“I love you”

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She whispered those words that make him want to pound her senseless.


She is so turned on as she climbs onto the bed exposing her nakedness under hser skirt. She reaches down to her pussy with her finger and lets him see them go up and down her slit. Jupiter gives in seeing the the lust in her eyes. Besides that, he looks at her in aww. She is so beautiful. Right now, she looks so sexy.The love he has for her goes beyond barriers and begins to go up the bed to her.He slides his hands hands up her legs spreading kisses on her calves moving up her thighs, and gets closer to her lips, she leans in to give him the softest most gentliest kiss he has ever felt.

She tastes so good even with the salty tint of tears. He kisses her eyes, remembering how much she cried. She has a firm grip around his neck and begins to run her fingers through his hair. “I love you.” They say in unison. This sends a bolt of tingling sensations all up and down their bodies. He pulls her shirt over her head and arms, snaps her bra off, pulls down her skirt. He is now of the bed. She laughs at how fast he is moving, she’s never seen him move so fast. At the same time she notices at how sexy he looks moving so swiftly to take his clothes off.

They pause taking a moment to admire one another. They both are some beautiful creatures. He begins where he started crawling up her body spreading kisses up her legs to her thighs taking in her beauty, her body, her scent, Her, all in. Reaching her pretty pink pussy he leans in with soft kisses as she moans with each kiss. Parting her lips with his tongue as he slips it into her crevice. While he laps, he feels her body tense up, but he continues his meal then sensually begins to just kiss her delicious lips. She is shaking under his arms, mouth lavished with her juices.

He continues crawling up sprinkling tender kisses all over her. He reaches her breast. They are so enticing he puts her pointed nipples in his mouth, he sucks on them sending more sensations to her orgasming pussy. Jupiter continues his way up her neck. She nibbles on his ear then kisses him with a passion grabbing his dick stroking it teasing his head with her slit making it wet with her juices. He needs to be inside of her, make love to her. She guides it into her, she jerks a little when he begins to let it slowly go inside of her. She could feel every centimeter to every inch to the foot long specimen.

They are in pure ecstasy. He stops for a second. She feels so miraculous he almost came. They stare at each other as he slowly pulls his dick up and all they way out. He looks at her anticipation because he wants her to feel the ache her pussy feels to want him back inside of her. She waits as she whispered those words that make him want to pound her senseless. Instead, once again he let’s is go slow so he could feel her lips wrap around his dick pumping as they move at the same pace the same rhythm as if dancing to a song only they could hear.

They begin to feel that overwhelming feeling a feeling each other’s orgasm together. They kiss passionately realizing that his dick is still so hard and so deep she begins to move her hips up and down from under him. He looks down to see her taking the whole thinkg in and then back out with an eargenes she takes it all back inside of her. It feels so good as he lets her do whatever it is she isd doing that feels so fucken good. He tells her to keep going encouraging her not to stop as she gyrates pumping his fucken dick in and out.

“Oooh, Baby. Just like that, keep going, It feels so good.”

His words sends her over the edge splashing his dick that sends him over the edge pulsing his sperm into those amazing lips. Their bodies jeking and twitching as they catch their breath. 

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