The Girl in a Country Song Ch.7 Ride Through The Country

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Lukah and Jessie had decided to chill and hang around the house, on their first day off together in several days. After all, the weather report was calling for rain. The day started…


Lukah and Jessie had decided to chill and hang around the house, on their first day off together in several days. After all, the weather report was calling for rain. The day started off as any lazy, rainy day. A small brunch, catching up on household chores and of course cuddling in front of the TV. As the morning turned into afternoon and boredom of the TV set in. The sky cleared and it was a perfect fall day. After all, the Appalachian weather is always eluding the forecasters. Lukah was very satisfied to waste the day. But the sun shining through the windows had inspired Jessie to a country ride, to view the beautiful colors of the changing leaves. She asked Lukah to take her for a ride. As Lukah halfway paid attention, still focused on the TV, Jessie realized it was time to put her female persuasion to work. Still in her flimsy night clothes, she straddled Lukah’s legs. Leaned over, with little teasing kisses. Her lose top exposing her breast. As she softly pleaded for the ride, she ground her pelvis and thighs up and down Lukah’s legs. It had been a long time since they had made love, due to work schedules. Lukah felt the heat Illuminating through Jessie’s panties and the kisses on his neck turning into little nibbles. He was quickly submissive to her request, to get up. He walked behind her as they headed to the bedroom to get dressed. But Lukah had different intentions, he grabbed Jessie as she stood bare chested, in the process of changing shirts. Lukah kissed her neck and attempted to pull her to the bed, thinking they could have a nice afternoon romp then continue their lazy day on the couch. Jessie composed and still very intent on the country ride, took a more aggressive and dominant approach. She reached down cupping Lukah’s balls with a firm grip grinned and sternly said “it will be a damn long time before you need these, if I don’t get my ride” Then let out a teasing devious chuckle while proceeded to get dressed. As she walked from the bedroom, proclaimed she would be waiting in the truck. As Lukah climbed into the truck, he saw Jessie as close to the passage door as possible. The first few minutes were very quite. Both portraying as sense of pouting and frustration. But each knowing it was just a part of their own confidence and teasing. Jessie’s plan was to reward Lukah very generously for the ride. And Lukah looking at her beauty sitting over there all confidant, long blond hair flowing with the wind, a tight black Jack Daniels tank top, with a short blue jean skirt and low cut boots with gold trim on the sides that matched her shirt, he knew that sometime during this ride he would have his way with her. As the ride continued the traffic got lighter and the city grew further. Jessie reached over to turn the radio up. And as if she were the DJ, one of their favorite songs came on. “Cruise” and they both began to sing: “Baby you a song~You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise~ Down a back road blowin’ stop signs through the middle~Every little farm town with you~In this brand new Chevy with a lift kit~It’d look a hell lot better with you up in it~So baby you a song ~You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise”. Singing, and laughing, Jessie reached over to rub and mess Lukah’s hair up. Just like that. One song, and the country ride had came to life. By this time Jessie and Lukah had relaxed, talking about events of the past week, admiring the country view and enjoying each others company. Good times, quality time, life was good. It even seemed that the radio was in sync with them, when the song “Take a Lil Ride” came on. Again they both sang: “Well I’m just ready to ride this Chevy~Ride this Chevy down a little backroad~Slide your pretty little self on over~Get a little closer, turn up the radio~Put your pretty pink toes on the dash~Lean your seat back~Man I swear there ain’t nothing looks better than that Sweet tan, little thing with nothing to do~I wanna take a little ride with you”. You would have thought the lyrics of the song were controlling Jessie as she kicked off her boots, exposing her cute lil feet, with the pretty painted toenails. Reached under her shirt, to unhook her bra. Then slowly pulled her bra from under her shirt. Bent over to put it under the seat. Crossed her legs as she put her feet on the dash. Then leaned her pretty lil head and soft blond hair on Lukah’s shoulder. Lukah reached over with his right arm holding her tight. Neither said much. They were just absorbing each others presence. They had needed this time. And again just as if the radio DJ was in the truck with them, the song “All Over the Road” comes on. The songs blares through the speakers, with the lyrics: “No sir I ain’t been drinking~I ain’t even had one beer~This sweet thing’s got me buzzing~From whispering in my ear~Just take a peek up in here~At this little hot mess~Mister, you’ll understand I’m doing my best~And I know I’m all over the road~I can’t help but go~A little bit of left, a little bit of right~It’s hard to drive with her hand over here on my knee When she’s all over me, I’m all outta control~All over the road~Don’t wanna get no ticket~Don’t wanna cause no wreck~It’s hard to concentrate with her pretty little lips on my neck~I say “girl take it easy” She laughs, says “it’ll be fine”~How am I supposed to keep it between the lines~Yeah I know I’m all over the road~I can’t help but go”. This time, there is no sing-a-long. A big grin came on Lukah’s face, when Jessie reached over, cupping her hand over Lukah’s balls, with a controlling grip. Looked up into his eyes and told him it was time to pull the truck over! Lukah already had the perfect spot in mind and was nearing the turn. He turned the radio down. And as they made the turn and eased down what seemed to be an old farm road, they could hear the sounds of the near by river and wind blowing through the drying leaves of autumn. As Lukah parked and turned the truck off, Jessie was putting her boots back on. It had been a long drive, so after kissing Jessie, Lukah was a little rushed to get out of the truck. Stretching his legs, readjusting his half hard cock in his tight jeans and surveying their current surroundings. Lukah dropped the tailgate, which he then laid a blanket over. Then stood at the back of the truck, taking in the country view. Unknown to him, Jessie slid her moist panties off, before putting her boots on. And found a CD for her to dance to, that is now starting to play. Jessie started positioning herself to exit through the rear sliding glass. As the beat started to hit, Lukah hears the lyrics: “Hey girl, go on now!~You know you’ve got everybody lookin’~Got a little boom in my big truck~Gonna open up the doors and turn it up~Gonna stomp my boots in the Georgia mud~Gonna watch you make me fall in love~Get up on the hood of my daddy’s tractor Up on the tool box, it don’t matter Down on the tailgate~Girl I can’t wait~To watch you do your thing~Shake it for the young bucks sittin’ in the honky-tonks~For the rednecks rockin’ ’til the break of dawn~The DJ spinnin’ that country song~C’mon, c’mon, c’mon Shake it for the birds, shake it for the bees~Shake it for the catfish swimmin’ down deep in the creek For the crickets and the critters and the squirrels~Shake it to the moon, shake it for me girl~Aw, country girl, shake it for me~Girl, shake it for me”. As Jessie was finally able to stand up. Her upper body out the window and her feet still in the seat. She let’s out a loud YeeHaa and blew Lukah a kiss. Jessie then turned herself around, as she danced. Stretching over the back of the cab. Shaking her cute lil ass towards Lukah. Occasionally her skirt would slide up exposing the plump round cheeks of her firm ass. As she continued to dance, she slowly pulled one leg through the window, then the other. The sun was beginning to set. Just at the right angle for Lukah to see the light causing a glisten of the juices that were trickling out of Jessie’s pussy, hanging onto the blond pubic hair of her neatly trimmed landing strip. Jessie now loose from the constrictions of the rear sliding window, was then dancing all around the truck bed. As the song came to the end. Lukah held his hand up, helping Jessie to the ground. As a slow song started to play, they danced closely together on that river bank. Until they had danced to a near by tree. Jessie’s back to the tree, Lukah pressed tightly against her. He gazed into her eyes. Gently cupped her now glowing face in his strong hands. There passionate slow kiss quickly turned into long deep kisses. Tongues exploring the depths of each other and some sucking and light biting of each other tongue and lips. Lukah lowered his grasp to her waist and easily raised her short, petite body to a low hanging branch that he sit her on. One leg down, the other on the branch in the same direction, with her soft, hot, wet pussy spread wide. Still holding her secure with his left hand, he slowly drug his right hand down from her waist, only touching her with his index finger. As he neared her pelvic region, applied more pressure. He could feel how soaked her soft landing strip was. As he went lower in circled her clit, then slid his finger deep inside her. As she moaned, he pulled the finger out. He heard her pussy make a popping noise from the wetness of her tight pussy trying to pull it back in. Still gazing into her eyes. He flashed a sly grin, sucked her juices from his finger and immediately immersed his face and tongue into her womanhood. It took no time before she locked his head in between her legs and exploded. Her hot juices flowing put of her and down his face like a volcano. Before she could gain her composure, Lukah lifted her off the branch and lowered her onto his stiff cock. With Jessie holding on tight, literally riding his cock, he walked them back to the truck. He lowered her on the blanket in the truck bed. Standing on the ground Lukah was then able to make long hard strokes. Lukah could already feel the pressure and heat of his cum building. Jessie could sense him about to succumb. Not ready for the finale, she used her feet and legs to push him out and away. Then Jessie was the one holding out the hand, in a jester for him to join her in the bed of the truck. As he stood up he towered over her. Holding his hand she leaded him to the front of the truck bed. Leaned over the cab of the truck, encouraged him to take her from behind. He obliges. Pulled her hair back pushing the side of her face toward the truck, he now fucks her. Towering over her, directing the action, as if he is in charge. She had many waves of orgasms. She always loved it when Lukah took charge, making her feels so safe and feminine. But Jessie is spunky. She’s not one to be out done! As Lukah was about to explode, she reached around, again cupping his testicles. But this time she gripped the base of his hard shafts with all the might of her small hand. It was just enough for Lukah to stop and pull out. Before he could even ask why she did that, she patted her hand on top of the truck for him to sit on the truck cab. As he turned to rest against the cab, Jessie already had the head of his cock in her mouth. Jessie loves the taste of cum. Especially her own and she was slowly savoring every drop that was on Lukah throbbing cock. Once Lukah’s cock was cum free, she then wanted to give Lukah his finale and taste his nectar. She pulled him close. Her fingers dug into the cheeks of his ass. She sucked his cock in the fast crazy motions of a clothes washer being off balance. His long hard cock was gagging her, but she was relentless, until his cum had overflowed her throat and mouth, leaving just a few drops that squirted out during the tight embrace of her lips around his shaft. As they both tried to regain normal breathing, she wiped the drops of his cum from her face. Grinned, sucked the juice from her finger and then laughed in a confidant and controlling tone. That night as the rode home, her pretty lil head on his shoulder. His big strong arm around her. They listened so content, so full of life and each other, as the song Outskirts of Heaven played on the radio” But Lord when I die, I wanna live on the outskirts of heaven~where there’s dirt roads for miles, hay in the fields and fish in the river.~Where there’s dogwood trees, and honeybees, and blue skies and green grass forever.~Lord when I die, I wanna live on the outskirts of Heaven.” Today Lukah and Jessie had there lil piece of Heaven and tonight they would be “Home” together. …..always to remember their ride on the outskirts of heaven.

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