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An older man fucked my wife in the ass.

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An older man (65) fucked my young wife (19) in the ass


My wife was fucked for the first time by a stranger on July 2016.

The man was an Austrian widower who worked at the store Nora was working during the summer. He was the janitor-maintenance man.

Nora was 19 years old, she had a fixation with older men since she was touched and caressed by an old man in Lima, Peru, were we lived until we came to US.

The Austrian man was 63-64 years old.

He realized that Nora was flirting with him, she made insinuating looks to him, hidden smiles and poses and gestures.

He was very eager for her, he couldn’t take off his eyes of her legs and thighs when she was in dress or skirt, he was always looking at her breast and was especially excited when she wears miniskirt and high hells.

He was desperate and horny, she was 45 younger.

I met the man when I went to pick up Nora at work.

Quickly I knew his insane desires and probably he understood my passive attitude.

We started to socialize with him, in one occasion we went with him to a bar.

Nora was sitting in the middle of the booth and he was very close to her. Their thighs were stuck and he casually touches her, he understood my behavior and knew that Nora was very hot.

That night nothing happened. We were very excited.

Nora was very eager so I called the man very early on Sunday morning, I didn’t know what to say, I was ashamed and disturbed but she wanted that I call the old man.

On the phone I just said to him to come without delay, he understood.

He came at 7:05 am, he was nervous and we were tense and anxious.

The apartment was gloomy, when he entered the apartment I set aside a few feet from them. Nora was on panty and a t-shirt, she wore high hell sandals.

She was lying on the wall, when the old man approached her and she turned to the wall with his back to him.

He quickly embraced her from behind, he pressed her against him and began to kiss her neck, she reacted at the contact and tried to release from the man but he controlled her and began to caress her breast and she moaned while she was twisting her body.

She was excited and very needed, the old man realized it, he turned her over and stayed face to face, he approached her face to her mouth, she didn’t move when he began to kiss her mouth, I saw her opening her lips and receiving his tongue, she was desperate, the man understood that she needed to be fucked immediately and took her to the table.

He put her face down over the table and quickly pulled down her panty, he lowered his clothes and I was stunned when I saw his enormous cock, it was extremely erected, 7-8 inches, thick with a huge mushroom head.

Without delay, he grabbed her waist with both hands and placed his body over her from behind mounting Nora, she stayed quiet while she felt the old man trying to place his enormous cock between her thighs and buttocks, she felt him pushing and trying to spread even more her buttocks until she felt the old man entering her, first the big mushroom head and she moaned when felt the initial penetration, then, firm and  slowly the old man began to penetrate her, slow and steadily he was entering her ass, for the first time she was being penetrated from behind in her ass, she felt the thickness and the hardness inside her, she moaned and complained for the size but he kept penetrating her ass until she was fully penetrate, up to his balls,  she receive the 8 inches penetration and she sighed and moaned when she felt the old man began fucking her delicious ass, it was impressive the way he was fucking Nora, she was fully penetrated and he was steadily stroking her, she was deliriously fucked, she was lying on the table, grabbing the edge, with her legs wide open and receiving a full penetration, I saw the effort and movements made by him while deliciously fucking her, her asshole was totally and fully penetrated and fucked by the old man.

He fucked her for 2-3 minutes, without stopping, with fury and at the end she was squeezing her ass to feel even more the man cock when he gave 2-3 final and very hard strokes and firmly gabbed her while stared to release his milky semen inside her ass, he released all his semen in her while Nora squeezed her ass trying to keep his cock inside.

Then he pulled out.

He left the apartment.

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