Never judge a book by its cover

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It all started at a party with my friend Eli and his better side. I wasnt really having the best of time, since I knew no one there. I was able to make due since my other good friend Jack Daniels kept me company. Eagerness to go must have shown because Eli and Janet came and asked if I was ready to leave. Janet asked if I could give her friend Sophie a ride with me, since they wernt going home right away and they were her ride. Me being me, I asked questions about this woman Sophie. Janet told me she was 38, which was 8 years older than I, and that she was a doctor. So that pretty much took all hopes of enjoying this womans company out the window. As I waited outside for the doctor I had become a taxi for this beautiful women with a dark complection, raven black hair, and curves that counldnt be more perfect. As I stared at her we met eye contact, she yelled something but i was unable to hear her inside the car. Once the window was down I heard her say, “You must be Joseph.” Suddenly I realized this must be Sofie. I am, I said I’ll be your taxi for the evening jokingly. She didnt laugh, like she was used to being driven around. After we made each others aquantance very quickly, she told me where she lived in a stern tone. She was definatley used to being the boss of people. Once arriving after the quiet drive she asked if id like to join her for coffee in her place. Now sober I took her up on the offer plus the sight of her was fine with me. Like looking at a model that was nice to look at but would never have anything to do with me. While sipping my coffee waiting for her to return downstairs, I heard the creak of the stairs. I looked up to tell her thankyou and that I must get going, when I realized she only had on a silk robe with somekind of lacey undergarments on under it. As I sat there speechless she looked at me with a look, I could only describe as deviant, like she was reading my thoughts. She walked towards me, a case in one hand, and sat next to me at the belly bar with one leg in my lap. Her eyes met mine and she simply asked if I would like to stay for awhile. When I looked up from her perfect legs, my eyes met with hers. I knew she knew where my eyes came from, i could see it in her face. Not mad, but amused in a seductive manner that caused my arousal to peak. I suddenly felt awkward from lack of conversation, and I sensed the same from her. She stood up and walked towards a bedroom, but before dissappearing in the room her silk blouse fell to the floor, in my shock and excitment I sat a moment longer. Thats when I heard her stern voice say, “Joseph come join me, I apologize for my social lacking, but perhaps we may get to know each other a more intimate way. With my face clearly red from the rush of blood, I noticed she wasnt looking at my face. What blood hadnt rushed to my face had clearly rushed somewhere else. As she stared down, I couldnt help but to become even stiffer. Especially the way she had that sexually deviant smile of satisfaction on her face. I had trouble pulling my pants off over this hard apperatus in my boxers. Then she stood up and firmly grabbed my manhood with her soft long fingers, reminding me of a vice grip hold. Slowly she walked me to the shower room pulling the way. Once inside she turned around and pointed to the shower and said you can wash up there. Baffled I put up no argument. Just as I was fully unclothed she laid down a towel on the floor, and demanded me down on all fours. Guessing she read my confusion she turned on some warm water and grabbed a red bag with a hose connected to it off the wall. At this time I had to ask what was going on, she replied I’m a doctor and I happen to be a clean freak. Now down on all fours, she demanded. Even though I did not quite understand I obeyed, and I liked it. Once my rear was in the air, I heard water filling the bag. She then poured about half a bottle of mineral oil in with it. My new doctor then poured lube on my anus, and inserted the hose. I heard a click and she said relax, take deep breaths. It was just at that moment I felt a rush of warth flow through my body. As the bag emptied into me I noticed she had opened her case. Contained inside was a bag of white powder, a large syringe with no needle, and a small metal mixing bowl. With my stomach filling fuller and fuller, she began to mix the powder with water in the bowl. She then looked down at me with that smile that almost caused my fully erected manhood to burst. Then she said, use the restroom while I’m gone, her hand yanked the hose from my rear, Ill return when your clean. Standing from all fours as she left the room I barely made it in time. Once in the shower I kept wondering what was about to happen. As I stepped out the shower, there she stood in the sexiest lingerue I’d ever seen, in one hand she held the syringe full of her mixed solution. Before I could ask any questions she ordered me back on all fours. This time she wanted it done in the bedroom, I obeyed. As she stood behind me I felt the syringe slide in and the solution delivered. Suddenly this euphoric sensation rushed through my body, leaving my rectum numb and my erection now throbed with pleasure harder than ever. I rolled over to see Sofias gaze fixed on my erection pleased to see I couldnt hold back my climax much longer. She poured her numbing solution, I now learned to be cocaine, over my hardend member, and said that should help you hold it a little longer. My mind now mad with lust, i barely heard her say my turn. When I looked over I saw the rear of a goddess, each hand spreading each cheek, to give me a clear view of her perfect anus winking at me. As if telling me its ready to recieve the full load of the cocaine solution prepared in the syringe. I did as it told me ,and it definatley wanted it, all of it. We both now lay on the floor catching our breath as the drug fuels our lust more than ever. As she begins to stir I just lay there letting my cock throb harder and harder with my eyes closed. When I open my eyes I see that familiar heart shaped figure lowering down towards my face, I welcome it with kisses. As she fully sits of my face, my tongue quickly moves, all I hear is her screams of ectasy. Suddenly the screams become muffled, as shed been gagged. It didnt take long for me to realize she couldnt scream anymore with my hard throbbing cock filling every inch in her warm mouth. While Sophias rear still sat above my face, her climax dripped from her lips to mine, running down my face. With her feeling satisfied, all that she felt needed to be completed was me. Sensing her blush from her climaxing first she became determined through a lustful rage. As her lips pulled from the hardened shaft, spit dripping from her mouth, as she said i want it all in me. While I raised my head up, hers went to the floor, her rear end stayed as high as she could keep it, spreading her cheeks with her hands just showed how much she wanted me to have open access, to wherever I wanted. I looked down at that perfect round rear, and decided to check if the backdoor was open. With Sophias climax and her saliva still dripping from my throbbing member, with one slow thrust I found the backdoor was open. As Sophia pushed her rear back against me to ensure she got as much of me as she wanted, after a low moan she stopped. Realizing now she was completely full and stuffed she couldnt take no more. With no other choice she slowly slid off the full length of the shaft that had impaled her rear inch by inch all the way in. Only one last action was left that would satisfy her lust. She put her firm grip back around the base of my shaft and started pumping it. Warm lips wrapped around the tip of my shaft enjoying where it was her hands still pumping, her eyes looking up at mine determined to get whats hers. As I keep getting closer and closer to my climax, I suddenly feel something unfamiliar yet amazing. I look back down and there I see Sophias mouth full of my family jewels, while one hands fingers are now pushing on my prostate, while the other hand continues milk my shaft. Only now my climax has arrived, and Sophias lips quickly wrap back around the head of my shaft. Finally now that Sophia is full she is satisfied with her lust and mine.

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