Reward worth the risk 1

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True story of fantasy become reality. Kim and I started trading fantasy erotic intant messages. Her last message was that she needed to have that for real


To test the waters i suggest to Kim we try mutual masterbation together.  Less guilt..

She is married as well as my wife’s sister. The next day we see each other again. We are short on time but decide to go further and she gives me a beautiful blow job. As i kiss her good bye i tell her the next time it’s my turn. My turn to do everything we fantasized about.

It took a month to create the time. The repair needed was just in case someone saw my van there .  I walk straight to the bedroom.

Kim is laying in bed wearing a purple silk nighty.  Her blond hair and wanting blue eyes.  They can look gray blue or green. Today the look blue.  I lay beside her immediately to kiss her pretty face  passionately.  Our tongues dance together until i kiss her neck over to her ear.  I whisper so whats under the purple silk? As i run my hand up her outside thigh to that sexy ass.  No panties.  I have to get these clothes off i whisper.  As i stand to get undreseed quickly Kim rolls to her tummy to turn the tv off and remained there.  I know why

As i climb into bed i begin kissing behind her knee.  As i slide my tongue up and over her inner thigh she speads her legs to let me. Slowly up and down her inner thigh umtil Kim wants more.  She is not vocal.. Yet.  She raises her sexy ass up in the air.  This is what she’s been missing. My words convinced her i much i enjoyed giving oral. But she wants me to begin the way she has been without for too long  So doggie style oral she gets.

I insert my tongue between her fold to  taste her sweet juices.  She is wetter than i expected so i have to control my self  i work my way to her clit.  Changing pressure and pace i work that magic button. Her moans get my attention  i start stroking my tongue from her clit and up to her wet womanhood. Slow and steady until i insert and fuck her with my tongue. Back to a couple strokes from clit and back over her soak pussy to edge that sexy ass  i pay extra attention here with every stroke of ny tonue.  This teasing ends abruptly when Kim rolls to her back

I need to cum Kim says  please.  So i focus my tongue and lips over her clit. Sucking and circle to just the tongue. More pressue and flicking up and down feverishly while i slide my middle finger inside and to the g spot.  Her legs begin to shake and she is moaning I’m cummimg .  My tongue tries to taste every drop.  She came lomg and hard  her clit to sensitive so i lick her were the juces are. She lets out a half moan half giggle when i kiss her ass one last time

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