Surbhi’s first time anal

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When 2 curious people decide to explore anal sex and it turns out to be the best sex they ever had.


Hi, my name is Amit and this story is about my early days in Bangalore. As this was my first-time visit to Bangalore, I hardly knew anything about the place and when my friend Surbhi offered me to stay with her for the time being, it sounded good to me. It was a 2 BHK apartment which was shared by Surbhi and Kavya her colleague. I was given the hall. They had an extra cupboard which they gave it to me.

The days passed by and the bonding between us 3 was growing with every passing day. We could talk about anything and everything and the shyness went off in no time. In one of the weekend, Kavya went to her hometown, and I and Surbhi were alone.

It was a weekend and we decided to stay at home, we were having a beer and were talking about sex life and getting to know about each other fantasies, fetishes, and things we have tried, the first time experience and later we decided to explore the premium porn membership which I have taken today. We were going through the videos when she said let us watch anal.

We selected one and cast it on to the TV. It was an erotic video, a complete full-length video of 50 minutes (That’s the best part with a premium membership. Beauty, Erotic, and Full Length all come together). “Damn, how could someone have such perfect boobs and ass”, she said. We were watching it and in between, I saw her adjusting her legs. I was getting the thought to approach her, but it may look desperate so I stopped myself. After the movie ended, she looked at my shorts and my dick was already having a hard-on. I was so lost in the movie that I forgot to adjust it.

“The video seems to be pretty effective right?” she smirked.

I looked at her still lost, and she pointed towards my dick.

“Oh, sorry,” I said.

“No, No, I totally understand”, she winked.

“What about you?” I asked.

“It’s heating up inside,” she replied.

“Did you ever try anal?” I asked

“No, did you?” she asked

“No, but I want to try it,” I replied.

“What say, shall we give it a try?” she asked

“Are you sure?” I asked, although from the time I saw her adjusting her legs I wanted to ask her out.

“Yeah, but on one condition, don’t be desperate, we will do it as per my way. If I ask to stop, then stop, OK?” she said.

“Yeah, it’s fine,” I replied

“Do you have some lube with you? I read somewhere that it takes lots of lube”, I asked.

“No worries, I will get it from Kavya’s room, she ordered one recently,” she said and went to Kavya’s room to get it.

We went to the bedroom, she dimmed the lights.

I was feeling a bit nervous then she said, “Don’t let the heat go off. Take those off and let me see you.”

And we both got undressed. This was the first time we were seeing each other naked.

She was around 5’7 and she maintained her hair at a medium length. Although her facial features were impeccable, it was her body that was the center of attraction. Coming to her boobs they measured around 32. They were perky with a natural bounce, but still firm, they were light compared to the less tanned skin of her body, Topped with tiny hard nipples. Coming down, she had a flat belly with perfect curves it was a visual pleasure and it just got my erection larger and harder.

“You look amazing,” I said.

“You look good too, like this.” She winked.

She came close and placed her hand on my dick and said “Let’s explore”, and she took my hand and placed it on her boobs. My hands started to sweat and I got my hands down; she smiled and said “Your decency and nervousness should go off along with your clothes. So feel them properly.” With this she asked for my hand and placed them on her breast; they were soft like the freshly baked bread in the bakery. I was feeling them all.

Her freshly baked bread was in my hand and the gentleman sausage was in hers.

We were so close to each other that we could feel our breath and in no time our lips got locked and we got engaged in a passionate kiss. Once the lock got separated, I started kissing all over her face, teasing her neck kissing slowly and biting gently, savoring her smell and every inch of her flavor. I went further down to her breast; they were full and satin-smooth, ready to be worshipped by my tongue. The nipples were hard, and I worked one of them into my mouth and zeroed with the eagerness of a kid in a candy store and placed my hand on to the other and squeezed it firmly. She grabbed my hair with her hand so that I continued. Her eyes were closed, but her expressions showed how deeply she was enjoying this. “She was like an instrument to play, so finely tuned, and when touched her right, she made the most glorious sounds raw, intense, absolutely delicious noises of pleasure.” My tongue trailed down to her belly, around her navel, loving her. Tasting her and slowly moving down through her smooth pubic region I reached her toe. There wasn’t an inch of her that I missed to taste from the base of her throat to the curve of her waist to the back of her knees to her apple red toenails. She was dying to have me inside her, and finally, I spread her legs apart, exposing her clitoris, that’s begging for the touch of my tongue. I could feel the warmth of her vagina and it was extremely wet. I positioned my shoulders under her thighs and gazed at the beautiful, white rose between her legs, kissing the inside of her right thigh, and then suckling the inside of her left. Spreading her pussy lips aside with my fingers; I planted a kiss on her glory hole and drove my tongue inside her tasting it. Around and around I swirl, drinking in her scent, drinking in her reaction until I feel her tremble beneath me. Her moans got louder and louder as she locked my head with her legs to hold it in place and said: “You’re driving me crazy; I don’t want to come yet. I want this to last.” She was reaching high; I could feel it through her moans and she climaxed calling out my name like a chant. It was such deep satisfaction to feel the power I had over her.

It was time to explore her ass and I asked her to turn around, but she said: “No, it’s my turn, to explore.” Saying this she asked me to come up and lay on my back and she climbed on top of me and got hold of my hand placing it aside and gripping it tightly, “You were having a great time seeing me like that Hmmm, now watch out. The longer it took you to get in between my thighs, the rougher I’m going to make it now. ” Saying this she kissed me, injecting a level of passion that put me in the shade. Then she moved to my neck, to my chest. She was playing with my nipples and was doing the same what I was doing to her. She did the same to my navel and finally, she got a hold of my dick. It was dripping with precum heavily. She released the hold instantly and started teasing with her tongue in the surrounding areas. While doing this she was constantly looking into my eyes and it was clear in that look that she will take her own sweet time before she takes hold of my cock. Finally, she gripped it and pushed the foreskin back to its maximum extent and kissed the opening of the pee hole. She began to work systematically at my penis with both mouth and hand, spreading her arms comfortably across my knees. She was returning me everything which I was doing to her. She was a pro in playing with a cock. From sucking the balls, doing a deep throat and choking herself while our eyes locked in each other’s she was brilliant at all.

“How does it feel? You want to release it badly, don’t you?” She asked,

“Of course I do,” I replied

My cock wrapped fully with her saliva, she was stroking it and teasing the head with her tongue, and when she understood that I was going to release, “Ready to come? “She asked and I responded with a nod. She directed my penis facing me, and I shoot out the load. She stroked it further until the leftover drops came out. She was playing with my semen, rubbing it on my chest while I was trying to get my breath back to normal.

“Now it’s your turn”, she winked at me and placed herself in the “Doggy style” position and spreading her ass chicks with her hand. I removed her hand and said, “Shhhh, don’t bother your hand.” She had a fantastic butt and when I squeezed them; my fingers went deep into the flesh in my firm grip. Spreading out her butt cheeks, I went close and started sniffing it. I was in love with the smell and the way she tastes. She gave me the lube; I poured a generous amount on her butt hole and was slowly rubbing it with my finger. She grunted and groaned with pleasure as I slid my middle finger deep in her ass and started moving rhythmically inside her. After some strokes, I inserted one more finger.  Her ass opening was proper now for my cock to enter. After a while, she asked me to take it out. She took the tube of lotion and squeezes some onto her fingers and applied it to my dick and to her ass opening as well. She positioned herself by lying on her back and placed her hips on top of a pillow. I asked her why we don’t try out the doggie style. She said she wanted to see my face, while my dick penetrates her ass. I positioned myself. She was holding her legs with her hands, her ass was totally exposed and I placed my cock in her hole where the wetness gathers and guided it inside her slowly just enough to bury the tip. She was tense as I was pushing it into her and asked me to stop and hold in that position. After some time she asked me to push a bit, like this I put my whole length inside her. Once I was totally inside her I hold it for some time. I started with gentle strokes with a minimal part of the dick coming out and penetrating back. Slowly it got adjusted and she asked me to do it harder and I increased the pace and both of us started enjoying and I could fuck her freely and my cock was stretching her hole to the max. She was moaning loudly and pushing back on every retreat. I saw tears in her nice, but before I could ask she cleared it out that it was not coming out of pain, but it was out of the new feeling she was experiencing. We tried various positions during that night and finally I was nearing my second orgasm, she asked me to shoot it on her boobs and my cock exploded and poured the semen.

We both got exhausted, and I was lying beside her when she asked: “Can you do that thing with your mouth one more time to my pussy?”

“Sure”, I said,

I was going down when she stopped me and said: “No, wait. I will be on top this time.”

She placed her pussy in my mouth and holds my head tightly with her thighs. She was about to climax so I went faster and faster and faster, till I felt her juices come out. I leaned back and watched my work. She was squirting and yelling out “Fuckkkkkkk”. I smirked. She laughed and covered her face. We were a galaxy exploding into a million pieces, creating a whole new world, as we crashed against each other on the soft surface of the mattress, a cloud in the darkness, our bodies finally falling together like rain.

“You didn’t tell me you were a squirter,” I said smirking.

“I also got to know it today.” She said smiling.

“You gave the best mouth to my pussy”, she said.

“You gave me the best head till date”, I replied and we went to sleep.

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