide them from view ~


Norma: “I know you like to get hands on with the volunteers Bab’s, but this is ridiculous? Hahaha!!”


Mandy: “Yeah I think that’s a tad bit inappropriate Barbara, you’ll have to let go of him as you can’t fondle volunteers like that i’m afraid”


~ Mandy then winks at Alex, clearly only saying that so Barbara can stop covering up his modesty ~


Alex: “It’s okay! Honest! Please don’t remove your hands boss”


Barbara “Sorry Alex! Rules are rules!”


~ Barbara suddenly removes her hands to a roar of cheers, revealing Alexs willy and testicals to all the volunteers, members and staff at the assembly point, who all start giggling and wolf-whistling at him, as he starts blushing red with embarrassment ~


Norma: “I know it takes balls to be a volunteer, but that is ridiculous!! Hahahaha”


Stacey: “Swit-swooooo! You can model for my art class anyday hansom”


Janey: “Hey nudey-boy! Good job I’ve brought my knitting with me, as I can cover you up when you get here?”


Alex: “A little late for that don’t you think?”


~ An embarrassed, red faced Alex slowly waddles towards the assembly point, filled with giggling people, as he covers up his private parts, keeps his head down and tries to avoid eye contact with them all ~


Jackie: “Look Alex! I know you must feel really humiliated and embarrassed, but we’ve all seen you naked now, so you might aswell just run over here because it’s taken you long enough already and that building could be burning down at any moment”


~ Alex realizing that Jackie is right, runs towards the assembly point with his floppy dick bouncing up and down like a yo-yo, much to the amusement of everyone at the assembly point ~


Stacey: “Glad you’ve made it naked man! Just becareful though because I hear the pub across the street are having a hen party!”


~ Just as she said that, a group of women come out of the pub and suddenly stop to point and laugh, when they see Alex standing in the assembly line, stark bollock naked, with just his hands covering up his modesty ~


Alex: “Nothing to see here ladies! Move along!”


Stacey: “Oh I don’t know about that Alex!”


~ The laughing and wolf-whistling hen party women come over and start checking Alex’s nake body out, then they smile at him and head off ~


Alex: “When can we go back inside as it’s freezing out here?”


Janey: “Awww Poor ickle-naked man is freezing his dangley balls off? Don’t worry i’ll warm you up!”


~ Janey with an evil grin on her face, walks over to the shivering and embarrassed Alex and hugs his naked body ~


Jackie: “What a good idea Janey! Let’s all hug Alex to keep him warm and protect him from hypertermia”


Alex: “No, that’s quiet alright thank-you”


~ Suddenly all the female staff, female volunteers and female members start hugging Alexs naked body, all whilst giggling hysterically and rubbing his naked body ~


Fireman: “When you lot are done squashing mister nudey, you can go back inside  now”


~ They all suddenly stop hugging Alex and start to back off to the sides forming a pathway in the middle ~


Mandy: “All clear folks, everyone is free to go back inside now!”


~ Weirdly everyone is just stood still, despite being told that they can re-enter the building ~


Janey: “After you Alex! Don’t be scared! We’ve even cleared the way for you. Hahaha!!”


Jackie: “I know this has been quite the ordeal for you, so if it makes you feel better, me and Janey will hold your hand along the way”


~ Janey and Jackie surround an embarrassed and humiliated Alex who is still covering up his cock and balls with his hands, whilst everyone else stands on both sides, making a path way so that they can see a naked Alex pass them by ~


Alex: “Okay, you can both hold my hands… oh wait, on second thoughts!”


~ Just as Alex realized what a bad idea it was, it was too late as both Judy and June grab hold of Alexs hands that he’s been covering up his modesty with, revealing his penis that has now shrunk because of the cold weather and shrivelled up balls to roars of laughter from everyone ~


Mandy: “I guess you’re freezing Alex, best get back in quick… it’s only a SHORT distance from here, Hahahahaha!”


~Mandy winks after that comment, as a naked Alex, still holding hands with Janey and Jackie, runs past the wolf-whistling and giggling crowd, with his tiny cock jiggling up and down infront of their gaze, but then is stopped by Norma ~


Norma: “Oh nudey-boy! The fireman said that he’s put your clothes in the locked draw in the main office… you’ll need to use the TINY key on the desk to open it though. Hahahaha!!”


~ A naked, red faced Alex starts running faster, dragging Janey and Jackie, who are still holding hands with him ~


Jackie: “Slow down Alex! You are bigger and faster than us?”

Janey: “Well he is faster, I don’t know about bigger? Hahahaha!”


~ Alex lets go of Jackie and Janey, runs inside quick and gets his clothes from the main offence, whilst all the female office staff laugh and wolf-whistle as they watch him get changed ~


Alex: “Okay ladies, you’ve had your fun, shows over!”


~ They all start groaning in disappointment at the sight of a clothed Alex ~


Helena: “So are you on for modelling in the life drawing class next week?”




Barbara: “Oh don’t be like that Alex, we are only having a bit of fun with you”


Stacey: “Yeah don’t worry about it as it’s one of those things you’d probably look back on and laugh about”


Norma: “Please don’t take it personally Alex because after how well you handled such an embarrassing situation, me and my colleagues have huge respect for you now”


~ All the staff members nod in agreement and smile at Alex, as they all are starting to feel sorry for him now ~


Alex: “Seriously? After everyone in the whole work place has seen me stripped naked and humiliated like that, you’ll be lucky if I show up to run my I.T group next week”


~ Alex makes a hasty retreat out of the building and heads home ~


***The End***

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